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Charging Elephant Stopped By Mud

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This group of people were on a tour and they were filming some elephants.

Then suddenly one charges them!

And slips on some mud and falls down!

They're all laughing but we don't think they realize that if that elephant didn't fall, they probably all would've been killed.

We actually feel bad for the elephant.

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Elen Rivas' Seski/Scary Anti-Bullfighting Campaign

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Elen Rivas' Seski/Scary Anti-Bullfighting Campaign

Nekked for PETA?? OHEMGEE!

K, it's not real original - but if it anit broke don't fix it!

Spanish beauty, Elen Rivas, is backing their campaign to attempt to get the blood sport banned and has stripped off for an advert to publicise the cause.

In the advert Rivas is seen with four lances protruding from her back as blood pours down, mimicking a bull injured in a fight.

The Spanish model said:

"My ad might be graphic, but it's nothing compared to the bloody, violent reality of bullfights. Most Spaniards – including those in my hometown of Barcelona, where bullfighting was recently banned – are opposed to the barbaric blood sport, and Peta and I are urging British tourists not to be fooled by the industry's propaganda.

‘There is absolutely nothing romantic about torturing and killing animals for entertainment."

Photo: Karl Grant/PETA

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Argentina Vs Beavers

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Argentina Vs Beavers

It's on!

In 1946 someone thought it would be super-duper cute to put some Canadian beavers in Argentina's Tierra del Fuego National Park.

So Argentine officials put 25 of the happy little beavers in the park, and and for the past 60 years the tourists who flock to the southern tip of South America rejoice when they see the beavers busily building dams and gnawing through trees.

Lovely, except for one thing: the Argentine beaver population has now grown from 50 to 200,000.

It's virtual army that is chomping, cutting and flooding forests across this frosty, remote archipelago known as Tierra del Fuego, or Land of Fire. And the beavers are moving north, having swum across the turbulent, freezing waters of the Strait of Magellan.

Today, the rodents cause millions of dollars in damage, often to roads flooded by beaver dams.

Recently the government has been in talks about hiring professional sharpshooters to search and destroy every last one of them, perhaps even from helicopters.

This comes as a sad surprise to those of us that thought you could never have too much beaver.

[Image via AP Images.]

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Monkeys Monkey Around With Tourist's Sunglasses

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The cheeky monkeys at the London Zoo have been causing a bit of trouble lately.

The little buggers have been stealing sunglasses off of the heads of tourists passing through on sunny days!

Zoo officials say the animals love to see their reflection in the lenses, but have formulated a plan to prevent any more monkey business.

They plan on spraying the stolen sunglasses down with a bitter concoction which will hopefully turn the animal's taste for fashionable eyewear sour.

Good luck!

Check out the BBC news story above to see the cute little primates monkeying around with their stolen toys!

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Hippos Chase Tourist Boat In Africa

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Wow! Talk about scary!

Check out this amazing, but terrifying video (above) of tourists in Africa being chased by hippos while on a boat in the river.

There is some laughter heard on the boat, which has lead some to believe they were teasing the hippos, but Evan Petkou who captured the footage assures us, "the laughter is just nervous laughter."

Nervous is probably a little bit of an understatement since their tour guide can be heard telling them that the hippo is the biggest killer in Africa as it starts charging their boat.

Wildlife shows have even taken an interest in the truly incredible footage because it is rare to capture a hippo charge from start to finish.

Although we think this is incredible footage, we'd prefer to never be in this situation!

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