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Alligator Snacks On Trainer's Arm For Lunch

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Another arm bites the dust…

A trainer in Cleveland found himself on the wrong end of an alligator's next meal.

For some reason, these kind of attacks seem to continue EVERY YEAR!

Someone needs to send a memo that sticking your body near gators equals very very VERY bad ouchies!!!


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Quick Tip Of The Day

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Making sure your puppy stays in tip-top shape mentally as well as physically can be challenging.

Luckily, Dr. Patrick and his training friends are here to help!

Greg Kleva, host of It's a Dog's Life and Bark Busters Grand Master trainer says the following on keeping your pooch stimulated:

Reduce your puppy’s boredom by providing plenty of mental stimulation.

Simple training exercises and education is very tiring for a puppy’s brain. Make games out of training … keep session short and light, but test your puppy to think, think, think.

Try ‘Follow the Leader’ exercises (to reinforce following/walking/heel), 'Hide-n-Seek' (to reinforce coming when called), and 'Sit/Stay' at feeding time.

Be consistent, calm, and never use physical means to correct your dog.

To learn more from Greg Kleva, visit his website, HERE!

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Pet Expert Helps Wild Street Dogs Down In Mexico

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Several volunteers and a celebrity dog trainer, Brad Pattinson, were down in Cancun, but not on vacation.

They were looking for feral dogs, wild dogs who live their entire lives on the streets.

They are helping these wild dogs as well as learning to be better trainers themselves.

"The whole part of it was dealing with feral dogs in natural settings.

We were watching things with our eyes at real speed with these fast, wild dogs so now with domesticated dogs, we can see things are slower compared to feral dogs and we can learn from that."

The group helped local animal rescue groups to spay and neuter the dogs so that the stray population would hopefully be decreased.

The group learned how dogs communicate and how to communicate with other dogs.

"There was one capture we were doing when we had one dog and he then communicated to his pack.

Within seconds, four dogs came towards us from out of the jungle. It was scary but we learned from it.

Each dog is a puzzle and it’s about finding out about each dog. A lot of it is understanding dog behavior. We don’t always understand how they communicate."

So now that they've gotten some serious hands on experience they can all go back to their respective lives and dog boutiques and train and teach how to train dogs more effectively.

Seems like everyone wins in this situation.

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Inspiring Service Dogs

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This video is in honor of International Assistance Dog Week (August 7–13).

The IADW website says the week was created to recognize all the devoted, hardworking assistance dogs helping individuals mitigate their disability related limitations. The goals are to:

* Recognize and honor assistance dogs
* Raise awareness and educate the public about assistance dogs
* Honor puppy raisers and trainers
* Recognize heroic deeds performed by assistance dogs in our communities

The above video was posted on care2.com and tells the story of a service dog's life from the moment it was born. SO SWEET!!

CLICK HERE for more info on International Assistance Dog Week!

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EXCLUSIVE! Summer Safety Tips

Filed under: Exclusives!PetsTips

TeddyHilton.com's expert trainer Nikki Moustaki wants to help your pet be happy and healthy this summer.

The darling Nikki and her dog Pearl gives us a few tips for playing outside with your furry friend outside during this hotass summer weather.

1. ALWAYS have clean water for your dog.

2. Wet dog food is great for hydration cause it's 80-95% water - crazzy, right??

3. Dogs LOVE playing with ice cubes - it'll help keep'em cool and might make for a cute viral video!

4. When you're dog looks tired GIVE IT A REST.

To keep your dog in the sun and outa the vet's office check out this video for more tips!

P.S. - Learn more about our Nikki our expert trainer @ NikkiMoustaki.com! OR tweet her your questions at @petpostproject!

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Pet Q&A With Dr. Patrick Mahaney

Filed under: HealthLabradoodleTipsDr. Patrick Mahaney

Pet Q&A With Dr. Patrick Mahaney

Teddy's celeb vet Dr. Patrick Mahaney has some advice Teddy reader, Kristen, who asks:

"My doodles name is Stella, aka "Beast" - Shes so big and shes still a puppy, about to be 3 yrs old in September, When she gets excited she jumps and jumps high! How can we get her to stop, especially when we have young kids for neighbors?

Also, she has a constant craving for bread and butter, or other things on the counter, they are easy access for her, any advice there?!?!

Last one, she seems to dislike swimming/water… anyways we can get her used to it?!"

Dr. Patrick's answer:

As "doodles" (Golden-, Labra-, etc) are energetic and medium to large sized pooches, we have to be extra vigilant in working on their less than ideal behaviors to promote a peaceful and safe household.

As I am not a dog trainer (I am a dog, after all), it is best that you pursue some real-time guidance from a reliable trainer in your area. Perhaps you know of neighboring dog owners that have needed some help with unruly pooches. I'd also contact Stella's breeder for a specific suggestion of a trainer that has helped Stella's cousins in the past.

As for the jumping, turn your back on Stella's attempts to jump and ignore her (for just a short time, until she calms down). If you don't give Stella the attention she craves, she will be less inclined to jump up in the first place.

Regarding her tendency to counter surf, she can potentially cause herself life threatening illness from dietary indiscretion (eating things she should not), so make sure no one in your household leaves anything tasty up on the counter. If she has a place where she likes to spend time (her crate, dog bed, etc), then reward her with praise and (maybe) a dog or other healthy food treat for sitting/staying calmly in that spot.

Since behavior problems can ultimately manifest as physical health problems, it is best to be vigilant in resolving them. Consistency is the key, so often YOU need to be trained as to how to best deal with Stella's behaviors on a day to day basis.

Do U need pet advice? Click HERE to tweet your question for Dr. Patrick Mahaney!

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EXCLUSIVE! Everything You Need To Know About Doggie Adoption

Filed under: PuppyDogRescueTips

Thinking bout getting a pet??

Well, first of all U HAVE TO RESCUE!! There are A TON of great dogs that need a home at your local shelter.

TeddyHilton.com's expert trainer Nikki Moustaki has some super fab advice for those looking to rescue a new furry family member!

Nikki's steps to adoption:

1. Make a list of the things your looking for in a dog (size, coat, breed, age).
2. Go to the shelter and stick to your list.
3. Remember you can't save them all.
4. Read ALL the information about the dog.
5. Choose a few dogs and play with them, see how you get along.

BUT that's not all!

Check out the video to get all of Nikki's advice for adoption.

P.S. - Learn more about our Nikki our expert trainer @ NikkiMoustaki.com!

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