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World's Fastest Amphibious Car!

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Everyone, we'd like you to meet the Sea Lion.

Sea Lion, meet everyone.


Check it out — this car can transition into a speed boat IN SECONDS.

Not only that, but it's the fastest land-speed amphibious car. Meaning, it goes 125 mph on land and a whopping 60 mph in water — which is extremely fast and has earned it some records!


Watch the video (above) to see it in action!!

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Against Me! Singer Feels Like IS A Woman!

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Congratulations to Against Me! frontman Tom Gabel - soon to be Laura Jane Grace - who recently came out as transgender!

In the May 11 issue of Rolling Stone, Laura reveals her plans to begin the complex transition process from the male to female gender.

The hardest part for anyone revealing a major, life-changing ‘secret’ is the reaction of their loved ones, but fortunately for Laura, her wife Heather is an understanding pillar of support.

Like many questioning their sexual identities, Laura has dealt with

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Drew Barrymore Is Converting To Judaism For Her Fiance!


Wow! We guess she's serious about this one!

Drew Barrymore is apparently planning on converting to Judaism for her fiance, Will Kopelman, when the pair are married later this year - and has even reached out to former co-star Adam Sandler for guidance during the transition!

A source explains:

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Arrested Development Is OFFICIALLY BACK!

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new season of arrested development to air on netflix


We can't believe it, but it's finally happening!

Netflix has officially bought the rights to air the new season of Arrested Development, which will be 9-10 episodes that bridge that gap between the original series and the upcoming film, and they will debut exclusively to subscribers in early 2013!

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The Dangers Of Developing An Eating Disorder

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We sincerely hope that none of our readers are suffering from an eating disorder, however the sad fact remains that they are on the rise in America!

Celebrity nutritionist and FitPerez correspondent Lisa DeFazio reminds us that sparking one is easier than people think!

College students are especially at risk because change or transition in our lives has shown to trigger a disorder.

Watch the video above to learn about the health risks associated with easting disorders such as anorexia or bulimia, as well as signs that you or someone you know may be in danger of developing one!

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Chezza Forced By Fox To Shoot More Scenes As X Factor Judge!


Oh boy. This is going to be uncomfy.

Although Cheryl Cole was unceremoniously fired from her position as a judge on the American edition of The X Factor, network bosses are forcing her to come back to film new material - and she's NOT pleased!

Apparently, as part of her agreement to get paid in full for the job, despite only filming four episodes, she needs to return to the show to film scenes that will transition between her exit and Nicole Scherzinger taking her place!

A source explains:

“She made no secret of the fact that she does not want to go – and agreed only because TV channel Fox bosses gave her no option. She left it until the last possible day to collect her visa because she didn’t want to be spotted. Her visa has been sponsored by Fox television so there is no doubt that’s why she is going back. They need her to film some scenes in order to make her brief appearance on the panel make sense to the viewers. She really isn’t happy about it.”

Yeah! We wouldn't be either!

Especially because pretty much EVERYONE is aware of what went down behind the scenes, and it's going to look VERY silly to try and make it look as though any part of this clusterfuck was amicable!

Oh well! The 'magic' of television at its finest! LOLz!

Hang in there, Chezza!

[Image via WENN.]

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Paris' Second Album Is Going To Be House Music!

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Oh man.

Guess this explains why this has taken so long coming out!

Paris Hilton recently opened up about her upcoming album, and revealed that she recently started transitioning its initial sound from pop music to more of a house aesthetic!

She explains:

“I have a recording studio in my house so any time I have free time I’m writing and working [on new music]. I’ve been working on this album for a really long time because I want it to be perfect. I recently changed the direction of the album. It was more pop before but now I’m getting rid of a lot of songs and going into a different direction with house music, so it will be a lot more dance and club.”

Inneresting! We're definitely curious to hear something from her more in this vein!

Way to challenge yourself, gurl!

But hurry it up! People have been waiting a long time to hear this new material!

What do U think?? Do U want to hear new music from Paris?

[Image via WENN.]

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