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Tiffani Thiessen And Daughter Get Matching Haircuts!

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tiffani thiessen mommy daughter matching haircuts

Mirror, mirror, on the wall! Who's the fairest of them all?

…Mirror? You have to decide, you know!

Not that we can blame him! Tiffani Thiessen and her daughter Harper look pretty darn equal- emphasis on the pretty!

Tiffani shared this beautiful pic of the duo on Twitter. She tweeted:

"A fun day. New haircuts for mommy and daughter"

Ah! No wonder the mirror can't decide! Matching haircuts! If only the Evil Queen had thought of that! LOLz!

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[Image via Whosay.]

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Tiffani Thiessen Has Got Two CUTE Dogs!

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We all know Tiffani Thiessen from Saved By The Bell, but these days the television beauty is much more interested in being saved by her dogs' cuteness!

Tiffani recently took to Twitter to share a delightful picture of her loves, along with the following message:

"Here's my dogs btw who have been a part of our family for 7 yrs. cute huh? #sergeantspet"

Cute is an understatement!!!

They are adorable to the max!!!!

Can we play with them?

Bring them over…NOW!!!


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[Image via Twitter.]

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Tiffani Thiessen emBARKS On A New Journey For Pet Health!

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tffani thiessen embark on pet health

Tiffani Thiessen may have been saved by the bell…but now she's saving the animals!

Tag-teaming with Sergeant’s Pet Care Products, Tiffani is urging pet lovers to take a simple pledge…

To make sure they do their best to ensure their pet's well being is AMAZING!

Pet admirers can visit the emBARK on Pet Health Website (HERE) to take the pledge as well as learn pet health tips and other useful info.

Take a look at the Kick Off Event photos (below) to see how fun it is to help pets!

[Image via WENN.]

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Saved By The Bell's Most Awkward Reunion Ever, Starring Kelly Kapowski & Mr. Belding!

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Awkward turtle alert!!

Former Saved by the Bell seXXX symbol Tiffani Thiessen chilling with Al Roker on TODAY when something unexpected occurred!!

No, Al didn't shart himself again!

Kelly Kapowski's Tiffani's former fake princpal Dennis Haskins surprised the hell out of her!!

Ch-ch-check out the White Collar star's vaguely displeased reaction as Mr. Belding pops into frame (above)!

Yikes!! We couldn't imagine a gaze more icy if Liberty Ross spotted Kristen Stewart leaving Planned Parenthood!

Was Tiffani just stunned by the way Dennis aged? Did she hope for a Dustin Diamond appearance instead?

Either way, this clip is almost as creepy as Elizabeth Berkley's melodramatic caffeine pill freak-out!

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Tiffani Thiessen Takes Princess Harper To Breakfast

Tiffani Thiessen Brady Smith Daughter Harper Princess

Who needs a royal baby? Tiffani Thiessen's daughter Harper is a princess!

The White Collar star and her hubby Brady Smith were spotted escorting her highness to breakfast in Encino on Sunday.

The little monarch floated like a butterfly, swinging between the arms of Mommy and Daddy!

So was there a costume party? It's not Halloween! Why the outfit?

Because Harper can be anything she wants to be!

Of course that includes being a princess- because it means Tiffani gets to be the queen! LOLz!

[Image via AKM-GSI.]

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Tiffani Thiessen Celebrates Her Birthday With Daughter Harper!

Birthdays are always fun, but they're even better when a little cutie is involved!

Tiffani Thiessen celebrated her birthday yesterday, and to make it even more special, she blew out her candles with her BABEz Harper, and shared the festivities via Twitter.

She wrote:

The Saved by the Bell star turned 39, but she doesn't even look a day over 30!

Homegirl definitely ages well, which is AH-MAYZING to see because now we know her little baby is gonna grow up to be just as purrrdy as her!!

[Image courtesy of Tiffani Thiessen's Instagram.]

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Instagram DOOMED? Celebrities Already Jumping Ship!

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celebs protest controversial new instagram terms twitter tiffani theissen cheryl burke kate walsh

The people have spoken! And the celebs aren't far behind!

Instagram's terribly tyrannical new Terms of Service are pissing off a plethora of actors, models, and all-around famous faces!

Most are taking to Twitter in protest — as voicing dissent via parent company Facebook would be silly — and are threatening to delete their accounts!!

Saved by the Bell cutie Tiffani Thiessen was one of the first to get vocal. She said:

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