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Farrah Abraham Shows Off Another Medical Procedure On Social Media — This Time, It's Her 'Designer Vagina' Surgery!

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Nothing is too private for Farrah Abraham — especially when it comes to improving her lady parts!

The infamous Teen Mom legend went under the knife on Monday, opting for surgery to get what she called a "designer vagina," and true to form based on her recent behavior, she decided to livestream the whole thing for her fans and social media followers to see!

Why not, right?!

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The 26-year-old mother and adult entertainer opened her legs — and her Instagram app — to document

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A Popular CGI Instagram Model Apparently Just Got Hacked By A Less Popular, Pro-Trump Insta Model — And It's The Weirdest Thing EVER!

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Nowadays, you don't even need to be a real person to get into a social media fight…

In case you aren't familiar, Lil Miquela (insert, above) is described by Refinery29 as a "19-year-old Brazilian-American Instagram 'influencer,' model, and occasional pop singer."' Despite being computer-generated, Miquela acts like a living, breathing human being; she takes selfies, leans against cars, and hangs out with her friends at bars.

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Sadly, on Tuesday, the popular personality apparently got hacked by another CGI Insta model who just so happens to support Donald Trump. Introducing…


Not only did Miquela's photos get mysteriously deleted, Bermuda popped up on her Insta page with a creepy AF message!

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Watch President Obama Say CRAZY Things In New Video — With A Scary Twist!

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A brand new video from President Barack Obama? In which he talks about Black Panther and Donald Trump? Um… from the WHITE HOUSE??

WTF is going on?! "Deep fakes" is what.

That's what Buzzfeed and Jordan Peele's Monkeypaw Productions wanted to explain in their amazing new PSA.

Video: Watch Hundreds Of Local News Anchors Turn Into Robotic Trump Supporter Drones!

With the use of ever-improving face swapping technology as good as anything in Rogue One, people on the Internet have begun making videos (mostly porn) in which celebrities appear to say or do things they've never done.

No, this doesn't mean you need to trust CNN or ABC News or The Washington Post less — news organizations with standards will vet these kinds of things before ever putting them up.

But if your grandma is getting her news from WhatTheyWontTellYou.net or even worse, from Facebook, maybe show her this video and explain to her why she shouldn't necessarily trust those kinds of sources.

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Beyoncé Is Reportedly Trying To Censor Which Pics You See From Her Coachella Performance Tonight…

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Fans can't be too happy about this…

According to media reports coming out on Saturday afternoon, it appears that Beyoncé's team isn't into outlets using pictures posted by fans from tonight's widely-anticipated performance at Coachella… instead asking the media to stick with approved shots from the show instead.

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Wait, what?! So her team doesn't want outlets sharing pics fans take and post to Instagram, Snapchat, or Twitter?!

Nooooope… not even a little bit!

This isn't the first time Queen Bey has done this, of course; back in

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Millie Bobby Brown Deletes Jacob Sartorius From Her Instagram After He's Accused Of Requesting Nudes From Other Girls On Snapchat

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First Tristan Thompson, now this???

Millie Bobby Brown has deleted all traces of Jacob Sartorius from her Instagram page as it's speculated that the 15-year-old singer cheated on her!

More specifically, there are alleged receipts that the Sweatshirt singer seemingly requested "full nudes" from a girl on Snapchat! Kids these days!!

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See the alleged evidence (below)!

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Amanda Bynes Calls Out Fake Imposter Accounts Encouraging Fans To Send Money & Twitter/Instagram For Doing NOTHING About It!

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If you thought fake news was a problem, Amanda Bynes wants you to know that fake social media accounts are also an unbeatable epidemic.

The former Nickelodeon star has sent multiple legal letters to Twitter and Instagram demanding they shut down accounts that impersonate the actress and encourage fans to send "Amanda" money!

Tamar Arminak, Amanda's attorney, tells TMZ they've been fighting Twitter for years to shut down the account @persianLA27, which regularly tells its over 24,000 followers that "Amanda" is short on money she needs to buy medications.

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The other imposter, @alb4386, recently wrote an Instagram post claiming she's $63 short from buying meds and needs fans to Venmo her more money.

The real Amanda has been telling her followers not to believe the imposters, calling out the fake accounts on her verified account. She's tweeted over the past few years:

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Twitter Did NOT Come To Play For Mark Zuckerberg's Testimony — See All The Jokes!

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Mark Zuckerberg may be under attack by Congress — but it's really the social media jabs that should having him shaking in his booster seat!

Twitter users are relentlessly roasting the Facebook CEO has he faces a two-day congressional inquisition following the discovery that data-mining firm Cambridge Analytica gathered personal information from 87 million users to try to influence elections.

The Internet was armed and ready to comment on Zuck's questioning, with many poking fun at his robotic demeanor and the fact that he needed a booster seat to face his congressional interrogators.

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Other hecklers set their sights on congress, making fun of the fact that most of them are probably too old to understand how the social network works in the first place.

Ch-ch-check out some of the funniest Twitter reactions to Zuck's testimony (below)!

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