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The Other Middleton Sister Is In High Demand!


Whatever - Kate Middleton is a princess and will one day rule England with Prince William. Big deal. Old news. No one cares. Why? Oh, haven't you heard?

Everyone's all about Pippa Middleton! They want a piece of Pippa and they are campaigning HARD to get to her first!

The top contenders? Who else: Oprah and Barbara Walters! Seems the royal ladies of their respective journalistic empires are eager to work with the most talked about little sister in recent years and both could use Pippa to up their viewership.

Barbara may have an slight edge as once upon a time, she was in talks to have Duchess Catherine on The View when she first started dating Prince William. So, there's some history there. However, Oprah's offer is much more impressive, for both sides. The Big O wants to give Pippa her own reality show, allowing viewers to get an inside peek at the true goings-on of a British socialite. It would certainly help fuel the blaze of Pippa's already fast rising fame, but would also be a big win for the OWN Network.

But which will she choose? Hell, why should she choose! No reason why she couldn't do both! Talk show host by day, socialite reality star by night! The world is her's for the taking!

Take, Pippa! Take!

[Image via WENN.]

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Jimmy Kimmel And Boyz II Men Say Good-Bye To The Big O!

So THIS is where they've been hiding! LOLz!

Check out Jimmy Kimmel's very special tribute to Oprah Winfrey's his show last night, which features an even more special version of the classic It's Hard To Say Good-bye from Boyz II Men (above)!

Holy shiz! This is TOO funny!

Just wait for the car part! Ha!


We think everyone can agree that The Big O will be missed, but this just kind of makes us miss Boyz II Men, too!

Nice seeing you guys again!

Don't be strangers!

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Cheno Gets Wicked For Oprah's Second To Last Show!

Heartwarming and heartbreaking all at the same time! Such a beautiful performance, we almost started crying ourselves!

Today marks the second to last broadcast EVER of The Oprah Winfrey Show. To commemorate the occasion, Kristin Chenoweth performed the beautiful ballad For Good from Wicked to honor The Big O and all she has done, including raising scholarship money for over 300 students to attend Morehouse College. Those 300 students were also on hand to pay tribute to the woman who provided them the chance of a good education.

Check out the video (above) to see the magnificent performance…and be ready to cry!

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Chicago Mayor Names Street Outside Of Harpo Studios After Oprah!

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Such an incredible - but well-deserved - honor!

In one of his last official acts as mayor of Chicago, Richard Daley has named the street outside of Oprah Winfrey's Harpo Studios 'Oprah Winfrey Way,' in honor of the talk show queen's work transforming the neighborhood surrounding the building into a safe, thriving area for families and young professionals!

During the ceremony, she was quoted saying:

"Who knew a little colored girl from Kosciusko, MS who grew up on a dirt road would grow up to her name on a street in the greatest city in the world?"


We couldn't be more thrilled for you, gurl!


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How Jennifer Hudson Incurred The Wrath Of Oprah Winfrey

You're really going to want to watch this.

For the majority of her twenty-five years on air, Oprah Winfrey has sat pretty comfortably with the knowledge that she is a priority. She comes first with her staff, her viewers and she assumed the same went with her guests. It is, after all, an honor to be invited on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Hell, it took Stevie Nicks 25 years to make it on so you know it's gotta be something special!

Anyway, in promoting her series, Season 25: Oprah Behind The Scenes, The Big O shared this scene from an upcoming episode. Check out the video (above) to watch as Oprah loses her cool BIG TIME with Jennifer Hudson after girl double-books her taping day and flies out of state BEFORE her Oprah performance in a BLIZZARD.

Needless to say, Oprah is PISSED!!!!

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Tina Fey Announces She's Pregnant!

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Oh wow! How wonderful!

One of the funniest ladies in the business is bringing her second child into the world. Yesterday, Tina Fey taped an upcoming episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show and revealed to The Big O and her audience that she's expecting her second child.

According to her rep, who confirmed the news, Tina is five months along and is enormously happy, along with her husband, Jeff Richmond and their first child, five-year-old Alice!

Congrats to the happy family! We're so thrilled for you!

[Image via WENN.]

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Rosie Takes Over Oprah's Old Stomping Grounds


Such an honor…we guess.

Sources report that Rosie O'Donnell's talk show for the OWN network is finally getting underway and apparently, Ro is making a big move for it.

In a video Rosie made for the Harpo staffers, she announced that her talk show will be taped in Chicago, on the former soundstage that housed Oprah Winfrey's show for 25 years. In the video, Ro explains:

“I just wanted to say: Hi, I'm coming to Chicago. Yes, I am, and I'm thrilled about it. And I get to work with all of you, who have created magnificent television for two decades-plus. Thank you, Oprah. And thank all you people there. Some of you are going to be sticking around and helping us make a kick-ass show for the Oprah Winfrey Network."

We've been waiting oh-so patiently for this "kick-ass" show since The Big O announced you two were teaming up MONTHS ago! Perhaps with a final end in sight for The Oprah Winfrey Show, you guys can start really gearing up for the Ro Show!

But we don't know if you are going to like Chicago, Rosie. It's pretty cold in them parts! Not like El Lay or Florida! Just something to keep in mind!

[Image via WENN.]

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