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Miley Cyrus Wants Bieber Fans To STOP Cutting Themselves!!

After Justin Bieber got caught with a joint last week, a hashtag that reads #cut4bieber has turned into a HUGE trend on Twitter.

But, that's not even the worse part! Fans have also allegedly been posting pics of themselves with gashes in the arms!! Terrible!

However, with this ever-growing, unbelievably CRAY movement going on, Miley Cyrus is speaking up and telling fans to stop it! She retweeted the following tweet:

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The Oxford Dictionary Gets Vajazzled


If only this had come up on our high school vocab tests!

The Oxford Dictionary has officially added "vajazzle"to the big book of words.

The official definition is:

"vajazzle, v.: adorn the pubic area (of a woman) with crystals, glitter, or other decoration."

Come on, Oxford! The technical term is clitter. Duh.

Now that sparkly vaginas have earned themselves a spot in the dictionary, it only makes sense that penazzling would be next, right?

[Image via Daniel Deme/WENN.]

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The NEW Planking! Introducing…BATMANNING!

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And it is absolutely CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

Seriously, if you haven't yet heard of the hot new planking-inspired trend, check out this incredible compilation of Batmanning, from the Linsbrothers of YouTube (above)!

As you will soon see, it very much does its name justice!

Excuse us if we REFRAIN from partaking ourselves, though!

Looks a bit DANGEROUS!

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Teens Using A/C Units To Get HIGH



Teenagers who want to get high as the sky are turning to potentially deadly sources to get their fix, and it's not where most parents would expect.

It's called 'huffing freon' where teenagers inhale gas from air conditioning units.

The sensation apparently causes a euphoric feeling that is similar to alcohol. Unlike booze, however, huffing a/c gas can freeze one's lungs or cause brain damage.

The act can also be fatal evident in a teenager's death last November and two deaths in 2009.

Over 2,000 teenagers have been admitted to the hospital because of inhaling the freon gas.

Here's what one mom said:

"Huffing is a game of Russian roulette. Don’t ever consider doing it because that five seconds of high that you get when you do it, it isn’t worth dying over.”

C'mon kids.

Don't be a dope and choke on this kind of smoke.

All you gotta do is wait until you're 21 and then you'll have a lot of fun! (responsibly of course!)

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Britney Spears Grants Cancer Patient Twitter Wish!

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B Spears Cancer

Britney Spears is the pop princess of perfection…

…and this just goes to prove it!

Ryan Kennedy is a little 9 year old boy who is bravely battling brain cancer. Being totally rad and sweet and adorable, Brit decided to take to Twitter to make one of his wishes come true — to trend on the website!

Britney, of course, has a MASSIVE following on Twitter, so she tweeted this:

"There's this sweet boy who is battling cancer, and his biggest wish is to trend on Twitter. Let's make it happen! #ryankennedy"

Even with 16 million followers, though, this might not be enough… so let's all join Britney in making Ryan Kennedy's dream come true!

Log on to Twitter and tweet: #ryankennedy !

We can do it!

[Image via WENN.]

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Teens Are Getting WASTED Off Hand Sanitizer

Ah, the folly of youth.

Teenagers have been to known to go to EXTREME lengths to get that buzz going on.

NyQuil. Cough medicine.

Now those ever resourceful darn kids have taken to a new method to get drunk and it's grosser then ever!

Plus it's dangerous.

Six young people have ended up in a Southern California hospital room with alcohol poisoning after chugging, get this, hand sanitizer!

Move on over cinnamon challenge - a new competitor is in town!

But seriously folks, drinking hand sanitizer is similar to taking a shot of hard liquor. The only difference is that hand sanitizer is incredibly MORE dangerous and even life threatening.

There's only one part of your body hand sanitizer should be used for and we'll give you a hint - it's not your mouth!!!

Drinking hand sanitizer is definitely not sanitary!!!

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We Still Love A Good Hairbow

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Sure, Lady GaGa made the hairbow famous 3 years ago, but we can't deny our love for it.

Models Sarah Morrissey (above) and Thalia Hefernan (below) posed with a perfectly-shaped hairbow for Louise Kennedy's Spring/Summer 2012 collection at her flagship boutique in Dublin, Ireland.

It's like receiving a pretty wrapped gift! And it's not even our birthdays!

Look below for more bow-tiful pics!

[Image via WENN.]

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