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Michael Jackson's Tour Director Breaks Down On The Stand!

michael jackson

You know it's a sad day when you're asked to relive an even sadder one…

The tour director of the tragic This Is It production with Michael Jackson, Joey Ortega, burst into tears as he read from an email he sent out to AEG Live Chief Executive, Randy Philips, a mere five days before Jackson's untimely death.

Find out what Joey read to the jury of the AEG wrongful death case…AFTER THE JUMP!

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Michael Jackson's Posse Sues AEG For Beaucoup Bucks For Their Part In MJ's Death!


Three years later, it's time to talk cash!!

It sounds callous to those still mourning the King of Pop, but dozens of people lost tons of money on the artist's final aborted tour!

Michael Jackson's personal assistant, for one, suffered financially and emotionally after his boss's tragic death and the cancellation of This Is It.

He is spearheading a class-action lawsuit against the parties he believes are responsible and owe them for losses and damages incurred.

Insurance Co. AEG hired Dr. Conrad Murray, who eventually killed the Beat It singer with a fatal dosage of prescription medicine. The doc was convicted of involuntary manslaughter.

MJ's assistant, Michael Amir Williams claims AEG agreed to pay the singer's staff $7.5 mil, but he thinks they deserve more!

He blames AEG not only for hiring Conrad, but for mismanaging and failing to supervise the good bad doctor!

The lawsuit seeks additional unspecified damages!

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Emails Reveal Michael Jackson Was 'Drunk And Despondent' During Days Leading Up To His Death

Michael Jackson's shocking death ended his This Is It comeback tour before it even began, but recent emails released from the company financing the tour reveal it may have been doomed from the start.

"Self loathing and doubt" led the King of Pop to drink himself into an unmanageable mess as AEG's Randy Phillips wrote to his boss:

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Kenny Ortega Will Direct A Dirty Dancing Remake!

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kenny ortega directing dirty dancing remake

They should get Al Roker and Ryan Gosling for this! LOLz.

It has just been confirmed by Lionsgate that

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Kenny Ortega Speaks Up Against Dr. Conrad Murray

kenny ortega speaks up against dr conrad murray

As we mentioned yesterday, a preliminary hearing is scheduled for today, where Dr. Conrad Murray will face his involuntary manslaughter charge for Michael Jackson's death.

As the trial begins, it looks like we've already got two of MJ's crew who are NOT on Dr. Murray's side: Michael's bodyguard Alberto Alvarez and This Is It director Kenny Ortega.

Here's what Ortega had to say about Murray's behavior when MJ got sick during a rehearsal day for the London comeback concerts:

"[Murray] was upset that I had sent Michael home the night before and didn't allow him to rehearse."

And more from Ortega:

“Dr. Murray told me that this was not my responsibility and asked me to not act like a doctor or psychologist … and leave Michael’s health to him."

“It was scary. I didn’t know what was wrong, but I knew there was something going on."

And here's what Ortega had to say about MJ's vastly improved condition during two rehearsals before his death:

“It was like the Michael we all knew and loved."

Sounds strange, and pretty sketchy.

Guess we'll see what happens as Dr. Murray's preliminary hearing gets underway today.

[Image via WENN.]

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Michael Jackson's Estate Generates $783 Million Since His Death!

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Holy shiz!

Since the death of Michael Jackson, his estate has generated a cool $783 million from CD sales, This Is It theatrical and DVD releases, a 50 percent stake in the Sony/ATV catalogue as well as owning most of Mijac Publishing.

Wow, wow, wow!

We hope his kids are seeing plenty of that ca$$$h!

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GaGa Talks Lupus, Michael Jackson and the Gays With Larry King!

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What a brave Mamma Monster!!

Lady GaGa appeared on Larry King Live and finally cleared the air regarding whether or not she suffers from the disease Lupus, and her relationship with the deceased King of Pop, Michael Jackson!

We're so proud of her for being so candid! Take good care of yourself, bb!

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