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Jennifer Aniston's Character Makes Anti-Gay Slur In Horrible Bosses

jennifer aniston makes anti gay slur in horrible bosses

Uh oh! Could we have another Dilemma on our hands here???

Back in October, Jennifer Aniston's Break-Up co-star Vince Vaughn was dealing with controversy over a gay joke in his movie The Dilemma, and now Jen could be in a similar situation.

In her new movie Horrible Bosses, Aniston plays one of the less-than-pleasant bosses, and in a scene where her assistant gets uncomfortable because she's ONLY wearing a white lab coat, she says the following to him:

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The Green Hornet Stings The Competition At The Box Office

green hornet is number 1 at box office

Looks like The Green Hornet has set a strong precedent for Ry Ry's Green Lantern to surpass live up to!

Audiences loved Seth Rogen this weekend, and his superhero movie took the #1 spot at the box office!

Here's what Sony's president of worldwide distribution Rory Bruer had to say about the film's success:

"As we moved down the road, it got a lot of love, the love that it deserved. I think everything worked really well for the film: the timing, the release date, the marketing, and, most importantly, the film itself. It all gelled in a terrific way. We're very pleased with the results."

The Ron Howard-directed comedy The Dilemma debuted at #2, bringing in only $17.4 million. Guess all the drama surrounding the movie's trailer didn't help its cause.

Other top box office spots were dominated by films with Oscar buzz, including True Grit at #3, The King's Speech at #4, and Black Swan at #5 and Little Fockers at #6.

Should be inneresting to see if The Green Hornet can sting again next weekend, when the Natalie Portman/Ashton Kutcher rom-com No Strings Attached is released.

Did U see The Green Hornet over the weekend? Did U like it?

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Ron Howard Defends The Dilemma's "Gay" Joke

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Ron Howard talked to the ladies of The View about the controversy in Vince Vaughn's movie The Dilemma in which Vince's character says, "electric cars are gay."

Ron had an interesting response saying that he's heard the term used in other comedies so he didn't see the big deal.

Really?? This is your defense?? Just because other movies and TV shows use the offensive term, then it's okay??

We're not buying it.

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Ron Howard Talks About Keeping "Gay" Joke In Vince Vaughn Film

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The director finally speaks!

Ron Howard, director of the Vince Vaughn movie, The Dilemma, isn't backing down and says that the "gay" joke will remain in the film when it comes to theaters January 14.

Howard wrote a letter on Friday to the L.A. Times, explaining his decision:

"[Vaughn's character] has a mouth that sometimes gets him into trouble and he definitely flirts with the line of what's okay to say. He tries to do what's right but sometimes falls short. Who can't relate to that?

We never expected [the joke] to represent our intentions or the point of view of the movie or those of us who made it.

I don't strip my films of everything that I might personally find inappropriate. Comedy or drama, I'm always trying to make choices that stir the audience in all kinds of ways. I defend the right for some people to express offense at a joke as strongly as I do the right for that joke to be in a film. But if storytellers, comedians, actors and artists are strong armed into making creative changes, it will endanger comedy as both entertainment and provoker of thought."

He added though, that it was "appropriate" to remove the joke from the trailer, "in light of some events that surrounded the release of the trailer. The Dilemma is a comedy for grown-ups, not kids."

We're glad he decided to take the joke out of the trailer, but we still don't quite agree with his reasoning to keep it in the film.


[Image via WENN.]

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Elton John Says NO To The Dilemma's Gay Joke


He's not going to take it anymore!

Elton John told sources "Enough already!" at the AIDS Foundation's An Enduring Vision benefit in New York.

Referring to the gay" joke that was featured in the trailer in Vince Vaughn's upcoming movie The Dilemma, Elton agrees with friend Anderson Cooper's urging to get the joke taken out of the movie.

He says

"[Anderson] is one of the most important people on television. His heart is in exactly the right place — same as mine. He thinks the way I do. He’s intelligent, and he’s on the side of what we’re on. I hate bigotry. I hate racial hatred. I hate sexual hatred. I mean, Anderson is on our side."

We agree with Anderson too!!

With so many people protesting the trailer, do U think this will affect Vince Vaughn's new movie??

[Image via WENN.]

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The Dilemma Continues On The Dilemma's 'Gay' Joke

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Vince Vaughn finally responded to the controversy surrounding the "gay" joke in his upcoming movie, The Dilemma, but according to GLAAD, his justfication for using the word isn't going to fly!

GLAAD President Jarrett Barrios counters:

"Jokes can bring people together, but they can also push us apart. When 'gay' is used as a pejorative, it frequently sends a message—particularly to youth and their bullies—that being gay is wrong and something to laugh at. We invite Vince Vaughn to work with us and help ensure that gay youth and those perceived to be gay aren't in harm's way by such jokes."

Unfortunately, we have to agree.

We have to lead by example, and help our youth understand that there is nothing wrong with being gay, and that jokes like that have no place being perpetuated anymore - especially not as a means to market a film!


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Vince Vaughn Wants The "Gay" Joke Kept In His Movie

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After the sizable reaction from people AGAINST it, we don't think it will happen!

Vince Vaughn is telling sources he hopes that the "gay" joke that was removed from the trailer of his new film, The Dilemma, actually makes the movie.

"Let me add my voice of support to the people outraged by the bullying and persecution of people for their differences, whatever those differences may be. Comedy and joking about our differences breaks tension and brings us together…Drawing dividing lines over what we can and cannot joke about does exactly that; it divides us. Most importantly, where does it stop."

We think it stops just at the point of giving the word "gay" a negative connotation. We're all for breaking down walls and equal rights for all, even in comedy, but in this instance, we think the "line" of decency is being taken for granted.

What do U think?

(Check out the trailer again above.)

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