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Cher Lloyd BLASTS Lorde Over Her Scandalous Selena Gomez Slam! Get Diss Deets HERE!

cher lloyd blasts lorde interview over selena gomez diss knob

If you're blown away Lorde's rapid ascent through Billboard's pop charts, then this will really bake your noodle!!

The 16-year-old phenom has made more than just a totally sensational smash single recently, as it turns out she has also made an enemy in the music biz!!

It's true!!! Like Edward Scissorhands moonlighting at a massage parlor, she's rubbing folks the wrong way!

Cher Lloyd, for instance, is totally un-thrilled by the Royals singer's royal Selena Gomez diss!!

In fact, the British musician vehemently defended Selenita in a recent interview and, in the process, offered up a few harsh words for Lorde!

After learning about the Selena slam, Cher admitted:

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Chuck E. Cheese Dramz - Caught on Tape!

Where's the perfect place to air out some deep-rooted family issues? Chuck E. Cheese!

Where a kid's need for therapy is born!

Check out this video (above) taken at a Chuck E Cheese in Beaumont. It's one guy trying to intervene in a throwdown between two of his baby mommas. Both lovely ladies have their posses with them and in a matter of seconds, they've got a rumble on their hands!


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Gays Behaving Badly!

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This reminds of us of that scene in Obsessed when Beyoncé grabbed that chick from Heroes by her hair and said, "Bitch, I'm gonna wipe the floor with your skanky ass!"

Check out this pretty crazy throwdown between two gays outside of Mickey's in West Hollywood last night (above)!

We wonder what spurred such a heated 'exchange'???

No matter!

Ladies, ladies, PLEASE! Violence is NEVER the answer!

Use your words next time!

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It Happened! Proof Russell Brand's Bodyguards Lost It With Photogs!

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Whoa! What a throwdown!

This morning, we heard reports that Russell Brand's bodyguards lost it with the paparazzi who were trying to take shots of Russ at a tiger park.

Now, we've found pictures of the whole ordeal and it doesn't look pleasant, to say the least!

Violence isn't the answer and these guys look VIOLENT!

[Image via AP Images.]

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Big Brother Contestant Rips Housemate A New One For Homophobic Insult!

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This is absolutely inspired. We cannot get over how brilliantly this man tears that stoopid slam pig to shreds!

Check out this clip from last night's Big Brother, where recently-evicted psychopath/Vegas cocktail waitress/chemist(?) Rachel rears her ugly head for one last hurrah, and makes some pretty ignorant comments about contestant Ragan's sexuality!

Well, we'll let you watch for yourself to see this work of art in all of its glory, but let's just say that he did not take too kindly to her insults!

Amazing! And perfectly executed!

Her face at the end is absolutely priceless!

Between this and Lane jerking off in the shower, we need to start watching this show!


Kudos to you, Ragan, for telling that gutter skank what is what!


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Oksana Claims That Mel Threw Her Son Into A Table!



As the war between worst human being alive, Mel Gibson, and his gold-digging baby mama Oksana Grigorieva rages on, new information has surfaced that might help support her claims against the abusive monster, because there were multiple witnesses on hand to either support or deny what happened!

According to Oksana, her 12 year old son, Alexander, was playfully attempting to knock a cigarette out of Mel's mouth, when the actor LOST IT and threw him into a table!

Mel's camp, of course, claims that Alexander 'accidentally' fell, and has witnesses that will testify in his favor.

Accidentally?? He might as well have just said that Alexander made him throw him into the table, and it's the 12 year old's fault!

We would not put anything past this fuck - we've all heard how out of control and angry he is capable of getting!

What do U think?? Is Oksana telling the truth??

[Image via WENN.]

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Lindsanity Rages Against saMANtha!


Everyone has made mistakes. saMANtha Ronson's mistake continues to follow her around like a psycho stalker and make spectacles for attention.

We're beginning to think that narcissism is a genetic trait.

This weekend, sources report that saMANtha was enjoying an evening out with friends at Trousdale, when her ex-girlfriend, Lindsay Lohan, came over to say hello. And in LiLo's mind, the correct way to do so is to toss a drink in the person's face!

Eyewitnesses say that Lindsanity looked like a "bat out of hell" as she threw her drink Ronson's way, but what probably pissed her off more was that the whole thing did not phase saMAN one bit. Friends say that she is so used to Lindsay's "bizarre" behavior that she just cleaned up and went back to her evening. When she got home, however, she tweeted out the scoop, probably just to piss off Lindsay that much more. She wrote:

"Just got a glass thrown at my head….. Hmmm- wonder who did it????"

Oh Lindsay. What are we to do with you? Is it too much to ask that you just try to sleep in the evenings? That might give you enough energy during the day to get back into show business for reals!

[Image via WENN.]

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