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Miley Cyrus Was Drunk Off Her Booty During Jingle Ball & Almost Threw Up On The Crowd!

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miley cyrus sticking out tongue

Shots, shots, shots, shots, everybody does not want to see what you had before the show!

But are you all surprised by this behavior?! Gurlfriend did just turn 21 not too long ago!

Miley Cyrus amped up her bad girl image to the next level by getting drunk off her twerkin' booty before her set at the Jingle Ball concert in Minneapolis!

She admitted during an interview that the drunkest she's ever been is:

“Currently right now. Definitely gonna throw up on stage!”

After the interviewer laughed, Miles added:

“I know, I reek of liquor.”

LOLz! Dayum, gurl! Okay, okay, girl was being a bit facetious — but then again, we wouldn't put it past her! Would you?!

Apparently the Wrecking Ball singer took a little swig during the show too, she tweeted:

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Jennifer Lawrence's Lunch Almost Made A Special Appearance When She Met Justin Timberlake!

jlaw jt

It's no secret that Jennifer Lawrence has a huge crush on Justin Timberlake during his *NSYNC glory days!

The girl almost threw up because she was overwhelmed with his seskiness in the little CD booklet for crying out loud!

Well, JLaw isn't the only *NSYNC lover in the Hunger Games cast! Her costar Josh Hutcherson admitted during an interview that he was a huge fan of the TKO singer too, saying:

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Jennifer Lawrence almost had an embarrassing run-in with Justin TimberlakeJennifer Lawrence almost had an embarrassing run-in with Justin TimberlakeJennifer Lawrence almost had an embarrassing run-in with Justin TimberlakeJennifer Lawrence almost had an embarrassing run-in with Justin TimberlakeJennifer Lawrence almost had an embarrassing run-in with Justin Timberlake

Andy Dick Goes On A Bender In Palm Springs!


Someone call Oprah STAT!

Andy Dick just proved that rehab might actually be better than just dancing!

According to a source, Andy showed up to the opening of the Hard Rock Hotel Palm Springs, and rather than Dancing With The Stars, he was seeing stars instead:

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Jamie Foxx Is A Vomcano On The Set Of Annie! Fill In The Blank!

12foxx byrne cannavale 100113 pg 25

Better out than in, Jamie Foxx, even when it's all over a group of extras!

The White House Down actor couldn't keep his white chunks down, as he was spotted hurling on the set of Annie!

We wonder if this counts as a solo in the musical?

Instead of getting treated, looks like our favorite adorable orphan might be getting gagged upon!

The sun might very well come out tomorrow, but those vomit stains are gonna need dry cleaning before they come out!

When Annie saw this retch, she thought ____________________________.

[Image via PGagu-rg7/RODRIGO & LUIS JR. GUERRA/Ramey Pix.]

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Harry Styles Throws Up On Stage During One Direction Concert! Watch!

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Up-chuck the funk, Harry Styles!

The One Direction hottie seemed to be feeling a tad sick during the band's Pittsburgh concert on Monday!


Harry-boo was recorded running behind some set pieces during the middle of Rock Me and appeared to throw up!

Styley was spotted crouching over with a towel and water bottle to help settle his tum-tum, while the rest of the boys continued to perform, covering for their mate!

In the vid, you can see a worried expression from Zayn Malik while attempting to continue with the song!

But no worries!

Louis Tomlinson covered Harry's parts in his absence, and our little 1D lad is A-O-K!

Directioners sending you love and well wishes!

Ch-ch-check out the video of poor Har and his puke bucket…AFTER THE JUMP!!!

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Sick! GIANT Anaconda Barfs Up An Entire Cow?!?!

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There are many things we don't understand about this video….

The first: how did this GIGANTIC anaconda get anywhere near a cow. Second, WHY IS THIS PERSON FILMING THIS?!?!

We could go on and on, but we'll just let you watch (above) this huge snake regurgitate a cow.

A COW, PEOPLE!!!!!! HOLY COW!!!!!!!

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A Night At The Theater Ends With A Bang Puddle Of Puke

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Gross, gross, gross!

Usually people don’t expect to get vomited on when they go to the theater, but things were different during Wednesday night’s performance of Grace at NYC's Cort Theater.

During the middle of the show, which stars Paul Rudd and Michael Shannon, an elderly man on the balcony puked all over the people below. It’s not clear if he was drunk, or just sick, but either way it caused a ruckus!

One theater-goer, who escaped squeaky clean, described the whole thing! He said:

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