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We All YOU CAN Live In A Yellow Submarine!!


HOLY cartoonish wonderland, what magical madness is this and WHEN can we sign up for a stay????

Genius English businessman Alfie Bubbles has created a floating hotel inspired by The Beatles' fantastical movie/album The Yellow Submarine!

The aquatic respite is

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Mad Men Reminds Us Of Rolling Stones' & The Who's Commercial Jingles!!

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Your Reaction?

On last night's Mad Men, the super masculine, super sexy Don Draper and evening sidekick Harry Crane attempted to sign The Rolling Stones for a Heinz Beans commercial jingle.

The duo failed, of course, but check out the video (above) to see a REAL commercial the Rolling Stones recorded for Rice Krispies!

It really snaps, crackles, and pops! LOLz!

Oh and FYI: The Rolling Stones weren't the only famous British band to sell out cash in with commercial jingles! The Who also did a little song and dance for Heinz way WAY back in the day!

See for URself…AFTER THE JUMP!

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Glee To Do The Who's Tommy??

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Bust out the pinball machines!

This could be inneresting…

Ryan Murphy is apparently planning on doing a tribute to The Who's Tommy for an upcoming episode of Glee.

Producers are hoping for a lavish remake and get this - Roger Daltrey and Pete Townsend are set to make appearances!!




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The Who's Founding Members To Launch Teen Cancer Center At UCLA

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Roger Daltrey and Peter Townshend of The Who are launching a program that will help teens and young adults suffering from cancer.

The Daltry/Townshend Teen and Young Adult Cancer Program has already helped to fund 19 special teen cancer units in the UK, and now, they're starting the program at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, on their pediatric floor.

This special hospital unit will

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Pete Townshend Lashes Out Against iTunes! Calls Them A 'Digital Vampire!'

pete townshend calls itunes a digital vampire

Might wanna choose your words more carefully next time, Pete. People LOVE vampires! Ha!

All jokes aside, The Who rocker Pete Townshend is VERY serious about his disdain for iTunes, and he's saying that they profit from the music "without supporting the artists who create it."

He believes iTunes should provide the following services for its artists:

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Roger Daltrey Slams Simon Cowell!



The Who's Roger Daltrey recently spoke out against the quality of music that now becomes mainstream, and he singled out Simon Cowell as partly to blame!

He explains:

"We really need to break away from The X Factor and American Idol - that Simon Cowell thing. I really think the music industry will beat this slump and come back stronger. Groups like The Who, The Rolling Stones and The Beatles wouldn't have made it past the audition stage, let alone be shown on TV. That's the joke of it. The music they make on the shows is absolute tripe. He's made a good industry out of it, but it's belittled the power of music. He wouldn't know what the "X Factor" was if it bit him on the bullocks. There's people who like caviar and people who like fish and chips - but most people like fish and chips."

We think that's a pretty unfair generalization, considering how many legitimately talented singers have emerged from those types of competition! And many of them would have not had the means to succeed in the industry without Simon and his shows!

But every one has a right to their own opinion!

What do U think?? Team Simon or Team Daltrey??

[Image via WENN.]

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The Who, Too Good For Their Own Merchandise?

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The Who might make good music, but they don't make good clothing.

Well, according to their guitarist Pete Townshend they don't.

In fact, Pete is warning fans not to buy the merchandise sold on the band's website.

Reveals the 64-year-old rocker:

“We have become older while a whole range of fashion looks have passed by.

The one I wish had passed sooner but seems to have stuck, is the rock ' n’ roll merchandise look. You wouldn’t catch me wearing any of the glamorous items they sell on this website.

I bite the hand that feeds me perhaps?”

Pete admits he wasn't a fan of the hippy look back in the day, adding, "Thankfully I mainly skipped the hippy look. No regrets, even for some silly Eighties haircuts. We all had them.”

What do U think? Are their items too tacky? We actually don't find some of their tees that bad.


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