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ANOTHER Man Accused Of Stealing Chicken Wings!! $10k Worth!

stealing chicken ten thousand dollars wings meat connecticut

What is it about chicken wings that just makes you wanna commit crimes?? LOLz!

First, there was the bright duo that stole about $65k worth of chicken wings in Georgia! Now, it looks like there's a copy cat — but he must not have been able to talk anyone into partnering up so he only managed to jack about $10k's worth!

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Most Women Would Rather $10,000 Instead Of Jennifer Aniston's Body

Jenn Aniston V 10k

Now, this is not a slight against Jennifer Aniston. In fact, we're sure they picked her body specifically for the poll because of how incredibly rockin' it is — especially for her age!

It does show, however, that people are struggling financially.

82% of the women polled for a survey from FITNESS and Yahoo! Finance said they'd rather win $10,000 than

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Donald Trump Will Meet You…For $10,000!!!

Donald Trump Platinum Privilege $10000 Invitation

Oooh goodness!

That's just bad business!!

We mean, really?!?

In honor of Donald Trump's first speaking trip to Australia, he's inviting their finest big wigs to an exclusive party he's calling Platinum Privilege.

Wait, is this another Magic Mike story? LOL!

As he extends the invitations, he tells his fellow rich boys:

Like me, you're at the top of your food chain. And no one put you there; you put yourself there. [You]ll enjoy unparalleled access to me while rubbing shoulders with other Australian power players. I've already ensured that this is never to be included in any future contracts. This is it.

Did we mention they all get a framed picture with the Wig as a souvenir!?!

Too bad us peasants will never know the joys of a PP party. Aww shucks.

Oh and by the way, nobody knows where this extra money is going, but several reports assure it's not for charity!

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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