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The Sims Is Finally Removing Gender Boundaries In Latest Update! Get The Deets!

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The creators of The Sims are breaking down gender barriers by introducing unprecedented gender customization options for the popular simulation video game!

Game publisher Electronic Arts and developer Maxis announced a free update on The Sims 4 available on Thursday that will allow players to create Sims with any type of physique, walk style, or voice!

While this may not sound like a huge deal, this is the first time in the history of the 16-year-old series that specific clothing, hairstyles, and other options will not be restricted to either male or female!

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The developers say over 700 pieces of aesthetics previously assigned to only male or female characters will now be available regardless of gender in The Sims 4 and its expansion packs!

In a statement, the studio revealed it wanted to "make sure players can create characters they can identify with or relate to through powerful tools that give them influence over a Sims' gender, age, ethnicity, body type and more."


Now, let's hope the rest of the gaming industry follows suit!

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The Sims Game Meets Friends! Behold The Crossover That Will Make Your Day, Your Week, Your Month, Even Your Year!

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friends the sims

We all miss Friends, but one Sims 4 player just made us miss the show a little less!

One guy posted these friendly screenshots from the game on Imgur, all of which almost perfectly reconstruct some of our favorite sets from the show!

There's Central Perk, Monica's apartment, and even Chandler and Joey's sanctuary.

After seeing all of these, the answer to "how you doing," will be "phenomenal."

Ch-ch-check out all the Sim-ply AH-Mazing pics (above)!!!

[Image via Imgur.]

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The Sims' Shameless Game Of Thrones Rip-Off Has DRAGONS!

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Holy fire-breathing Fleshlights, Khaleesi — this is AH-Mazing!!

Just went you thought the popular video game franchise was fresh out of ideas, The Sims 3 pulls us back in with their new expansion pack Dragon Valley!

Sure, the upcoming game is quite obviously a Game of Thrones rip-off, but who the heck cares?

Ch-ch-check out the trailer (above) — it looks FUNtastic!!

No offense to the fantabulous Katy Perry, but this is the best idea for a Sims expansion pack eh-var!!

Ready to see if you can raise pet dragons as well as Emilia Clarke?

Sims 3: Dragon Valley hatches May 30th!

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Impressive Music Video Released For The Sims 3: Showtime - Katy Perry Collector's Edition!

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Amazing! We almost got emotional watching this!

Check out the newly released promo music video (above) for The Sims 3: Showtime - Katy Perry Collector's Edition!

This definitely makes us want to play this game…AND it makes us want to meet someone whom we love so much that we can't bear the thought of losing them because we can't imagine a world without them!!!!!!!!

Sigh. Good music video. Check it out, and check out the cover art for the new Sims game AFTER THE JUMP!

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Hide Yo Kids! Hide Yo Wife! There's Porn On The Sims 3 Website!

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Okay, maybe that isn't such a shock for you, but it certainly was for one small town momma who peered over the shoulder of her son to see REAL nekkid ladies dashing across the screen! For shame!

Have a look at the report (above) out of Maryland. A mother has come forward to accuse the makers of The Sims 3 of being lax in their protection of children on their website. She reportedly was supervising her child online when the screen was bombarded with dozens of pornographic images.

Yuck! Disgusting! Will the Internet ever be safe enough for kids to roam freely without fear of what they will see?

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We Want One! Robot Goes To Coffee Shop On Its Own, Buys A Scone For Owner

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Is this one step closer to the Robot Insurrection? Maybe. Is it really, really cool? Definitely!

Check out the video (above) of a robot that traveled to a coffee shop and ordered a scone for its owner.

Looks like the owner set up a system so he could control the robot remotely, without ever having to leave the comfort of his own home!

This is awesome! It's like that video game The Sims, but in real life!

At first glance, this may seem like some sort of crazy, futuristic thing that you'd only find in Disney's Tomorrowland, but apparently, these are actually for sale!

Hmm…who wants to get us one for our b-day this year? Ha!

Do U want your own coffee-shop-venturing robot?

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Steven Slater's Divatude Gets The Animated Treatment

We won’t go so far as to say that this animation is better than Toy Story 3 or Wall-E, but it’s definitely something special.

A Taiwan-based news station has released an animated news story chronicling JetBlue Diva Steven Slater’s epic resignation. Think The Sims meets Shakespeare’s best play.

The most heartwarming part of the animation is a scene where Slater returns home and is embraced by his loving boyfriend. And yes, it’s okay to cry over a YouTube video.

Check out the video and join the JetBlue Diva on the rollercoaster ride of emotions that he so recently went through. You’ll laugh! You’ll cry! You’ll want to grab a beer or two and run home to that special someone.

Be sure to watch this repeatedly. It gets REALLY good around viewing #5. And no, we don't THINK that trailer at the end is for a movie adaptation of the JetBlue Diva story, but admittedly we're a bit rusty with our Chinese these days.

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