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More DANCING In New Britney Till The World Ends Video!!!

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Here it is!!!

Check out the dance version of Britney Spears' Till the World Ends video (above)!!!


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Britney Vs. Adele!

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This is soooo hot!

Check out this scorching mashup by Jarod Ripley of Rolling In The Deep vs Till The World Ends (above)!!!

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Brit Brit's Till The World Ends Body Double Revealed!

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Check out this compilation video of the different scenes slowed down of Brit Brit's alleged dance double during the Till The World Ends music video shoot, who is said to be choreographer's assistant Tiana Brown (above)!

It's pretty fast shots, and her face is always sort of obscured…so it's hard to really tell what exactly's going on!

That being said, these are quick shots interspersed throughout the video, all very minor - so if it IS in fact someone else - who the eff cares? It still looks as though Brit Brit did most of the dancing herself!

It's not like they're trying to make it look like she was dancing like she used to, when there's none of that in the video.

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Did Britney Use A Dance Double For Till The World Ends?

Oh boy. Here we go again.

Britney Spears only just debuted her latest music video for the second single off of Femme Fatale, called 'Till The World Ends, and already there have been multiple reports that during some of the dance sequences, a body double was used in her place!

Apparently, sources close to the production of the video have pegged choreographer and frequent Brit Brit back-up dancer Tiana Brown as gurlfriend's dancing double - who was used to help move the shooting schedule along - but within hours, the pop star's team had flagged the claim as BS.

Check out a compilation of all Britney's dancing in the latest video (above)!

We can't really see too many shots where they could get away with using someone else, and none of the dancing here seems like it's anything Britney couldn't do herself, even now…so we're not really sure what to think!

What do U think?? Is Britney using a dance double??

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New Britney!!!!

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Check out a 30 second preview of Britney's new music video for Till The World Ends (above)!!!

We already like it more than the vid for Hold It Against Me!

Looks like a cross between Spears' I'm A Slave For You and Kesha's We R Who We R music videos.

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New Pics From The Set Of Brit Brit's Till The World Ends!

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britney spears till the world ends screen caps

Oh man! This look HAWT!

Check out some pretty FIERCE screencaps of Britney Jean Spears, clad in leather and filming the music video for the second single off of Femme Fatale, 'Till The World Ends (above)!

We have a feeling that this is going to end up being gurl's sequel to her I'm A Slave 4 U video!

Either that, or her interpretation of an episode of Skins! Either way, fine by us!

We cannot WAIT for this to premiere in a few days!

C'mon, gurl, we're ready to see some serious dancing till the world ends!

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Britney Tears Up Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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And she even steps out of her comfort zone to do a few skits! Faboosh!

Last night, Britney Day came to a close with her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Brit-Brit kicked off the show with a skit with Jimmy, which was super cute, and then came back later on in the show to do a Jackass stunt with Johnny Knoxville! HIGHlarious!!!

Then she did two performances of Hold It Against Me and Till The World Ends! Slightly better than her GMA performances, we have to say.

Check out the video (above) to see every moment of Brit-Brit!

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