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Mama June Makes Claims On When She Discovered The Truth About Mark McDaniel… And Reveals When She Apologized To Anna

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We thought this interview could not get any tenser, but we were wrong.

[ Photos: TV Shows That Were Canceled In The Midst Of Scandal ]

Mama June had a revealing interview with Dr. Phil, and she's finally admitted that she's apologized to her daughter Anna Cardwell regarding the sexual abuse at the hands of registered child molester, Mark McDaniel, who was with Mama June for 5 years.

However, she maintains that Anna did not tell her about what had happened until two and a half years ago… though Mama June admitted that her mother did tell her earlier about what he had done.

All in all, you're going to want to watch this — we feel so bad for Anna.

Ch-ch-check out the segment (above).

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Justin Bieber: Why 2013 Just Isn't His Year

Justin Bieber: Why 2013 is not his year

This year is barely half over and already it's been one of the worst years for Justin Bieber.

Just by the look on his face (above) during the various Meet & Greets he's had with fans during this tour this year, it seems like even he's a little burnt out from all the shenanigans.

So, exactly how messed up has 2013 been for The Biebs?? Well, we've decided to make a quick timeline of some of the worst things that he's done, as well as some things done to HIM, since January of this year.

You won't believe how much trouble this guy has gotten into…

CLICK HERE to view why 2013 just wasn't Justin Bieber's year!

CLICK HERE to view why 2013 just wasn't Justin Bieber's year!

CLICK HERE to view why 2013 just wasn't Justin Bieber's year!

CLICK HERE to view why 2013 just wasn't Justin Bieber's year!

CLICK HERE to view why 2013 just wasn't Justin Bieber's year!

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Announce Your Pregnancy With Facebook

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Facebook Expecting

Some people love sharing good news over and over again.

If you're not one of those people and prefer to get it all done in one, Facebook has got you covered.

Now you can add Expecting A Baby to your timeline so everyone and their mother can see your pregnancy from miles away.

In a press release Facebook said:

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It's Official! Facebook Users Will Be Forced To Use Timeline!

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facebook forcing users to adopt timeline

Guess we should have seen this coming when they announced that they'd be releasing 60+ Timeline apps

Facebook has announced that over the next few weeks, they'll be automatically switching users' profiles to the new Timeline format if they don't do it on their own.

For those who aren't too familiar with Timeline, it makes UR entire Facebook history much more accessible…so if perchance you went through a hardcore Pokemon-quote-posting phase back in college, everyone will know about it sooner than later!

Here are some things to think about when prepping UR profile for Timeline:

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Facebook Adding More Than 60 New Apps For Its Timeline!

facebook adding sixty new timeline apps

Wowsa! Pretty soon we'll NEVER have to leave Facebook…except maybe to use the bathroom (until they make an app for that).

Yesterday, we were happy to hear about Fbook's new Ticketmaster app, which actually seems like something that we'd probably utilize.

Now, we're hearing that Facebook is adding 60+ new apps to its Timeline, including the following:

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Facebook Anti-Drugs Timeline

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Drugs Facebook Timeline

Would a Facebook Timeline that showed a year with drugs and a year without drugs be helpful in making you not do and/or stop taking drugs??


Well, either way, they're trying. The picture above is from the attempt from the The Israel Anti-Drug Authority, and their way of convincing people that drugs are bad.

It's true, they are. Drugs are terrible and you shouldn't do them. But is a Facebook Timeline going to be your deciding factor?

Probably not — but at least they're trying!

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The Facebook Timeline Opens In New Zealand!

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Okay, obviously Facebook wants to test out the embarrassing new timeline in New Zealand.

So if you live there, congrats! Your friends can see all of the icky past you never realized would come back to haunt you.

We're sure lots of girlfriends are gonna love having their boyfriends' exes publicly blasted as if they still matter. And we're pretty sure nobody wants to know how drunk you were on graduation night.


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