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Orlando Bloom HIDES His Hand In Runyon Canyon! KerrBloom May Be Over!

Uh oh! There might just be trouble in paradise!

On Monday, Miranda Kerr posted a pic of her ringless finger on her Instagram… and of course, our first thoughts were that Orlando Bloom and the model ENDED their marriage.

And even though we're hoping this is not the truth, The Lord of the Rings actor was spotted out with baby Flynn in El Lay's Runyon Canyon yesterday HIDING his hand.

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Orlando Bloom Returns To Star-Making Role In The Hobbit

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It's been so long, we almost forgot that The Lord Of The Rings is what made us fall in love with Orlando Bloom in the first place!

But seeing him back in character as Legolas the Elf just has us all titillated all over again! Talk about manflesh! Those Orcs might have the right idea!

Check out this first look at our only Orlando back in full elf makeup! His eyes are so BLUE! His hair is so GOLD!

How is that other guy holding it together with such beauty right in front of him?!

We wouldn't be able to keep our eyes off the shaft!

Of his arrows.

Because he's an archer.

Duh! Lolz!

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Andy Serkis Channels The Voice Of Gollum For A Precious Hobbit Reading

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Whoa! This guy has weirder things coming out of his mouth than Jenna Jameson!

Actor and voiceover specialist Andy Serkis starred as Gollum in last decade's mega-successful Lord of the Rings trilogy and he's back in our lives once more!

Ch-ch-check it out as he reads an excerpt from J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit (above) and switches back into his creepy character!

How does his voice get to those weird places!? Our throat hurts just watching him!

Andy reprised his role for Peter Jackson's upcoming Hobbit film, look for him in theaters November 28!

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Feast Your Eyes On The Newest Hobbit Poster

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We've all seen the tale of Frodo Baggins in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, but this December we're going to get to see Peter Jackson's gorgeous interpretation of how it all began.

The newest poster for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (above) was released on Saturday in honor of World Hobbit Day, since September 22 was both Bilbo and Frodo's bday.

Martin Freeman, who plays the titular protagonist, is

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Avatar 4: Blueballz Origin? James Cameron 4th Film Will Be A Prequel!

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james-cameron-avatar-sequels-prequel-sigourney-weaver avatar 4

When you wrote and directed the two highest grossing films ever made, it's a safe bet your studio will greenlight a sequel or three!!

Titanic wrapped up neatly after Rose finally allowed her heart to go on, so we understand why James Cameron is so focused on sequels for Avatar!

The mastermind behind the brilliant movie recently revealed his intentions to make three more film on Pandora, including one prequel.

As the first three films will tell an entire story, he is forced to go a new direction for Avatar 4.

James admitted:

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Peter Jackson Confirms The Hobbit Will Now Be A Trilogy

Either this is going to be the most faithful adaptation of one book EVER or Warner Bros. just can't resist releasing another trilogy.

There was talk of Peter Jackson splitting the upcoming Hobbit movies into three installments as opposed to just two, but now he's confirmed it via Facebook.

On top of J.R.R. Tolkien's first novel, the director plans to use "material in the appendices of The Lord of the Rings … to tell the full story of the adventures of Bilbo Baggins."

Check out Jackson's entire announcement … AFTER THE JUMP!

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Peter Jackson Wants A THIRD Installment In The Hobbit Franchise!

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Peter Jackson wants a third hobbit

James Cameron has Avatar and Peter Jackson has The Hobbit.

The director of the upcoming prequels to the Lord of the Rings trilogy has finished shooting the films that follow Bilbo Baggins' journey to Middle Earth, but since the second installment in the series doesn't hit theaters until December 2013, he wants to shoot MORE footage!

But obviously he can't go ahead and make another movie since there are no more books left to adapt — or can he?

Jackson says he's talking to the studio about potentially breaking up the second Hobbit movie into TWO parts. That's right. He wants to split one book into THREE movies!

That's only more money for

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