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Her Minajesty Joins Brit Brit On Stage In El Lay For 'Til The World Ends!

We were wondering when this was going to happen, and we couldn't be more thrilled that it was while we were there!

Last night, during Britney Spears' El Lay leg of her FABOOSH Femme Fatale tour, her opening act, Miz Nicki Minaj, FINALLY joined her on stage during the closing performance of 'Til The World Ends for her rap remix!

Check out footage from the concert (above)!

Yes! It was just as epic as it looks!

We couldn't be more thrilled!

Brit Brit is BACK, y'all! And only getting better!

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Nicki And Brit Brit Perform Together At 2011 Billboard Music Awards!

The prefect prelude to their summer tour together!

Check out Nicki Minaj's performance of Super Bass at last night's 2011 Billboard Music Awards, which then segued into her remix of 'Till The World Ends, with an appearance from Miz Britney Spears herself (above)!

We wish our Brit could have given a little more energy during this one, but all in all, she looked great and Her Minajesty KILLED IT as per usual, so we can't complain!

Hopefully these two will continue to perform together during the Femme Fatale tour!

Have fun, ladies!

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Nicki Minaj Talks Eminem, Ricki Lake, Britney, And More!

nicki minaj speaks on a lot of subjects

First thing's first, we'll pick your brains!

During a recent interview, Nicki Minaj opened up about a variety of subjects. Here's what she had to say…

Nicki on how her Ricki Lake shout out in the Till The World Ends remix started up Ricki buzz:

"I really love Ricki. Of course I was super young when I watched her show, but something about her demeanor just always came across as the girl next door, and she had this sweet smile. It was done as a joke but to know that someone I really like wound up getting a little bit of face time from it — it’s pretty cool. I mean people do that for me, and it’s good to return the favor."

Nicki on her upcoming tour with Britney:

"…I feel like she has experienced life as an underdog, and I feel like my whole career I've been the underdog. I think that it just goes to show that when you are a strong woman, at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter. You bounce back from whatever. And I think she’s probably gone through 10 times whatever I’ve gone through. But the fact that she came back out with just so much fire inspires me, and it inspires young women and people all over the world. It just inspires you. A lot of my fans feel like they are the underdog and feel like they are the people who aren’t ever accepted for themselves, or who are laughed at or poked fun at forever. It just goes to show that once you keep at whatever it is you’re doing, people may not like you, people may not love you, but they will have to respect you at the end of the day. And that respect is all that matters."

Nicki's thoughts on Eminem's homophobic lyric in the song Roman's Revenge:

"You know, if I’m being honest, I didn’t like [him using it]. I spoke to everyone I knew about it. I spoke to my hairdresser, who’s one of my closest friends. I sat him down and said, “Terrence, what do you think about this? How does this make you feel?” And we had a long, long talk. And he said he didn’t feel like Eminem was talking about a gay person. He felt like it was a word being used to describe a straight man, and he didn’t take offense to it. It’s Eminem — I felt like we were creating a movie. And in the same way, I feel like if you were to watch your favorite actor or actress say “faggot” or say “nigger” in a movie, you don’t hate them because it’s like they’re playing a role."

" 'Roman’s Revenge' was more like a theatrical piece. I was a character and [Eminem] was a character. This was Slim Shady and Roman. Of course, when it comes to creativity, there’s such a thin line between creativity and something being offensive. But one thing I knew for sure was that my gay fan base knows about how I feel about them, and I’ve embraced them from the beginning — since my mix-tape days. [Reaching out to gay fans wasn't something I did] once I came into pop culture just to try and get some extra fans. So I felt like the positive would outweigh the negative, and we just kept moving with that."

Thanks for opening up, Nicki! And we're actually pretty impressed with how you addressed Eminem's controversial lyric from Roman's Revenge.

Can't wait to see U on tour with Britney!!!

[Image via WENN.]

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