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Meet Lilly Wachowski — Second Wachowski Sibling Comes Out As Transgender

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Lilly explains she was almost outed by the media multiple times.

This is a huge step for this famous filmmaker!

On Tuesday, it was revealed that the second sibling in the dynamic directing duo The Wachowskis has publicly come out as transgender.

Lilly Wachowski — who was previously known as Andy — made the announcement in a statement to The Windy Times, after being approached by a DailyMail reporter who wanted to share her story.

Video: Watch Lana Wachowski Speak About Being Transgender

The 48-year-old explained that the outlet had a terrible history with transgender subjects, saying:

"After he had given me his card, and I closed the door it began to dawn on me where I had heard of the DailyMail. It was the "news" organization that had played a huge part in the national public outing of Lucy Meadows, an elementary school teacher and trans woman in the UK. An editorial in the 'not-a-tabloid' demonized her as a damaging influence on the children's delicate innocence and summarized 'he's not only trapped in the wrong body, he's in the wrong job.' The reason I knew about her wasn't because she was transgender it was because three months after the DailyMail article came out, Lucy committed suicide."

The acclaimed artist said this wasn't the first time she was almost outed by the media, so she decided to take matters into her own hands, writing:

"So yeah, I'm transgender. And yeah, I've transitioned."

The Matrix director explained that she had already been out to her family, friends, and a lot of people she works with, and is incredibly grateful for all their love and support.

Her sister and filmmaking partner, Lana Wachowski, also transitioned years ago, and made her first public appearance back in 2012.

Check out Lilly's inspiring, full statement (below):

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Andy & Lana Wachowski Take Their Talents To Netflix! Learn About Their New TV Show HERE!

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andy lana wachowski netflix sens8 scifi arrested development house of cards

IMAX 3D it ain't!

We aren't saying the Wachowskis hate movie theaters or anything, but the Cloud Atlas and The Matrix trilogy directors appear to be switching to a considerably more intimate medium!

Who knows, maybe they just hate movie theater popcorn!? LOLz!!

Andy & Lana Wachowski are teaming up with Netflix to produce episodic sci-fi content!

Details to the upcoming 10-episode show, Sens8, are sparse, but the science fiction drama is described as

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Hugh Grants Joins Wachowskis' Next Sci-Fi Film!

hugh grant joins cloud atlas

This is an interesting addition to an already AWESOME team…minus Natalie Portman.

Matrix directors The Wachowskis have assembled a fantastic crew for their upcoming film Cloud Atlas, which is based on David Mitchell's novel about a series of characters that find their destinies intertwined over thousands of years.

They've brought on

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More Matrix Movies On The Way, Says Keanu!


Oh, for goodness sake!

Have they forgotten about how shiteous the last two flicks in this series were?

Keanu Reeves reportedly took a break from looking depressed while sitting on various park benches to reveal that he had met with the Wachowski brothers over the holidays, and they have allegedly started work on TWO MORE sequels to their then-groundbreaking film, The Matrix!

Sources explain that the actor stated during a London Q&A session that "they had completed work on a two-picture script treatment that would see him return to the world of The Matrix as Neo."

Well, if this is, in fact, the case, then we sincerely hope that they looked at what didn't work in the last two, to ensure that history doesn't repeat itself this time around!

They don't need to take a really good thing and find more ways to ruin it!

What do U think?? Are U as apprehensive for more Matrix as we are??

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Wachowskis Assemble Awesome Team For Cloud Atlas

wachowskis assemble awesome team for cloud atlas

Words like "epic" may not be strong enough for this one.

Matrix directors The Wachowskis must be on cloud 9 after putting together such a wonderful team for their upcoming film, Cloud Atlas.

The film is based on David Mitchell's novel about a series of characters that find their destinies intertwined over thousands of years. So intense!

Here's what previous Wachowski collaborator Natalie Portman had to say about the project:

“I don’t know what’s going on with financing. I read it while doing V for Vendetta and I gave it to the Wachowskis and to Tom Tykwer. Now they’re directing it together, the three of them. I will have some acting role in it if it happens, but probably nothing major.”

Other than Natalie Portman, Halle Berry has also confirmed her involvement with the film. Other actors who have been rumored to be attached to Cloud Atlas include Tom Hanks, Ian McKellen, and James McAvoy.

We're pumped to hear about Tom Tykwer's involvement too! Run Lola Run was pretty damn awesome.


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