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Facebook Is Now Adding A 'Satire' Marking Because Too Many People Believe Ridiculously Fake News Stories…Seriously!

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dumbledore crying facebook marking stories as satrical because of people

Well, Facebook really shouldn't have to do this…but we guess the need was too great.

So, have y'all ever heard of a little website called The Onion?

They write some seriously HIGHlarious articles that are completely satirical and in NO WAY true whatsoever.

Which most people know because they have common sense.

Well, it seems that too many people post articles from the The Onion (and presumably other satire websites) thinking that they're actually real, truthful articles.

So Facebook is taking the steps to make sure users do not carry on believing these articles since they're not supposed to be taken seriously.

They said:

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The Onion Makes A McDonald's Parody Ad You'll Never Forget!

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mcdonalds commercial the onion

Because all of the nightmares!

You'll never forget this parody McDonald's ad from the geniuses over at The Onion, because of all the nightmares you're about to have of it FOREVER!!


Okay so it isn't that bad, but it IS pretty messed up! We don't wanna give anything away — just know that your wanton lust for beef will be fulfilled!

Ch-ch-check it out AFTER THE JUMP!!!

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The Onion Apologizes For Offensive Tweet About 9-Yr-Old Oscar Nominee Quvenzhané Wallis!

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oscars 2013 quvenzhane wallis onion apology(1)

Well thank goodness that was fast!

Less than twenty-four hours after The Onion tweeted a foul joke aimed toward nine-year-old Quvenzhané Wallis, one which labeled her a c**t, the satirical news source has officially issued an apology.

Like we mentioned earlier, the company has many writers on staff, and the tweet was clearly the result of one bad apple onion (badum pshh).

We note that because Chief Executive Steve Hannah was clearly unaware of the nasty joke, issuing an apology that states:

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The Onion Calls 9-Yr-Old Oscar Nominee Quvenzhané Wallis A C**t; Reaps Horrible Internet Karma!

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oscars 2013 quvenzhane wallis onion joke

Ugh… this was not irony! This was just poor taste!

Satirical news outlet The Onion usually garners laughs from their followers, but Sunday night they tweeted an epic fail.

In the Oscar spirit, they mini-blurbed a joke about nine-year-old Beasts of the Southern Wild star, Quvenzhané Wallis, saying:

"Everyone else seems afraid to say it, but that Quvenzhané Wallis is kind of a c**t, right? #Oscars2013"

AhhhHHHH!!! WTF!?!

Immediately offensive, the tweet was later deleted but the damage was done.

You just don't label a child a 'C U NEXT TUESDAY!' You just don't!!

Now the company is compiled of a NUMBER of writers, so the joke obviously wasn't something that represents every staffer's taste.

But someone cleared it to represent everyone via Twitter, and now the whole internet thinks The Onion smells super foul right now.

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Onion Names North Korea's Kim Jong-Un Sexiest Man Of 2012, Dupes Asian Newspapers

kim jong un onion sexiest man alive regurgitated satire fail

But with his honest face, bright blue eyes, and childlike wonder — can you really blame them?!

Just look at one stud straddling another (above), Kim Jong-un is the spitting image of a young Forest Whitaker!

It almost makes us wish we were born a horse's saddle!

Whereas editors from China's People's Daily & South Korea's The Korea Times, on the other hand hoof, feel more like a horse's rear-end!!

Faux news source The Onion named the North Korean leader 2012's sexiest man alive several weeks ago and those two Asian publications reprinted the article without realizing it was satirical!

The Onion describes their reasons for their decision

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Dan Savage's Late Night MTV Show Gets The Green Light!

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dan savage late night show gets green light

Back in January, we heard that The Onion advice columnist/contributor Dan Savage, who was also a major part of the MTV special for the It Gets Better Project, was getting his own MTV pilot called Savage Love.

Now, we're hearing that Savage's MTV show has officially been given the green light, and it will now be called Savage U.

Here's what MTV's head of production Chris Linn had to say about it:

"I don’t think there are any networks talking to teenagers about how to navigate sex and modern relationships. There’s been a real leap forward in information online and the way teens communicate and Dan is somebody who brings real credibility.”

Congratulations, Dan!

As we said back in January, we're excited to see what Mr. Savage will do with his own show.

Will U tune in for Dan Savage's new late night show on MTV?

[Image via WENN.]

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And The Oscar Goes To…Twitter!

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twitter popular during oscars telecast

Okay, so clearly Twitter had no chance against The King's Speech because it's not a movie, but it deserves some sort of recognition after how many people tweeted last night during the Oscars!

Last night, a grand total of 1,269,970 Oscar-related tweets were sent out, with 388,717 different users tweeting!

The most popular tweets were of course those from The Academy themselves, but The Onion was also extremely popular last night for the following tweet:

How rude — not a single character from Toy Story 3 bothered to show up. #oscars

Ha! James Franco was also quite popular last night, among many others.

While Twitter was a big deal last night, numbers were actually not as intense as they were during the Super Bowl and the Grammys.

Here's what TweetReach CEO Jenn Davis had to say about it:

“We were prepared for big spikes, and we just didn’t see those.”

Huh. 1,269,970 Oscar tweets seems pret-ty impressive to us. Numbers probably would have been even HIGHER if the show itself were a bit more exciting.

Were U tweeting during the Oscars last night?

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