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The End Is Coming! Oprah's Last Show Will Air…

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Wow. It's so strange to know that this is the definitive end of such a groundbreaking era.

Oprah Winfrey announced today that the final episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show will air on May 25th, before she wraps production on it for good.

As of now, no word on who her final guest will be, but we're thinking at this point that it's probably going to be Jesus! Ha!

Seriously, if anyone can pull it off and get him, it's her! LOLz!

We kid, we kid!

Let's all just try to enjoy these last two months together to the best of our ability, and worry about goodbyes when the time unfortunately comes!

What do U think?? Are U sad to say goodbye to the Big O??

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Gayle King Leaving Her Radio Talk Show!

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Guess she wants to focus on her TV career!

Westwood One has officially announced that Oprah's main BFF, Gayle King, will be leaving her daily talk show, with her last program airing April 6th!

However, her Sirius XM show will continue!

Can't say we blame her for wanting to expand her brand name! Best of luck, gurl!

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Rosie Vs Oprah


This didn't take long, did it?!

When Oprah Winfrey decided to offer Rosie O'Donnell her own talk show on her OWN network, we had our suspicions that this wouldn't end well. Sure, The Big O made a preemptive strike by checking on Rosie to see if she was "crazy," but it turns out that wasn't enough. Sources are reporting that the ladies are butting heads big time!

An insider at the network explains that Oprah and Rosie can't find a way to see "eye to eye on the tone of Rosie's new show." Oprah reportedly wants to see Rosie churn out a "friendly daytime talk show where viewers get to spend an hour with the old Rosie they used to love." Rosie has other ideas, more "political" and outspoken ideas, like an hour-long fun-fest of sharing her "liberal views."

But the direction of the show isn't the only thing the ladies are at odds about. The insider adds:

"The two are disagreeing over staff. Oprah wants Rosie to use an executive producer that she knows and trusts while Rosie insists she be able to pick her own, fearing whoever Oprah picks will be a spy. It's a bad way to start off, considering they haven't even taped a single show yet."

Hey, Rosie. We feel ya girl, but The Big O is top dog for a reason. Maybe its best to let your agenda take a backseat for a bit, if you want to see this show come to pass.

Because make no mistake - Oprah's boss! She'll win this fight, no question! Sorry!

UPDATE: Rosie is denying the feud!

Rosie has responded to the accusations of dramz between her and "O" over Twitter, tweeting:

"read I was feuding with o - not true …"

We wish we were on a first letter basis with Oprah. Guess we'll just have to stick with The Big O until we make that leap.

Rosie says all is good between the two, but do U believe it?

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First Look: David Arquette Shares All With Oprah!

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He's laying it all out on the table for The Big O! Everything you want to know from David Arquette himself, from his breakup to his intervention (say what??) to rehab to some very painful family secrets.

Check out this short promo for David's revealing Oprah interview, slated to air on Thursday. (above)

We're interested to hear his answer to one of O's first questions: Does Courteney know you did this???

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We Were Right! Oprah Winfrey Announces She Has Secret Half-Sister!

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Holy shiz! It's LEGIT!

Oprah Winfrey announced this morning that the family secret she's been teasing since last week is, in fact, that she has a HALF-SISTER, named Patricia, that she knew nothing about until this past November!

She explains:

"For the most part my life has been an open book. I thought nothing could surprise me but I was wrong."

Wrong, indeed!

According to the talk show host, her mother, Vernita Lee, gave up the child, now 47, for adoption when she realized that she couldn't afford to raise her. Patricia was in foster care until she was seven, at which point she was adopted.

She's currently a single mother living in Milwaukee.

Such unbelievable and HAPPY news!

We cannot wait to see this entire interview in-full today! We imagine that there are going to be a lot of tears!

Congratulations, bb!

[Image via AP Images.]

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Oprah's Going To Sundance

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Brace yourselves, indie filmmakers. Sundance just got REAL.

The Hollywood Reporter's reporting that Oprah Winfrey is readying her jet to whisk her off to the Sundance Film Festival. Rumor has it the Big O is going to be some scouting for material to air on her new network, OWN.

Specifically, she's in the market for some documentaries and "smaller productions" to join her lineup of projects with stars like Julia Roberts.

Imagine the luck. You'd go to Sundance, just hoping someone will like your movie. Then BAM, Oprah buys it and you can now throw a sticker on the DVD cover that says "Oprah Approved."

Who could ask for anything more!

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Piers Morgan Announces Stellar First Week Line Up!



He must want to ensure that he hits the ground running!

Although it's already been reported that Piers Morgan will be premiering his new CNN show - taking over for Larry King - on January 17th with Oprah Winfrey as his first guest, we're now hearing that the he's got some pretty awesome people following the Big O during his first week on air in the States!

Expect to see Howard Stern, Condoleeza Rice, Ricky Gervais, and George Clooney appearing the week's subsequent episodes!

Amazing! Lots of variety!

Well-played, sir! We're very curious to see how viewers will respond!


[Image via WENN.]

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