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Taylor Swift & Arnold Schwarzenegger To Star Alongside Katie Holmes In Kennedys Sequel?


Probably not!

ReelzChannel and Muse Entertainment are working on a sequel to The Kennedys, but pardon us if we aren't totes thrilled!!

You know we adore everything involving America's greatest family!

Heck, if they plastered President Kennedy and Jackie O's portraits on toilet paper, we'd start wiping with pine cones!

Neverthless, we aren't sure a return to Camelot is necessary!

The first miniseries was a friggin' flop!

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Taylor Swift Accused Of Cheating On Conor Kennedy! With Cousin Patrick Schwarzenegger!!

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patrick taylor swift cheating rumors


The songstress who's made a living off of calling ex-lovers' out on their relationship faux pas has been accused of the #1 love no-no — cheating with your partner's relative!!!

A source says Taylor Swift was caught making out with boyfriend Conor Kennedy's cousin Patrick Schwarzenegger at a family event recently.

As you know, Taylor shares a lil' history with Arnold's son, but she's currently committed to Conor, so if this is true, things are about to turn reallll bad for the country doll.

The source doesn't sugarcoat it either; they say the family's pissed!

Explaining the whole situation, the source reveals:

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Taylor Swift Obsessed With Conor Kennedy Becoming A Kennedy?

Taylor Swift Obsessed with conor kennedy's family

A little birdie just told us a secret about Taylor Swift that her new boyfriend Conor Kennedy should be aware of!

The country princess is totally OBSESSED with his family — and has been for over a year!

A friend of Swifty's says she is a full-blown "Kennedy groupie!" and tells sources:

"She's obsessed with the family."

The obsession started last year when Tay watched Katie Holmes play Jackie O in the miniseries The Kennedys. that's when, our source tells us, T-Swift started reading up on Kennedy, and collecting Kennedy memorabilia.

How creepster is that??

We're not saying America's royal family isn't super fascinating! We just find it a little odd that Conor decided to date someone so into his bloodline.

Then again, we're sure Kate Middleton know a thing or two about Prince William's folks before that started shacking up!

Okay, we still approve of this relationship — as long as she promises she is in love with Conor and NOT is family's history!

Well, actually now that we think about it… even IF she is only with him for his name, Conor still gets to call Taylor Swift his girlfriend. He's winning either way!

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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Emma Stone Talks About Horrific Panic Attacks And Her Love For Taylor Swift

emma stone talks taylor swift interview magazine

Aside from that Kennedy relative who kicked her out of a wedding reception, the entire world adores Taylor Swift!

Emma Stone is no exception.

In this month's Interview magazine, Emma spoke candidly about her admiration for the way Swifty-poo keeps it real.

She wishes she could be equally open with her fans, but thinks there is a huge difference between acting and singing/songwriting.

She revealed:

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And Now, A Very Special Jackie O Special

Before the Reagans, before the Obamas, before Arnold and Maria

There were The Kennedys, the quintessential glamour couple of politics…

And half of that couple was the lovely Jackie O.

You want celebrity drama? This woman's husband allegedly cheated on her with Marilyn Monroe, and then he was assassinated! Okay! THAT's drama!

Through it all, she persevered with grace and class.

So it's no surprise ABC will air a two-hour special with Diane Sawyer called Jacqueline Kennedy: In Her Own Words on September 13!

Watch the trailer above!

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