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The Williams Sisters Celebrate Serena's U.S. Open Victory With Ricky Martin And Bill Clinton!

serena williams celebrates us open championship with ricky martin

Serena Williams must have been pretty busy celebrating her FIFTH U.S. Open title earlier this week, because she's JUST starting to post pictures of the aftermath!

The tennis superstar has been letting the good times roll since her huge win, and she's had a little bit of help from some high profile celebs!

Serena posted a picture of herself with Ricky Martin, and she was even nice enough to let him hold her trophy!

And don't worry, she didn't forget about her sister! She also posted a picture of her sister Venus Williams hanging out with former President Bill Clinton, who just happens to be giving his signature thumbs up!!

Last but certainly not least, Serena had to snap a picture of her name being added to the locker room wall to commemorate her most recent victory! However, her name IS already on there 4 times, so it kind of feels like she's showing off at this point! LOLz!

It's been truly amazing to watch the Williams sistsers grow throughout their career and how quickly they both became dominant forces in womens tennis!

Congrats again Serena!

Ch-ch-check out more pics of her celebrations (below)!

[Image via Serena Williams.]

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serena williams name added to locker room to commermorate us open championshipvenus williams meets bill clinton at us open

Serena Williams Tops Maria Sharapova For French Open Title!

serena williams beats maria sharapova for french open title

Serena Williams continues to prove that she's the top female tennis player in the world as she locked up her second French Open title this weekend!

She topped defending champion Maria Sharapova in straight sets, but it wasn't easy

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Kanye West's New Album Title 'Yeezus' Pisses Off The Devout DJ Tanner AKA Candace Cameron!

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Ahhh sparking intelligent debate… just what that DEVIL Kanye West wants us to do, LOLz!

Candace Cameron AKA DJ Tanner on Full House is VERY religious (as is her brobro Kirk Cameron), and during a recent interview the actress was asked what she thought about 'Ye's new album title Yeezus

And unsurprisingly, girl does NOT approve.

Hear Deej's thoughts on Kanye almost calling himself Jesus (above)!

IS Kanye comparing himself to a religious character some believe to be the savior of humans? Or is he simply trying to spark conversation about art, creativity, power, religion, philosophy, and all those other fine topics?

We doubt he's THAT narcissistic to believe he's the savior of mankind…

Oh wait. This is King 'Ye we're talking about here, LOLz!

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Selena’s Latest Album Will Be Her Last?! Looking To Leave Music Behind For Acting!


ALERT! ALERT! We've got another Justin Timberlake on our hands!

For most stars in Hollywood, once they hit on a good thing, they milk it for all it’s worth. Selena Gomez is NOT like most stars.

This dancing songbird is just fully blossoming into her legitimacy as a musician, and has decided to call it quits!!?!

Selenita recently revealed that her newest album, officially titled Stars Dance, could also be her last. AND WE’RE DEVASTATED!!!!

This little diva wants to let go of her music career in favor of an acting career, and aspires for such stardom as found in her role models: Shia LaBeouf, Jennifer Lawrence, and Natalie Portman.

We love the idea of seeing more of Miss Gomez on the silver screen, but she could have an acting career AND a singing career, right!??!

She talked about letting her music career go, saying:

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Dolph Ziggler Wins Heavyweight Title!

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dolph ziggler wwe heavyweight title win beat del rio

Dolph Ziggler has one of the funniest names in WWE history (seriously, just say it a few times), and now he also has the heavyweight title!!

Alberto Del Rio was injured when he fought Jack Swagger, which means that Dolph had an even better chance of winning going up against a less than 100% Del Rio! The evolution of Ziggler from a midcard staple to a main event star seems to have come full circle!

Great work, Dolph!

Sorry about being #2, Del Rio! LOLz!

[Image via AP Images.]

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One Direction Spills 3D Movie Deets & Tweet Title!

tumblr mizvnc5ldi1rbyq0ho1 500

One Directioners the world over collectively SWOONED today…

Cause their favorite boyband announced the TITLE of their upcoming 3D documentary!

And no, unfortunately it's NOT being called This Is What Makes Us Beautiful!


Liam Payne tweeted:

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Movies That Could Have Done Better… If Their Titles Were Better

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Ever been sitting in the theater, watching a new trailer, so pumped to see what movie this amazing trailer is for and then…

The title card pops up and your only reaction is… "Umm… what?"

Sometimes it just seems like the movie naming department really dropped the ball.

CLICK HERE to view the gallery "Movies That Could Have Done Better… If Their Titles Were Better"

CLICK HERE to view the gallery "Movies That Could Have Done Better… If Their Titles Were Better"

CLICK HERE to view the gallery "Movies That Could Have Done Better… If Their Titles Were Better"

CLICK HERE to view the gallery "Movies That Could Have Done Better… If Their Titles Were Better"

CLICK HERE to view the gallery "Movies That Could Have Done Better… If Their Titles Were Better"

CLICK HERE to view the gallery "Movies That Could Have Done Better… If Their Titles Were Better"

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