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Cesar Millan Looking Forward To Second Chance At Life

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We're glad to hear Cesar Millan has put the past behind him and he's ready to move on!

The dog trainer is saying goodbye to his Dog Whisperer gig, and he's going to start his new lease on life with a new book, new TV show, and hopefully a new fiancee!

In the new TV show, Cesar Millan: The Real Story, Cesar will detail his suicide attempt in 2010 for the first time.

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The Walrus Workout!

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OMG! This is absolutely ahmayzing!

This walrus is so smart and sooooo CUTE!

It was workout time, so he and his trainer started exercising together.

And we mean real exercise! Like some light stretching and calisthenics, all the way to push ups!

You gottttta watch it til the end too!

Just wait til he starts doing sit ups!

Check out the video (above) to see one of the most bestest things you'll see all day!

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Alligator Snacks On Trainer's Arm For Lunch

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Another arm bites the dust…

A trainer in Cleveland found himself on the wrong end of an alligator's next meal.

For some reason, these kind of attacks seem to continue EVERY YEAR!

Someone needs to send a memo that sticking your body near gators equals very very VERY bad ouchies!!!


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Quick Tip Of The Day

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Making sure your puppy stays in tip-top shape mentally as well as physically can be challenging.

Luckily, Dr. Patrick and his training friends are here to help!

Greg Kleva, host of It's a Dog's Life and Bark Busters Grand Master trainer says the following on keeping your pooch stimulated:

Reduce your puppy’s boredom by providing plenty of mental stimulation.

Simple training exercises and education is very tiring for a puppy’s brain. Make games out of training … keep session short and light, but test your puppy to think, think, think.

Try ‘Follow the Leader’ exercises (to reinforce following/walking/heel), 'Hide-n-Seek' (to reinforce coming when called), and 'Sit/Stay' at feeding time.

Be consistent, calm, and never use physical means to correct your dog.

To learn more from Greg Kleva, visit his website, HERE!

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Pet Expert Helps Wild Street Dogs Down In Mexico

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Several volunteers and a celebrity dog trainer, Brad Pattinson, were down in Cancun, but not on vacation.

They were looking for feral dogs, wild dogs who live their entire lives on the streets.

They are helping these wild dogs as well as learning to be better trainers themselves.

"The whole part of it was dealing with feral dogs in natural settings.

We were watching things with our eyes at real speed with these fast, wild dogs so now with domesticated dogs, we can see things are slower compared to feral dogs and we can learn from that."

The group helped local animal rescue groups to spay and neuter the dogs so that the stray population would hopefully be decreased.

The group learned how dogs communicate and how to communicate with other dogs.

"There was one capture we were doing when we had one dog and he then communicated to his pack.

Within seconds, four dogs came towards us from out of the jungle. It was scary but we learned from it.

Each dog is a puzzle and it’s about finding out about each dog. A lot of it is understanding dog behavior. We don’t always understand how they communicate."

So now that they've gotten some serious hands on experience they can all go back to their respective lives and dog boutiques and train and teach how to train dogs more effectively.

Seems like everyone wins in this situation.

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