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The Internet Is Having Way Too Much Fun With This New 3D Face Reconstruction App — See The Unsettling Memes!

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The future is here… and it's terrifying.

PhD students at the University of Nottingham recently launched an app they created that transforms 2D photos into 3D designs.

The app takes a color image and passes it through something called a Convolutional Neural Network. This results in a 3D volume, a cubed image made up of smaller cubes called voxels (the 3D version of pixels).

The creators shared the app on Reddit last week, and the internet quickly had fun with its newest meme-generating toy!

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We had some fun ourselves, easily creating a 3D facial reconstruction of Emmy winner Nicole Kidman (above) — but not everyone looks as stunning in 3D…

In fact, Tumblr users took the liberty of creating intentionally disturbing images using the reconstruction software. But Aaron Jackson, one of the creators of the app, admitted he enjoys seeing these creepy creations born from his technology.

See some horrifying pics for yourself (below) and click HERE to build your own!

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Blac Chyna Is Looking For A HUGE Settlement From Rob Kardashian Over Revenge Porn Controversy!

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One way or another, it really sounds like Rob Kardashian is going to have to drop a LOT of coin over that revenge porn meltdown from earlier this year!!

Even though Blac Chyna is actively working towards a settlement on child custody and child support with Rob, she's not close to being done with him over his little revenge porn situation… and it could cost him a LOT of money.

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TMZ is reporting that Chyna, fuming still over the fact that Rob posted nude pics of her all over social media, is determined to get a

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South Park Takes On White Nationalists — And Ends Up Screwing Up Everyone's Amazon Echo!

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South Park is done tackling Donald Trump, just like they promised.

But they are going after the ignorant white nationalists he has emboldened. And Amazon Echo apparently.

In the season 21 premiere, a Charlottesville-inspired mob of white supremacists complain about being replaced, only it's not minorities they're shouting about — it's technology.

Video: White Supremacist Gets Scared & Takes Off His Uniform — Saying He's Just At The March 'For The Fun'

The Tiki torch-wielding marchers are upset because automation has made their jobs obsolete. So Randy Marsh convinces townspeople to get rid of their Google Homes and Amazon Echos and give the complainers the jobs that automated systems like Alexa do.

Obviously this doesn't help — after all, they're really protesting because

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This Mom Fought Back After A Photo Of Her Special Needs Son Was Reported & Removed From Instagram

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Sending our love to the Beswick family.

Charlie Beswick, mom to twins Harry and Oliver, recently stood up to Instagram after a photo of her special needs son was removed from her page after it was reported by a user online.

You see, the Our Altered Life blogger's son Harry was born with Goldenhar syndrome, which means he has no eye, eye socket, nostril, or ear, and has a short jaw. He's also non-verbal, has global learning delay, and is Autistic.

Because of this, as Charlie puts it, "life is as challenging as it is rewarding."

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In a photo (below) posted on Sunday, Harry — who wasn't wearing his usual prosthetic eye — cuddles up to the proud momma for an adorable snuggle. Two days later, it was removed from the page.

Charlie shared:

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Twitter Is DESTROYING This Startup Unapologetically Trying To Eliminate Bodegas & Mom-And-Pop Corner Stores!

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Oh boy.

People are not happy with these two former Googlers who have launched a startup that seriously jeopardizes the future of mom-and-pop corner stores and bodegas.

In fact, the start-up — also called Bodega — aims to make centralized shopping locations unnecessary with their five-foot-wide pantry boxes filled with non-perishable items you might pick up at a convenience store.

Essentially, a vending machine would replace your favorite bodega. New Yorkers are shaking.

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Founder Paul McDonald explained to Fast Company:

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Twitter Can't Get Over How Apple Overshadowed Their Own iPhone 8 With The iPhone X!

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OK, Apple impressed with their introduction of the new iPhone 8 — but did they just shoot themselves in the foot??

During today's event, the company not only revealed some awesome upgrades to the Apple Watch, the Apple TV, and the new iPhone 8, but Tim Cook also unveiled the new premium iPhone X, which will feature facial recognition and no home button.

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Of course, Twitter had much to say about the X's mic-drop moment — and we've gathered the best reactions (below)!

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Apple Event Surprises With Introduction Of The Mysterious New iPhone X! Get All The Deets HERE!

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Today's Apple Event may have unveiled one thing too many.

After announcing some killer upgrades to the Apple Watch, the Apple TV, and the new iPhone 8, Tim Cook unveiled the new premium iPhone X.

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The iPhone 8 is the upgrade everyone wants — but is the no-button iPhone X really what people will want tomorrow??

Get all the deets on the latest products (below):

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