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Charlie Sheen Begins Casting Anger Management THIS WEEK!

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charlie sheen casting his new show

Now that Charlie Sheen is no longer crazy, he's ready to get down to business!

During a recent interview, both Charlie and his manager Bruce Helford announced that the casting process for Anger Management begins this week.

Here's what Bruce had to say about the "fantasy list and the A list" of actresses that they're auditioning for the roles of Charlie's therapist and his ex-wife:

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Lindsay MAY Avoid Jail Time Once Again! The Probation Department Has Got Her Back!

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lindsay lohan might not be so guilty

We were NOT expecting to hear this.

Earlier this week, it was looking like Lindsay Lohan might end up going to jail for a year, but now we're hearing that the Probation Department won't try to get her behind bars.

Sources are saying that the Probation Dept will be submitting a written report to Lindsay' judge stating that she's in "'substantial compliance' with the terms of her probation." Wow.

Apparently, the department

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Amanda Seyfried Receives Therapy For Panic Attacks

Amanda Seyfried panic attacks

Yes, even the most famous of celebrities get anxiety too!

Since becoming a major leading lady thanks to her roles in Big Love, Mamma Mia!, and Dear John, Amanda Seyfried has been undergoing cognitive therapy sessions to help cope with panic attacks brought on by the pressures of fame.

During an interview with the British edition of Glamour magazine, she admitted to feeling anxious and nervous before interviews or premieres.

Seeking professional help may have been one of the best career decisions she ever made because it sounds like it's working! She shared with the magazine:

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Brave! Taylor Fighting Through Her Own Grief To Take Care Of Daughter!

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This is most definitely for the best. We can't even imagine the confusion and sadness this poor little girl must be feeling.

In light of her husband Russell's shocking suicide, Taylor Armstrong now has the sole responsibility of helping the couple's five year old daughter, Kennedy, come to terms with the loss of her father by reading her books geared toward children who have lost parents, and will also be putting her into counseling so she can better grasp, and ultimately accept what has happened.

A source explains:

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Steve Carrell To Play Meryl Streep's THERAPIST In Great Hope Springs!

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Wow! This ought to be QUITE the pair!

We reported that Meryl Streep has re-teamed with her Devil Wears Prada director David Frankel for a new film, called Great Hope Springs, which is a domestic drama about a middle-aged couple having problems in their marriage.

Well, the cast list keeps getting better and better, as Philip Seymour Hoffman and James Gandolfini have also signed on for parts, as well as Steve Carrell, who is expected to play Streep's therapist in the flick!

Amazing! Given Carrell's more serious turns in Dan In Real Life and Little Miss Sunshine, we think he's a fantastic choice! It will certainly be inneresting to see what kind of flick this turns out to be!

What do U think?? Are U excited for Great Hope Springs??

[Images via WENN.]

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Therapy For Mel?

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oksana wants mel gibson to get therapy for anger issues

It was just announced that Mel is getting paid for his Hangover 2 cameo, even though he was fired. Perhaps he can use that money towards therapy!

Oksana wants Mel to deal with his "anger issues," and her lawyers are asking their custody judge to send him to therapy.

Looks like she's going to try to deny Mel overnight visits with their daughter, Lucia, if he doesn't get the OK from a therapist saying it's safe for him to be around her.

Just imagine being the therapist who has to explore the mind of Mel! Sounds like a serious undertaking!

We DEF agree that he should be in therapy, but then again, a little therapy wouldn't be a bad thing for Oksana either!

Do U think Mel needs therapy? How about Oksana?

[Image via WENN.]

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First Pic Of Courteney And Jennifer Together In Cougar Town


Should be fun to see these two on the small screen together again!

On September 22, Maniston will guest star on the season premiere of Courteney Cox's Cougar Town. She'll play a girl who's sleeping with Courteney's brother a therapist with off-the-beaten-path treatment methods.

Will U tune in for Courtmaniston on Cougar Town?

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