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Jon Stewart: Mitt Romney's Dad Was Once Part Of The 47% Paying No Income Tax!

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"According to Mitt Romney's own logic, Mitt Romney could not win the vote of his dad."

We're not sure if the Republican presidential nominee can get back in the good graces of the majority of Americans after he blatantly disregarded 47% of them, but we do know this — Jon Stewart isn't helping!

During Tuesday's episode of The Daily Show, the comedian HIGHlariously tore apart Romney's senseless comments about welfare recipients and low income families by pointing out (above) that George Romney, his own father, was once on welfare!

So basically, this man's family was "dependent upon government" at one time and his dad was still able to "take personal responsibility" for his life all thanks to the U.S. government's "responsibility" to care for its people.

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Bill O'Reilly Announces 90-Minute Debate Against Jon Stewart

Now that the Democratic and Republican National Conventions are over, the most exciting part of the election process has arrived — it's debate season!

While we can only assume that the entire country is eagerly anticipating the showdown between President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney when they finally get to exchange verbal jabs in person, there is another upcoming showdown that may have those on the left and right EQUALLY enthralled.

Longtime rivals Bill O'Reilly and Jon Stewart will be debating for a full 90 minutes at George Washington University in Washington, DC on October 6!

"The Rumble In The Air-Conditioned Auditorium" will finally pit the two television personalities — that perhaps best embody the differences between the conservative and liberal mindset — against each other in a moderated battle of the wits.

We've seen them

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Liberty Ross Is Proud Of How Well R-Patz Is Handling Himself In Public Right Now!


Robert Pattinson not only had the support of the Twi-Hards behind him as he stepped out publicly for the first time since girlfriend Kristen Stewart's infidelity to promote his new film Cosmopolis, but also that of Liberty Ross, the other innocent victim in this entire ordeal!

Apparently, Rupert Sanders' scorned wife caught the Twilight actor during

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Kristen Stewart Accepts The End Of Robert Pattinson Relationship!!


Fini finis finito!

Rather than tear Kristen Stewart a new a**hole for throwing away a relationship years in the making on SWATH director Rupert Sanders, Robert Pattinson was the gentlest of gentlemen during his first post-cheating interview with Jon Stewart on the Daily Show.

And KStew can now breathe the largest siiiiiiigh of relief knowing her ex-lovah didn't dish on all her nastay little secrets…

But has their love-flame really, TRULY flickered out forever?!

One Kristen insider divulged:

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Robert Pattinson Will Be Interviewed By MTV On Thursday For Thirty Glorious Minutes!

Robert Pattinson's Cosmopolis press tour kicks off TODAY and he just added one more stop that will make Kristen Stewart even MORE nervous than she might already be!

By now, you've already got your DVR set to record R-Patz was talking to Jon Stewart on The Daily Show tonight and Good Morning America on Wednesday, but now, he's also sitting down with MTV on Thursday night for a LIVE half-hour interview!

30 minutes? That's a lot of time to talk about the next David Cronenberg movie…

Wonder what else they'll want to discuss?

We have a few ideas of what they'll "want" to ask him, but we're definitely curious to see

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Correction! Robert Pattinson's First Interview After Cheating Scandal Will Be On The The Daily Show

Although he's still nursing a broken heart, Robert Pattinson won't let his personal problems affect his job.

We thought his first interview since Kristen Stewart's infidelity would be next Wednesday on Good Morning America, but it turns out he's swinging by The Daily Show first on Monday to talk up Cosmopolis.

R-Patz's rep CONFIRMED his first media stop on the promotional tour by saying:

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Jon Stewart Bashes ABC News For Falsely Linking Colorado Shooter To The Tea Party

Jon Stewart may be an outspoken liberal, but he doesn't let his political views get in the way of pointing out ignorance.

During ABC's breaking news coverage of the tragic Dark Knight Rises shooting in Aurora, Colorado, George Stephanopoulos shared with millions of viewers that investigative reporter Brian Ross found something that "might be significant."

Ross then told the anchor that the alleged gunman, James Holmes, has a page on the Colorado Tea Party website.

First of all, we're not even sure why that "might be significant." Unless, of course, Ross wanted to create an unnecessary link between the conservative political party and a mass murderer.

Secondly, it wasn't even the same guy! Ross at least noted that "we don't know if this is the same Jim Holmes," but then again, WHY would he bother reporting it then!?

The Daily Show caught the slip and did not take it easy on the veteran newsman. Watch the clip (above) to see Stewart skewer Ross for his lazy reporting and not even having the decency to apologize for it!

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