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Lindsay Lohan's Club Brawl Victim Claims Fight Masterminded By Michael! Daddy Lohan Blames Dina!

It's an accusation tongue twister of the WORST kind…

And our tongues are in knots after the latest cray cray Lohan family drama!

Earlier this week, Dina Lohan alleged her former husband Michael Lohan had raped and abused her during their marriage.

Now, SOMEONE claiming to be Tiffany Mitchell, the West Palm Beach psychic who Lindsay Lohan allegedly punched in the face back in 2012, tweeted a series of accusations at daddy Micahel Lohan, claiming HE set up the whole nightclub fight!!!

The person behind the brand new Twitter account posted:


BUT, Michael is calling the account BULLPOOP (of course) and believes his wife is behind the whole thing!!

Michael stated

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Lindsay Lohan Maintains That She's The "Victim" As She Prepares For New York Court Visit TODAY!


Lindsay Lohan has been ringing in the New Year by pAArtying all over London for the past week, and now, we have the sneaking suspicion that doing so has pretty much used up all of the 'good things' for which she had hoped to come in 2013!

Because callous, cold grasp of REALITY is about to come a knockin' for our troubled starlet…TODAY!

That's right, today is the day that Our Lady of Perpetual Chaos is expected back in an NYC courtroom to face up to the misdemeanor assault charges she incurred when she allegedly punched psychic Tiffany Mitchell at Avenue Lounge back in late November, and depending on how the wind is blowing today, prosecution could very well plan to file!

Of course, as we all know her frustratingly typical song and dance after consecutive six years of it, Lindsay is asserting - through her New York lawyer, Mark Heller - that she is OBVIOUSLY the victim here:

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Lindsay Lohan Is Out Of Control, Was Seen Partying Night Before The Assault!

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This is no big surprise whatsoever.

It's just one big downward spiral, yet again.

The night before Lindsay Lohan punched club-goer Tiffany Mitchell in NYC, she was seen pAArtying at The Darby, and "dancing like crazy" past 2 am.

And of course, she laid the drama on thick, guzzling down booze all night, and then "causing a scene" when she thought someone had stolen her phone!

One eyewitness says "she even demanded that a girl at a nearby table empty her pockets!"

This type of behavior just has to stop! But, it looks like she's just back to her old shenanigans again…

A friend close to LiLo says that she's just doing the same ol' thing, revealing:

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Lindsay Lohan's Nightclub Accuser: Is She A Professional Liar?!


Well, Lindsay Lohan should be pleased to know that even without the help of a private investigator, there's at least ONE person in the world who believes that the woman she allegedly punched in a nightclub last week is LYING!

Apparently, an unnamed Palm Beach socialite has come forward to assert that the troubled actress' accuser, Florida psychic Tiffany Mitchell, is nothing but a "professional liar" who tried to manipulate her out $43,000!

According to the former client, Mitchell told her that she was facing serious trouble in her future, and the only way to prevent it would be to place the aforementioned money face up in an antique box, along with dirt from her garden, and a paper with her life's goals written on them, and return it to her!

She explains:

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Lindsay Lohan STILL Thinks That She Doesn't Need Rehab!

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We guess she really would just rather self-destruct than face the cold, hard reality of her life.

How else could Lindsay Lohan STILL believe that after her COUNTLESS drug and alcohol-fueled arrests, legal problems, and all of the other scandals that have essentially destroyed her once very promising careers, she does NOT need to go back to rehab?!

Well, whatever the eff is going on her head, it's what friends close to the troubled starlet have revealed!

As we've reported, with the stress of her latest probation violation has led LiLo to drink close to two liters of vodka DAILY - and no doubt contributed to her allegedly punching Tiffany Mitchell in the face while clubbing earlier in the week - and while her nearest and dearest are said to be BEGGING her to check herself in for treatment, if ONLY to get in good favor with the judge, she is having NONE of it!

In fact

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Lindsay Lohan Fights To Expose Assault Victim & Hires A Private Investigator!

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lindsay lohan assault arrest hires private investigator beach bikini


Lindsay Lohan is willing to spend however much of her Liz & Dick paycheck as she can to prove her innocence in the latest accusation made against her.

With Gloria Allred being sought by Tiffany, Linds has reportedly hired a private investigator to get ALL THE DIRT on the psychic who's claiming LiLo punched her at Avenue.

Lindsay's P.I. will uncover all the goods on Tiffany's past to see if there's anything Linds can use against her should the case go to court.

As we previously discussed today, Linds is firmly denying the assault charge made against her following the arrest this week. But she will, however, admit to totally calling the gurl a gypsy. Me-Oww!

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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Lindsay Lohan DENIES Assault Allegations But Admits To Offensive Racial Slur!

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lindsay lohan assault arrest denies accusation gma

Lindsay Lohan denying a criminal accusation?!?


Ha! Srsly though… LiLo is apparently telling friends that she definitely did NOT punch fortune-telling Tiffany Mitchell at Avenue!

But… BUT…

She *did* call her a gypsy. And she'll totally own up to that part.

…but only cuz gurl was trying to steal a purse (according to Linds' side)!

Of course, Tiffany remains adamant. Following Lindsay's INSANE arrest Thursday morning, Tiff has

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