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Lindsay Lohan's Assistant SLAPPED With Subpoena!

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lindsay lohan jail gif

Ruh roh!

Legal issues are NOT looking so hot for Lindsay Lohan.

Besides losing her lawyer, Lindsay's ex-assistant, Gavin Doyle, has now been subpoenaed to testify in the troubled actress' hearing for lying to police officers.

This would all be in Lindsay's favor, except for the fact that Gavin is the same assistant that tattled on her to the cops and played a MAJOR role in her current issues with the law.

Gavin was the one to call out Lindsay's lies when she told cops that she WASN'T behind the wheel during her car crash on Pacific Coast Highway in June.

Her defense is starting to sound like an even BIGGER flop than The Canyons, but despite the rock-solid case city attorneys are building against her, Linds refuses to take a plea deal and insists that she never lied!

However, we won't know Lindsay's fate until March 1.

Do U Think LiLo is guilty???!

[Image via Dark Midnight Sun Tumblr.]

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Michael Jackson's Convicted Killer To TESTIFY In New Death Suit!

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conrad murray testify michael jackson court case company trial

The courtroom will probably be a nice break from being cooped up in a jail cell…

Especially when one's LAWYERS can't even seem to keep their heads upon entering a prison!

Conrad Murray, the doctor who was convicted for involuntarily KILLING Michael Jackson back in 2009, has been ordered to testify against AEG in a NEW MJ death lawsuit filed by the late entertainer's mother Katherine Jackson, as AEG are allegedly responsible for hiring Conrad as Micheal's healthcare professional.

The former doctor will apparently offer HIS opinion concerning negative accusations against AEG, claims which include:

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Lance Armstrong To Testify Under Oath??

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lance armstrong under oath testify doping scandal cray

He must REALLY want to compete again!

The only problem is — can anyone ever trust him going forward??

Lance Armstrong apparently now WANTS to testify, under oath, before the USADA to see if he can get his lifetime ban reduced to

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Teresa Giudice Could Serve As A 'Star Witness' In Juicy Joe's Fraud Trial!

teresa joe giudice head to court(1)

Oh for the love of Giudice!

Sooner than you can say, “are you freakin’ kidding me?”, Real Housewives Of New Jersey star Juicy Joe Giudice will be heading to court!

As we previously told you, Teresa’s hubby is currently being charged with fraud for using his brother’s ID as a driver’s license, after getting his taken away for a DUI!

And, from the sound of it, Tre plans to be by her man’s side through it all!

Joe’s attorney, Miles Feinstein, stated:

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Britney Spears Totes 'Terrified' She'll Be Forced To Testify In Sam Lutfi Trial

Britney Spears testify sam lutfi

Memories of her destructive ex-manager won't leave Britney Spears alone!

She has jumped through big fiery hoops to avoid contact with the man that has caused her SO, so much pain. The idea of having to see him face-to-face is again is scaring the living shiz outa her!

A Brit Brit insider tells us:

"Britney doesn't want to see Sam Lutfi or be in the same room with him again, ever. Britney is terrified that she is going to be forced to testify in the trial, even though the judge handling her conservatorship ruled she isn't mentally competent to participate.

However, she still may have to take the stand. Her pal reveals:

"Sam's lawyer is still pushing the issue with the judge handling the lawsuit though and said during a hearing this [Thursday] morning that he hadn't decided about whether or not he would call Spears as a witness. The Spears' family lawyers raised fierce objections and have vowed to wage a legal fight if Sam pushes the issue."

We're told that poor Britney can't even hear about the trial without getting all emotional!

We don't understand why Sam is demanding Britney when he already has both of her parents and fiance, Jason Trawick all scheduled to testify.

Honestly, this all sounds a little fishy. Hopefully the judge smells Sam's rotten scheming and rules in favor the Spears family.

Brit has been doing SO well on the X-Factor. She doesn't need any of this Lutfi bidness distracting her!

[Image via WENN.]

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A New Hope For Michael Douglas' Son Cameron


A flock of addiction experts have lent their support to Oscar winner Michael Douglas' son Cameron Douglas and have promised to help his family fight the 54-month prison sentence he is currently serving.

The 33-year-old is in the midst of a five year jail sentence for drug distribution and

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Jennifer Hudson's Family Killer Goes On Trial And She's Testifying

Jennifer HUdson testifying

The next few weeks are going to be a rough ride for Jennifer Hudson as she prepares to take the witness stand during the trial for the man accused of killing three of her family members.

Once the trial begins, the singer is expected to appear regularly in hopes

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