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If We Said Britney Ticket Prices Are Absurd, Would You Hold It Against Us?

britney ticket prices are absurd

Better start saving up if you want to see Brit Brit live, because tickets prices are EXPENSIVE!

Ticketmaster has posted prices for Britney's tour, and they're seriously ABSURD!

Prices range from $96 to $346.50…and that's BEFORE additional fees!!!!

You heard right!!! $96 for the CHEAP seats!!!!!

WTF? Don't they actually WANT people to go see Britney perform?

These ticket prices are CRAZY! We feel awful for all the hardcore Brit Brit fans out there!

It really concerns us that they'd charge SO MUCH for these tickets. We are NOT impressed.

Will U still see Britney in concert? Or do U think these tickets are too ridiculous pricey?

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Cheaper Concert Tickets In 2011?

concert ticket prices may get lower in 2011

Looks like concert prices MAY be more reasonable next year.

Concert promoters are reportedly planning to cut ticket prices in an effort to get fans back out to shows in 2011.

After poor concert attendance in 2010, promoters have said that they'll change their tactics by charging less for tickets and making the effort to sell more t-shirts and other merchandise to compensate.

Of course, this will probs only apply to artists who haven't been filling up seats.

Those GaGa tickets are unlikely to go down in price TOO much…but at least they're worth absolutely every penny!

Will U go to more concerts in 2011 if ticket prices go down?

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Jerry Seinfeld Returns To The UK!

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What's taken him so long? He hasn't performed there since 1998!

Jerry Seinfeld has just announced that he will be doing a one-night show at UK's O2 Area on June 3rd, next year.

When asked why it's been so long since he's performed in the UK, Jerry responded:

"Well it's not because of the food. I like the food, I'm a big fan of brown things. I've been very busy here in the States and I just wasn't even aware that there was an audience [in the UK] that really wanted me to come back until we spoke to a promoter who was very confident."

Unfortunately, though, looks like many of his UK fans are NOT happy with the expensive ticket prices! With ticket prices ranging between £70 and £100, ticket buyers have expressed their disappointment.

"I'm terribly, terribly sorry," Seinfeld said. "I really had to let the English promoter guide us in that because I don't know the market that well. So I'm going to complain to him. People complain to me … I'm going to complain to him. I hate to hear about grumbling. But there's got to be a certain amount of grumbling about anything doesn't there?"

True…but those ticket prices seem pretty steep. Let's hope his fans will think he's worth it.

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Heading To Australia!


Lilith is going Down Under!

The 2010 Lilith Fair will continue in Australia this October as a Taste of Lilith with shows in Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Sarah McLachlan, Dixie Chicks spin-off the Court Yard Hounds and Kate Miller-Heidke and the Verses will perform.

Ticket prices are still high though at $149 and $222 in Australia.

Pretty steep, Sarah! Especially considering that's why many people didn't show up to the concerts in the US!

[Image via WENN.]

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Shrek Forever After is #1!

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Despite getting crappy reviews, Shrek Forever After, the 4th installment in the series, got the #1 spot during its opening weekend in the U.S., making $71.3 million.

Even though the animated film brought in huge numbers, it still didn't compare to the other Shrek sequels, which all shattered box office records.

The head of worldwide marketing for DreamWorks Animation Anne Globe says, "We're obviously happy to be the No. 1 movie, which we anticipated. It's a little lower than we anticipated but it's still No. 4 among all animated openings of all time."

Sources say the $20 ticket price that some theaters were charging for their IMAX screenings only raked in about 7% of the film's weekend gross.

Box office Paul Dergarabedian claims that the high ticket prices scared off some families, saying:

"I think it's a very pragmatic situation. Families want to see Shrek, it's the summer, and right now for kids there's not a whole lot out there so it's kind of a no-brainer. Then people look in their pocketbooks and go, `Whoa.'"

BTW, MacGruber bombed.

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Movie Theaters Raise Prices AGAIN!

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This is getting to be too much!

Several theaters are planning on charging $20 for for adult tickets to IMAX showings of "Shrek Forever After" in 3-D.

The change in prices haven't officially been announced, however, the new prices were already posted on the movie ticket site Fandango.com.

This comes just eight weeks after theater operators raised prices as much as 26%, which was the steepest hike in the past decade.

The question is whether or not people will be willing to pay these high prices.

BTIG LLC media analyst Richard Greenfield states:

"With the state of the economy remaining questionable, we worry pricing is simply moving up too quickly. The danger is scaring consumers away from the movie theaters."

Sure, slap a 3-D logo on it and raise your prices! This is just another ploy that movie studios are doing to make mediocre films and take all your money!

What do U think? Would you pay $20 to see Shrek 4???

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