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New Trailer For The Real World San Diego

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When people stop being nice and start getting REALLY HORNY!

Oh yeah! It's going to be one of those seasons!

Check out the new trailer for The Real World San Diego! (above)

Think U might tune in???

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Incredible Music Video Done Using "Light Painting"!

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So. Dang. Rad.

Check out the video above for All India Radio called Ripples.

The video took SIX MONTHS to make, as doing "light painting" is a very time consuming process, let alone to animate. It is all shot in camera, in the real world, by very hard working individuals!

Light painting uses long exposure techniques to create art using light.

One of the most uniquely cool things we've seen in a long time! Brilliant!

Props to Darcy Prendergast and the creative team over at OH YEAH WOW

What do U think?? So cool, right??

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Reality TV Producer In Chicago Revealed To Be Registered Sex Offender

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reality tv producer has criminal record

Just awful!

Last month, reality TV producer David Schlessinger was holding casting calls at gay bars in Chicago for Boystown, a series "on young LGBT Chicagoans." The show had been billed as "a hybrid of The Real World, The A-List, and Jersey Shore."

Looks like the show will NOT be moving forward though, now that Schlessinger has been outed as a registered sex offender with THREE criminal sexual assault convictions, all of which involved underage boys. Disgusting!

Schlessinger pled guilty to the charges in Sept 1998, and he served three years in prison for each charge.

We're just glad to hear that the truth came out before the series moved forward.

He is clearly a very disturbed, deranged man who belongs in some sort of a mental facility…NOT in charge of a reality television series!

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CBS Renews Its Reality Shows, The Amazing Race and Undercover Boss Will Return!

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amazing race and undercover boss get renewed

Because 18 seasons is NOT nearly enough!

CBS has renewed its Sunday night reality shows, The Amazing Race and Undercover Boss, for their 19th and 3rd seasons respectively.

Wow! The Amazing Race is having quite the run…although they've got a ways to go if they want to outlast The Real World, which has been renewed through its 28th season by MTV.

Who knows though…maybe Undercover Boss will eventually become the longest running reality series on TV! We'll keep an eye out, and check in with you about that in a couple of decades! LOLz.

Will U tune in for the new seasons of The Amazing Race and/or Undercover Boss?

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Jersey Shore The Real World Gets Renewed For Two More Seasons!

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the real world renewed for two more seasons

Oh that's right! There were other MTV reality series' before Jersey Shore! Sometimes we get confused. LOLz.

The Real World is officially the longest-running reality TV show in existence, and it's about to get even more of a run, because seasons 27 and 28 of the series have already been picked up by MTV.

Despite the fact that this series has been around since the Mesozoic era, it's still performing quite well. Last week's episode brought in a 2.3 rating in the 12-34 demographic, and 2.2 million viewers total, which is a 28% increase from the season premiere! Impressive!

Should be inneresting to see if this show outlives Jersey Shore. We're thinking it's definitely well within the realm of possibility.

Will U tune in for more seasons of The Real World? Do U think it will outlast Jersey Shore?

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A Welcome Return To Reality!

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Watch the video (above) to see a preview of The Real World's Tami on VH1's Basketball Wives.

If you don't remember her, it's because she got her jaw wired shut, had an abortion and admitted to being prejudice against lesbians on MTV 17 years ago.

Looks like she might be back to some of her old tricks!

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MTV Infiltrates Congress! Real World's Sean Duffy Elected

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sean duffy congress elected wisconsin

How about that! Gives you hope that someday, Snooki might be the White House Press Secretary and Amber Portwood a Senator!

We kid, we kid. Sean Duffy is very qualified for the job, though no one would have thought so in 1997! (So you never know, Snooks!)

The Real World alum was elected into office yesterday, taking the Congressional seat of Wisconsin by a landslide. Sean filled the void left by Rep. David Obey, a Democrat who held the seat for 41 years before retiring this year.

Sean and his wife, Rachel Campos, another Real World housemate, attended a victory party in his honor and told the excited crowd that this was a "great night" for Wisconsin.

Congrats, Sean. We'd like to see you do something really important with this opportunity. Don't let us down!

[Image via AP Images.]

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