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iCarly’s Miranda Cosgrove Suing Her Bus Driver For Leaving Her “Disfigured And Disabled”!

miranda cosgrove

Disfigured and disabled?? Really???

Well, here's the back story. Wayyy back in 2011, Miranda Cosgrove’s tour bus got into an accident. She did suffer a broken ankle, but her foot has obviously healed quite nicely since the incident.

Now, in 2013, she and her mother are filing lawsuits against everyone involved, which includes: the bus driver, the truck driver, and the transportation companies.

According to the lawsuit, both Miranda and her mom were left "disfigured and disabled" due to the accident, and "have lost their normal lives" as a result.

This takes us by surprise, because

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Harry Styles Is A Lean, Mean, Cleaning Machine Who's Gone Too Far?!

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harry styles cleaning obsessed bugging bandmates

Is someone training for a possible backup job as a maid if this whole boy band thing doesn't work out?

Perhaps, or perhaps Harry Styles is a germaphobe?

Whatever the reason, our little One Direction cupcake has been as dedicated to cleaning 1D's tour bus as he is dedicated to being adorbzie!

And while that sounds totes AH-Mazing to have alongside you on tour, it turns out having your own personal maid can be a bit of a pain in the ass.

What?! Does he not look foxy in a French maid outfit??

His obsession with cleaning is apparently so bad everyone feels like they can't live the way they want as a crew member revealed:

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Justin Bieber Speaks Following Tour Bus DRUG BUST! He Says…

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justin bieber tour crotch shot gif

Will Justin Bieber ever escape the headlines??

Doesn't look like it!!

Police have confirmed that a small amount of narcotics were found on his tour bus Wednesday night in Stockholm — narcotics reported to be marijuana.

And Thursday morning, Justin tweeted a message that reiterated his lack of concern when it comes to the constant scandal surrounding his life:

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Justin Bieber's DRUGGED UP Tour Bus: Cops Confirm NARCOTICS Were Found!

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justin bieber tour bus pot police confirm

Welp! Looks like it's true!

We previously reported that a Swedish newspaper alleged Justin Bieber's tour bus of being caught with marijuana. Though these allegations weren't exactly shocking, they were still reports.

But now a rep from the Stockholm PD has confirmed that an officer did in fact smell marijuana coming from Justin's bus around 7:10pm Wednesday night.

This was when the bus was parked in front of the Grand Hotel.

When the bus left for the Globe Arena, the officer had a special narcotics unit issue a warrant to search the bus. Once parked at the Arena, cops searched and found a small amount of unnamed narcotics. Though they won't confirm which one (funny seeing as how they will confirm they smelled pot), the newspaper still reports it was marijuana.

Police also confirm they found a taser too.

A suspect has yet to be identified and the bus is not impounded.

But curious enough, the Biebs was seen

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Justin Bieber's Tour Bus Allegedly CAUGHT WITH POT!

justin bieber tour bus pot

Oh shizz!! We're not sure Selena's gonna like this!!

According to a Swedish newspaper, police suspected Justin Bieber's tour bus of foul play Wednesday night after smelling a "strong smell" of marijuana following their crowd control procedure outside Justin's hotel.

The cops waited to raid the moving pad once it pulled up to the Stockholm arena where Justin was set to perform, and that's when they allegedly discovered a small amount of what appeared to be pot.

They reportedly found a stun gun as well, which requires a permit!!

No arrests were made and it's unclear whether or not the Biebs was even on the bus or if he had already entered the arena by that time.

AY YI YI, JUSTIN! Tell us it isn't so!!!

[Image via WENN.]

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Justin Bieber Reportedly Rides With Playboy Bunnies! Secret Tour Bus Affair??

justin beiber playboy bunnies germany

Justin Bieber sure likes his pets. Except this time, we’re not talking about his monkey.

JB reportedly got up close and personal with some Playboy bunnies following his performance in Cologne, Germany on April 14th. The ladies joined the singer on his tour bus, sticking to their usual ear and tail dress code, and spent about an hour with the star until being escorted back to the local Playboy Club.

An hour is more than enough time to get up to some trouble. Wouldn’t you say?

What’s more, one of the Playmates apparently even ended up back at the Biebs’ hotel room at 8:30am the following morning in Baden-Baden — an entirely different city!!

Pair this up with his recent Anne Frank debacle, and we don’t even know where to begin. We’ll leave it in your trusted Belieber hands.

[Image via WENN.]

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Rihanna’s Tour Bus Searched At Border! Weed Found & Citation Issued!

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rihanna weed found on tour bus

As if we’re soooo shocked to find out Rihanna’s tour bus had weed on it.

Seriously, have you seen her Twitter or Instagram or know absolutely anything about her?

Weed was discovered on one of RiRi’s tour buses after ten buses were stopped at the border between Windsor, Canada and Detroit. Officials smelled marijuana while checking things out, so a search was conducted.

But here is the SHOCKING part to this story!

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