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Jerry Springer Slams The Donald!


Ouch! But what can we say?!

He speaks the truth!

Jerry Springer, who surprisingly, has quite a history in politics despite his, ahem, 'colorful' talk show, had some not too kind words about Donald Trump and his current desire to run for President!

He explains:

"Remember when you were a little kid and a wise guy at the back of the class would shout things out? That's Trump. He makes you laugh and giggle. Right now, Trump is enjoyable. Sarah Palin is no longer the flavor of the month, so Trump is. I don't think any of these people are going to beat Obama. Republicans have overreached. Do we really want a country without Medicare? Obama's heart is in the right place. He can't get everything he wants with Republicans controlling Congress fighting him. We have a class war going on at the moment. The powerful are stacking the deck in favor of the rich, which is why the gap is getting wider between the rich and poor."

Wow! Very insightful!

Can't say we can disagree with his sentiments! Maybe he should get back into politics! Ha!

What do U think?? Is Springer on the right track??

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John Legend Puts Donald Trump On Blast!


Good for him! That whole thing was so out of line!

John Legend recently spoke out against Donald Trump's questioning of Barack Obama's nationality, and even went as far as to proclaim him as racist!

At the Jazz at Lincoln Center Annual Gala last night, he said:

“He needs to stop saying that racist bullshit birther shit. Quote me please. He should be ashamed of himself. It’s awful, really.”

Well-spoken! It really is just so embarrassing and shameful.

And we're thrilled to hear that people aren't standing for it, and speaking out publicly!

Well done!

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Trump's Getting Serious, Buys Online Identity For 2012 Presidential Race

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He's not messing around. He's forging ahead with plans to be our next President and there's nothing we can do to stop him…except NOT vote for him! (Remember that people! Please!)

What started out as a mildly funny joke is not starting to turn into a dreadful reality as Team Trump is taking measure to ensure The Donald will have all he needs to run on the Republican ticket in the 2012 Presidential race.

First order of business: a domain name. Donald dropped some dough to secure the rights to www.trump2012.com to make sure his campaign had a suitable, virtual headquarter.

But guess what? According to records, his business planners bought this domain in 2004! They were thinking ahead!

Dear lord! There is a plan in place…and he's been working on it for eight years!

Now, we're scared….

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The Donald Is Going To Be The Grandpa - Again!

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What an exciting day for The Donald!

The businessman/reality star's son, Donald Jr., took to Twitter today to announce that his wife, Vanessa, is pregnant with the couple's THIRD child!

He wrote:

"Ok guys BIG NEWS (at least for me) my awesome wife Vanessa has another bun in the oven. Baby #3 on the way. Wish us luck!"

Aww! And he's got another grandchild on the way already, from daughter Ivanka!

We cannot wait to see him on Grandpa duty with these two!

Congratulations are in order for the entire family during such an exciting time!

We couldn't be more thrilled for you all!

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The Donald's Doing Well! Celebrity Apprentice Reaches Season High

celebrity apprentice reaches a season high

Everybody made fun of Donald Trump during his recent roast, but nobody will making fun of him for these ratings!

Trump's Celebrity Apprentice was up 7% last night, and it reached a season high with a 3.0/8 rating.

If things keep up like this, there may just be another season of Celebrity Apprentice in out future.

Perhaps we'll get to see Charlie Sheen on Trump's show after all…

Do U think Celebrity Apprentice should get renewed? Would U like to see the Sheen appear on the show?

[Image via WENN.]

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Watch Whoopi GO OFF On The Donald!

Hot Topics got extra HEATED this morning!

Whoopi Goldberg lost her cool with Donald Trump this morning on The View after he began pushing the issue of President Obama "hiding" his birth certificate.

The conversation escalated and escalated until Whoopi (and Barbara Walters, to an extent) became enraged with The Donald and told him what for.

Ooo! You in danger, girl! You don't mess with Whoop!

Check out the video (above) to see the feud go down!

At least she didn't walk out!

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Donald Trump's Idea Of Strengthening Foreign Relations Is To "Screw" People

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We have to admit - we're kind of with him on this one. (Under these very specific circumstances.)

Donald Trump is telling folks that if nominated as a Republican candidate for the next presidential election, one of his platforms will be strengthening foreign relations. As it so happens, The Donald already has quite a repertoire with some heavy-hitting foreign dignitaries, including Libyan leader Moammer Gadhafi.

But don't take that as a sign that he and Moammer are buddies. Quite the contrary, actually. As Trump explained on Fox News today:

"I rented him a piece of land. He paid me more for one night than the land was worth for two years, and then I didn't let him use the land. That's what we should be doing. I don't want to use the word 'screwed', but I screwed him."

Yeah, you did! Ha!

As humorous as we find this, we also can't help but feel like Colonel Gaddafi wouldn't respond too pleasantly should Trump actually be catapulted into The Oval Office.

We also can't help but feel like this is all a waste of time. Wasn't his running for president just a joke?!

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