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Guess The 1D Tattoo! Which Tat Belongs To Which Hottie!

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1dgifcomplete by solci chan d5vqe1g

Directioners, think you know everything there is to know about your One Direction boys?!

Okay, so you all must know the British (and Irish) hotties LOVE to get new ink on their bodies!

Can you tell us which tattoo belongs to which boy bander??

Click the link below and guess the tattoos!

Oh, and please try not to kiss your computer screen. It's bad enough we can't touch them ourselves!!


CLICK HERE to test your knowledge with "Guess The 1D Tattoo! Which Tat Belongs To Which Hottie!"

CLICK HERE to test your knowledge with "Guess The 1D Tattoo! Which Tat Belongs To Which Hottie!"

CLICK HERE to test your knowledge with "Guess The 1D Tattoo! Which Tat Belongs To Which Hottie!"

CLICK HERE to test your knowledge with "Guess The 1D Tattoo! Which Tat Belongs To Which Hottie!"

CLICK HERE to test your knowledge with "Guess The 1D Tattoo! Which Tat Belongs To Which Hottie!"

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Ohio Zoo Uses Beagle To Sniff Out Bear Pregnancies!

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Ohio Zoo is using a specially trained beagle to detect bear pregnancies!

Dogs are so AH-mazing! They can be trained to do just about anything!

A beagle named Elvis has been trained to sniff out something very particular… not bombs or drugs or anything…

Bear pregnancies!!

Yup, you heard us, the two-year-old beagle has been specially trained to detect pregnancies in bears where he will confirm if

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Charlie Sheen's Ex Brooke Mueller Is DENIED Restraining Order By Judge!

Brooke Mueller restraining order against Charlie Sheen denied

We're guessing this news will add fuel to the fire!

Charlie Sheen is already super upset that his ex Brooke Mueller is on track to regain custody of their sons Bob and Max.

Upset is underselling Charlie's feelings. He did just call her a "evil and pathetic über loser wh*re".

Meanwhile, Brooke asked a judge for a restraining order against him after she alleges that he threatened her life last week when he used the words: "there will be a reckoning. there will be a whirlwind, that they will all reap while desperate begging for my forgiveness" during one of his Twitter rants.

But now we're hearing that a judge has DENIED a restraining order even though she claimed she was afraid that Charlie was on a mission to not only sabotage her, but that he'd also blackmail her by planting drugs on her.

And, not only that, but we just found out that

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Adele Announces It's An A+ For Her! Tweets Her Excitement After She Passes Drivers Test!

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Adele got her license!

Watch out drivers, Adele is coming for you!!

Having already taken the world by storm, Adele is now moving on to conquering the big bad streets!

The Someone Like You crooner took to Twitter today to happily tell the world that she passed her drivers test!


She said:

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Chimps Beat Humans In Memory Tests?!

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Chimps have better memory than humans, study finds!

Kyoto University's Primate Research Institute in Inuyama, Japan is really great at making the average human look like a fool!

No, they're not really into putting banana peels at the tops of stairwells… (that just sounds super dangerous), they're into chimpanzee research!

They've found that chimps have an incredible capacity for remembering things.

One of the study's findings was reported by New Scientist as:

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Kids Who Are Physically Fit Might Be Learning More!

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kids fitness physical learning activity

It's weird to think that everyone's idea of the "jock" being less than brilliant could be just as fictitious as we all secretly believed it to be!

According to a new study, it looks like kids who are more physically fit are able to absorb more information and learn more things in school!

We'd say that's a win-win!

The study from the American College of Sports Medicine, found that fourth- and fifth-grade students who ran around and otherwise exercised vigorously for at least 10 minutes before a math test did muuuuuuch better than those who sat quietly before taking it!

Here's the super interesting part: the better the fitness, the higher the scores. Meaning, body size had almost NO role. Students who were overweight but relatively fit did way better than lighter, less-fit children!

What this means is this, according to the authors of the study:

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Teen Mom Jenelle Evans Tweets 'I'm Back Bit*hes' After Her Release From Jail!

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jenelle evans released from jail

Jenelle Evans is back, and she wants everybody to know it!

The Teen Mom star was released from Brunswick County Jail in North Carolina 48 hours after she failed a surprise drug test for marijuana.

Immediately upon her release she tweeted:

Sounds like someone is happy to be unlocked from behind bars!

As for her court drama - MTV cameras captured the entire event and immediately went back to film at Jenelle's mother Barbara Evans' house after the reality star was thrown in jail. Her boyfriend Nathan Griffith was

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