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Paris And Todd Phillips Are Moving Right Along!

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Cy who?! Gurlfriend is moving right along!

Only a few days after being spotted getting all sorts of cozy with Todd Phillips, Paris Hilton and The Hangover director celebrated the holiday weekend together by sharing a some kisses at a beach house party in Malibu yesterday!

Check out the snap (above)!

How romantical! Looks as though they really like each other!

Here's hoping he doesn't cast her in The Hangover, Part 3!

[Image via Ability Films.]

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Screenwriter Already Hired For Hangover Part III

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writer hired for hangover part III

No surprises here, especially given the fact that The Hangover Part II made $86.5 million over Memorial Day weekend!

Last we heard about Hangover Part III, director Todd Phillips said that the movie may stray from coincidental plot devices.

Guess we'll probs learn more sooner than later, because Warner Bros is reportedly bringing on Hangover Part II writer Craig Mazin to write the script for the third movie.

Here's what Mazin had to say about Hangover Part III:

I think the third movie ends with Doug staring at a row of crosses in a graveyard. It’s everyone – his wife, his family is dead, everybody from the first movie is dead. Somebody shows up and tells him his dog is dead.

As for the thought of The Wolf Pack losing another integral member of someone's wedding party, Phillips has previously said that his idea for a third film in the franchise would be something completely different by breaking the now familiar formula of the first two. Honestly, that's the only way I would really be interested in a third one.

While the sequel brought a decent amount of laughs, the jokes and beats are almost exactly the same as the first time. While that's certainly entertaining, a third film really needs to pull out all the stops and do something truly original to finish the series. What do you think?

Couldn't agree more, Craig! We def think it's a good idea to change things up for the third movie! Not sure exactly how we feel about the graveyard, but it's a thought! LOLz.

Are U excited to hear that progress is already being made on Hangover Part III? Will U go see it when it's released?

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Hangover 3 May Be Dramatically Different Than First Two

For Realz

That's good!

By now, we're sure everyone has heard that Hangover Part II (purposely) follows pretty much the same plot as the first one.

However, director Todd Phillips has shared that the third one may stray from this coincidental plot device.

At the premiere of his newest entry in the series, Phillips told reporters:

"I have an idea [for the plot], but the idea is just an idea. It's not even something I've talked about with the guys. My idea is serious. Deadly serious. It will not revolve around a wedding, and it will not revolve around a forgotten night, I'll tell you that much. It's just a different structure. We'll see."

We're intrigued!

He also put any rumors of Zach Galifianakis' character getting married in part three to rest, saying:

"Alan will never get married. Alan's asexual. If he doesn't know that by now, he's in trouble."

Aw! Poor Alan! Although, let's be honest, it's probably for the best. He does have a nasty habit of roofying those he loves. LOLz!

Do U think Todd Phillips is making the right decision by structuring the third movie entirely differently?

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Bradley Cooper Caught A Ping-Pong Ball In His Mouth…Launched From A Vajajay!

Bradley Coooper vagina ball

HA! Ha? Ew.

While the Hangover II boys were in Thailand filming the upcoming comedy, it sounds like there were as many shenanigans off camera as on.

Bradley Cooper recently shared a story involving a ping-pong ball, a vagina, and Ed Helm's throwing up as a result of the first two things mentioned. LOLz!


Apparently, the Wolf Pack and director Todd Phillips visited a local hot spot where women performed, um, unique talents. One woman in particular impressed the boys the most with a vaginal talent, as Bradley explained:

"This one gal was able to eject ping-pong balls at high velocities with amazing accuracy."

What!? Unique indeed!

He was SO impressed that he needed a picture pretending to catch the ball in his mouth. Unfortunately — or fortunately depending on how you look at it — the woman did more than just pose for this picture, as Bradley continued:

"(It went) right in my mouth… (There are) Handi Wipes coming out from everywhere, Ed Helms is throwing up… It was memorable."

Let's hope the picture is the ONLY souvenir he got from that woman! Sounds like they have some material for the third installment of the franchise, but we sincerely hope he thoroughly washed his mouth out/slash got checked for every disease ever.

Would U still trust Bradley Cooper's mouth after a story like that?

[Image via WENN.]

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China Allows Thailand To Keep Their Reality Star Panda

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Panda loan renewed for Thailand

China, the mother of all giant pandas, has extended their loan another 2 years for Linping, the first giant panda born in Thailand, allowing the animal to remain there until 2013.

Linping's parents were provided to the Chiang Mai zoo in 2003 on a 10 year loan and produced the cub in 2009, who has since become a national reality television star.

The one year and ten month old cub is the star of a live 24-hour Truman Show Panda Channel that follows her every move.

She's so famous in Thailand that a competition to name her shortly after being born attracted 22 million entries! We're not even sure if that many people vote for American Idol contestants.

Sounds like she's ready to take her fame to the next level and turn into an international star.

We think Todd Phillips should squeeze her into the plot of The Hangover II if he hasn't already done so.

[Image via WENN.]

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