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David Beckham Spotted Out With His Hog In The Wild Once Again

david beckham hog beverly hills again

We will never ever ever get tired of looking at David Beckham straddling things, especially cool and dangerous modes of transportation!

Hellz yeah we're talking about David on his motorcycle again!

He was spotted on his customized Super Vintage 93 Knuckle hog in Beverly Hills — his hair in the wind (the parts NOT under the helmet, we guess), just letting the world slip by!

Sounds romantic, and we could use a lift… in our PANTS!


[Image via Stoianov/FameFlynet Pictures.]

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T.I. Sent Back To Prison Because Of Massive Tour Bus!

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ti back to prison due to massive tour bus

Apparently it's important to be honest with prison officials! Who knew!

Earlier this morning, we were disappointed to hear that T.I. was back in federal custody due to confusion surrounding the method of transportation he took to his halfway house.

We weren't 100% sure what the issue was, but now we're hearing that T.I. wasn't upfront when telling prison officials how he'd be traveling to the halfway house from prison.

He told them he'd be taking "some sort of van," and never informed them that he'd ACTUALLY be getting transported on a massive tour bus with a 4-car motorcade!

The prison officials did NOT appreciate his deception, and they had U.S. Marshals take him back to prison from the halfway house, EVEN THOUGH the head of the house tried to argue with them and said it was ridiculous for them to send him back! Wowsa!

Hopefully an apology, and perhaps a fine, will do the trick here. It would be a shame if T.I. had to do more time over this!

Then again, he should have known better. He had JUST gotten out of prison!

What do U think? Is T.I.'s newest crime prison-worthy?? Do U even consider it to be a crime???

[Image via AP Images.]

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Snakes Rats On A Plane!

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rats on a plane

If you aren't afraid of flying already, this might get cha!

A flight crew checking the cabin of a Qantas (Australian) plane before takeoff found RATS in a compartment filled with medical equipment, Thursday.

Because of the rats the plane was grounded for more than a day.

A Qantas spokeswoman called the incident "very unusual," adding, "This is a very irregular occurrence."

But the Transportation Workers Union disagree. They told Australian radio on Thursday that members have had concerns about hygiene and sanitation on Qantas flights.


If you're flying to Australia we suggest you fly Oceanic Airline. (hehe.)

[Image via WENN.]

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Alejandro Sanz Takes Dog For A Spin

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Alejondro Sanz takes dog for a ride on motorcycle

We do not recommend this.

Grammy-winning Spanish singer Alejandro Sanz took a ride on a his Harley-Davidson motorcycle last night WITH his dog.

He cruised through Miami with his bundled up pooch nestled safely comfortably in front of him on a dog cushion.

Motorcycles aren't exactly the safest method of transportation to begin with, we don't think driving with a canine companion makes them any safer.

But hey, at least Sanz strapped a pair of goggles to his pooch to keep the wind out of his eyes!

[Image via Mavrix Online.]

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'Sober Friend' Ad Encourages Montana Residents To Ride Horses Drunk

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This might fly in Montana, but we don't recommend it anywhere else.

This Montana Department of Transportation ad features a man getting a ride home after a night of drinking from his "sober friend" who also happens to be a horse.

While the anti-drunk driving commercial is intended as a metaphor to encourage drinkers to get a ride home, it is being taken literally by some horse enthusiats.

Police Chief Troy McGee says he's received many calls from Montana residents wanting to know if riding a horse while under the influence is legal and McGee says it is!

Montana law carefully defines a vehicle, and excludes those running under animal power.

That's actually a huge surprise to us.

Sure, horses are pretty smart and probably know what they're doing, but a person still needs to be able to SIT UP on its back.

We don't recommend taking a chance falling off a horse and risking a life threatening injury, not to mention injuring the horse.

What do U think?

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NYC Pet Taxis!

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Pet Taxi in NYC

Thanks to New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission's policy for drivers to allow pets in the vehicles at their own discretion, arranging a ride for you AND your furry friend may be hard.

Luckily, a few small companies have emerged to pick up the slack!

Pet Taxi, which has been carting around pets and their human counterparts for 15 years, can arrange a ride in an hour's notice and rates start at $30 for 30 Manhattan blocks.

May seem pricey, but pet parents pay for customer service, satisfaction and the companies own Pet Protection & Privilege motto, which is a solemn guarantee aimed to “release the burden of worry and let you feel at ease that your pet is always safe.”

If that's too pricey, check out K-9 Cars (k9car.com), which offers rides for $25 and along with Pet Chauffeur (petride.com), offers added amenities such as clean and well-ventilated crates, doggie seat belts that allow freedom of movement and online booking.

Upper East Sider Karrie Wright has been a longtime user of Pet Taxi because cabs wouldn't take her dogs and speaks highly of the company saying, “They always show up on time and are very loving."

If Teddy ever makes a trip to New York City, we'll be taking a ride in a Pet Taxi too!

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