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Madonna's New Album Is #1 In 35 Countries (And It's Not Even Out Yet)!

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MDNA cover art

Not a bad start to her Super Bowl weekend!

Madonna's newest album, MDNA, has reached #1 on iTunes in the U.S. and 34 other countries for pre-sales, including:

Argentina, Columbia, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, US, Canada, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cypress, Czech Republic, Denmark, Deutschland, Spain, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Nederland, Norway, Ostrich, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Sverige, Switzerland, UK

So many copies sold in the little time it's been on sale and the people buying it can't even listen to the songs until March 26th! How impressive is that!?

Congrats, gurl! Can't wait to see the best halftime show EVER this Sunday!

Have U pre-ordered the Material Girl's twelfth studio album yet?

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What Do All Of These Magazines Have In Common?!

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Well, if you said "babies" - then YOU'RE WRONG! Sort of!

Check out these covers of People, OK!, Life & Style, and US Weekly (above) featuring some extremely famous ladies, as well as some not-so-famous but tabloid-friendly reality starlets, all showing off their BABIES!

A little much, right?

Well, apparently not, because the common thread between all of these magazines is that these specific issues - all featuring moms or rumored-moms-to-be - were their TOP SELLERS!

Yeesh! We didn't realize the little bundle of joys were so in demand!

Here's hoping that all of our favorite little Z-listers don't get any ideas about how to reclaim the spotlight!

Infants are NOT accessories! LOLz!

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