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Furious 7 Is On Track To Break Box Office Records! And It's The Late Paul Walker Driving The Sales!

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Furious 7 was going to be a hit no matter what — it's got such a huge franchise driving it!

But according to the latest tracking, the sixth sequel to The Fast And The Furious may just exceed all its predecessors — and everything else for that matter!

[ Video: Vin Diesel Drops An Emotional Bombshell On Jimmy Fallon! ]

Three weeks out from the April 3rd premiere, the estimated opening weekend gross is a never-before-seen

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Captain America: The Winter Soldier Set To Rake In $90 Million Its First Weekend! Get Pumped For The Premiere With These 2 New Clips!!

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Captain America is back, and he's more lucrative than ever! Winter is officially coming!

The Winter Solider is set to make a killing, as is currently tracking for a $90 million opening weekend! Yay, capitalism, you patriotic cornerstone of America!

That's $25 million more than the opening to the original, bee tee dubs!

Not only that, but there are 2 new clips you have to watch! One (above) has Nick Fury in a high speed car chase that has an explosive ending!

Ch-ch-check out another brief ad…AFTER THE JUMP!!!

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Captain America Sequel Tracking An $80 Million Opening! Expected To Grow As Big As Chris Evans' Biceps!

captain america the winter soldier box office

How big is Captain America: The Winter Soldier going to get? Well, if Chris Evans' muscles are anything to go by, much bigger than the last one!

Box office experts are tracking it to surpass $80 million in its opening weekend alone!

The sequel is expected to benefit from what's called the "halo effect" of mega-hit The Avengers. Cap's teammates already saw big jumps in their opening weekend takes.

The first Thor took in $65.7 mil, but after The Avengers, the thunder god made it rain with $85.7 million! Likewise, Tony Stark got even richer, going from $128.1 million for Iron Man 2 to $174.1 million in Iron Man 3.

That's over a 30% increase in both franchises! Captain America: The First Avenger also opened to about $65 mil, so $80 mil is looking like an easy hurdle!

And repeat business might be good too! Word is that both Disney and Marvel are so happy with the film's quality, they've already greenlit number three!

We guess green is the operative word!

[Image via Marvel.]

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The Hunger Games: Catching Fire's Odds Are Ever In Its Favor To Open HUGE At The Box Office!

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hunger games quotes 26

Looks like the Girl Who Was On Fire will keep staying on fire for the next movie's opening! You can't stop Katniss (except maybe with a fire extinguisher or Nightlock)!

According to recent tracking, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is predicted to rake in anywhere between $140 - 150 million in its weekend gross in North America Panem!

That's a whole lot of dough! No, not that kind of dough, Peeta!

And the movie doesn't even open for another three weeks! While tracking isn't the most accurate, we know this movie is going to make so much money in all 13 districts!

Remember, girl on fire, we're still betting on you! We can't wait to be back in the arena!

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The Hunger Games Could Make $100 Million In Its Opening Weekend!

hunger games could make 100 million dollars on opening weekend

Given this movie's INSANE advance ticket sales, we had a feeling it would have a record-breaking opening weekend!

Based on initial tracking, both box-office observers AND exhibitors are saying that The Hunger Games could make close to $100 million during its opening weekend in the U.S.!

HG is tracking well with both men and women, although it's tracking BEST with females under 25 years old.

The first Twilight movie opened to nearly $70 million. Should be interesting to see if Hunger Games surpasses it!

What do U think? Will HG make $100 million in its opening weekend???

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New Celebrity Stalking Tracking Website In The Works!

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justspotted.com launches next week cyber stalking finding celebrities through twitter

This could be very dangerous. We're not so sure we're happy about this.

A new website is launching next week that is probably going to put more than a few people in Hollywood on edge. It's called JustSpotted.com, a website dedicated to tracking the exact locations of celebrities at any given time. The website will be working in conjunction with the information obtained from Twitter, using a "natural-language" filter to figure out from public tweets where celebrities have been spotted.

The site is so based off of Twitter that one investor of Twitter, who also gave money to Facebook and Google, have put money into the project themselves

Speaking of Facebook, the website, along with Foursquare, will also be aiding the new site with it's venture to seek out celebs.

CEO of the site, AJ Asver, quickly tried to shut down reports that the website would promote more "stalking" for fans. He explains:

"We're not asking people to change their behavior. The information isn't real-time enough for you to run over there and see them."

We're glad to hear about the latter, but you're kidding yourself if you don't think people are going to get hooked to this! Soon, it'll be an iPhone app and you'll just seen teenage girls cruising around town, trying to pick up Justin Bieber's trail!

Scary thought!

We foresee a lot of trouble for them down the road, but then again, that is the genius of their website. They are using public information via Twitter. No crime in that!

What do U think? Will U be visiting this site when it launches next Tuesday?

[Image via WENN.]

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