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Hilary Duff's $7 Million Home For Sale…For $6.25 MILLION!

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hilary duff puts her home back up for sale

After nearly a year, NOBODY bought the Duffster's old digs?!?!? For shame…

If you were waiting for the price to go down before snatching up Hilary Duff's $7 million Toluca Lake home, you're in luck because she's just lowered the price to $6.25 million!

For those of you who have the $$$ to spend, that's a pret-ty sweet deal for a 9,277 sq ft home, which features five bedrooms, six bathrooms, a library, wine cellar, gym, game room, swimming pool, and more.

Check out the photos (above, and below) to see if Hilary's old home is a good match for U!

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Do NOT Mess With The Duffster!

First that MileyBird, and now HER, too?!

First lesson for the paparazzi: DO NOT mess with those Disney starlets!

Hilary Duff unleashed on one particularly pushy photog following her into her El Lay home yesterday, and walloped him with her purse when he got a little too close for comfort!

Check out the video (above)!

Good for you, gurl! These guys need to know their BOUNDARIES!


And he clearly had it coming - especially after he mocked her at the end!

Seriously - not cool! They need to back off!

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Is The Duffster's Man Retiring From Hockey?

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According to the Penguins' general manager, he very well may be!

Hilary Duff's husband, Mike Comrie, was signed to the hockey team as a free agent this past summer, but only played as a forward 21 games this season, scoring once, due to injury!

Because of this, Ray Shero has decided to not bring him back, as well as Alex Kovalev.

He explains:

"I'm not sure what Mike's going to do. He might be leaning towards retirement."

Too bad!

But we imagine both he and the Duffster have more than enough money, so it shouldn't be too huge an issue if he takes some time and decides to try something else!

Best of luck, boy!

[Image via WENN.]

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The Duffster Opens Up About Reinventing Herself And Her Brand!


Hilary Duff may have gotten her start as a Disney princess, starring on Lizzie McGuire, but the actress has since expanded well into the music, book, and fashion worlds, and recently opened up about how, as a recently married young woman, she's ready for the world to view her in a more adult context professionally, and is plotting her moves to achieve that!

Check out some HIGHlights from a recent interview:

On being a brand:

“People aren’t just actors, singers or whatever these days. I like being a brand. I worked really hard for my brand and have gotten to do amazing things, go to amazing places because of it.”

On challenging herself with different movie roles:

"For a long time, I worried about my reputation and how people perceived me. One thing I did when I was younger was not concern myself with the project I was picking. I was just having fun. The characters seem all the same because they kind of were — a very relatable girl. That worked for me at that time. But now that I’m older, and if not exactly struggling, at least trying to prove myself by taking on different roles, I have to pay much more attention to that and do things that are a departure from each other. I worry about getting stuck doing one thing again. I liked that ‘Renee’ project very much. But I had done ‘Greta’ a couple of years ago, a very similar story…a girl who doesn’t fit in anywhere. Similar enough that I had to say I don’t want to go back to repeating myself."

On her new film, Bloodworth:

"I don’t know much about Southern Gothic, but I read this script and the book, ‘Provinces of the Night’ that it’s based on and knew I wanted to try it, to be a part of this amazing cast. It’s about trust and betrayal and growing up in the worst circumstances. My character basically grew up in a brothel. I just put on those cowboy boots and those clothes and became Raven. One thing I knew this would do is help people view me in a different way."

On going back to music:

"When I finished the last tour, I won’t say I fired everyone, but I took a step back from music. I wanted to focus more on my personal life, which I hadn’t done since I was a little kid — 10 ten years or more. But now I’ve got the itch again. So we’re just starting to get a new team together. With all of it, I’m taking my time more, these days, trying to make the best decisions possible."

Wow. We're so impressed with what an articulate, smart, business-savvy young woman she's turned out to be!

She's certainly accomplished so much during her time in the limelight, and remained pretty classy and low-key throughout it, so hopefully she can continue down this road and accomplish all of the goals she seems to have set for herself!

Well done, gurl!

We're looking forward to seeing where your career takes you!

[Image via WENN.]

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Check Out The Cover Of The Duffster's New Novel Devoted!

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Ooh! Mysterious! We likey!

Check out the cover art for Hilary Duff's SECOND foray into the writing world, a follow-up to her bestselling young adult novel Elixir, called Devoted (above)!

The story will apparently follow the character of Clea Raymond as she investigates supernatural activity, and is due out October 11th!

Nice! Just in time for Halloween!

Well done, gurl! But c'mon!

Put the pen down and get back in the studio! We want another album as fierce as Dignity!

What do U think?? Will U be reading Devoted??

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A Duffster In Paris!

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Hilary Duff is in Paris this week to promote her book, Elixir. Girl looked magnifique as she stopped to say hello to some fans who were waiting for her outside a radio station.

So chic in Paris…and so smiley! She must be having such a lovely time! But just to make sure, we hit up her Twitter to see if she had any updates. She hasn't talk too much about Paris yet, but she already has a love of their people. She tweeted just this morning:

"French paps! Lol. They are actually very friendly here."

Good! We don't want to hear you were hassled on your vacay, even if it is for business!

Keep working hard, BB!

[Image via WENN.]

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Hilary Duff Is Pregnant, According To Reports!

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Everyone else is - why shouldn't she be! Ha!

Star magazine is reporting that Hilary Duff and her new hubby, NHL hockey star Mike Comrie, are expecting their first child. They claim that Hil is seven weeks along now and that the soon-to-be parents are "ecstatic" by the news.

Wonderful news, if true!

Congrats to the new proud parentals!

[Image via WENN.]

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