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Olivia Wilde Rocks Cover Of Women’s Health

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Olivia Wilde Rocks Cover Of Women’s Health

Olivia Wilde is looking all kinds of SEKSI on the January cover of Women’s Health!

In an interview, the Tron star talked about the new movie, maintaining her figure, and what her husband thinks when she does on-screen love scenes:

On getting into shape for Tron:
“I worked with a personal trainer, so I did about an hour of cardio five or six days a week, weight training three times a week, mixed martial arts/fighting three times a week, and that’s a lot more than my normal [routine]!”
On her character, Quorra:
“The great thing about playing a strong female character is that I feel like I’ve created someone for little girls to look up to.”
On balancing life with maintaining her figure:
“Striving for physical perfection takes a lot of energy. For me it’s important to come home from work, cook a meal with my husband, and spend the afternoon reading a book, instead of always running around.”
On her husband’s thoughts on her love scenes:
”I think he likes it…It’s a turn-on that I get to do these things. The confidence that comes along with doing well only makes you more desirable.”

Ha. Love her.

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TRON Inspires Combat Workout

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TRON Inspires Combat Workout

It’s called “Tronjitsu,” and it was created by combining Parkour and Capoeira by Troy Dureh, a celebrity fitness trainer.

The workout aims to boost cardiovascular fitness through an intense 60-minutes workout, and it’s all done to the music of Daft Punk's Derezzed, which is on the TRON: Evolution game.

This sounds awesome! You can check it out weekly at Gymbox's Bank studio until January.

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Elijah Wood To Star In Animated Hobbit Tron TV Series!

animated tron series starring elijah wood coming up

Tron-Mania continues with Disney's announcement that they'll be creating an animated Tron series for channel Disney XD in 2012!

Tron: Uprising will debut in the summer of 2012, and will feature an inneresting cast of voices, including Elijah Wood, Mandy Moore, Pee Wee Herman Paul Reubens, Bruce Boxleitner, Lance Henriksen, and Emmanuelle Chriqui.

Elijah Wood will play Beck, the main character "who leads a revolution inside the Grid's computer world."

Looks like Disney's got some seriously ambitious plans for the Tron franchise!

We'll be very curious to see how Tron-mania holds up when the film, Tron: Legacy, is released next month.

Are U excited to see Elijah Wood enter the Tron world? Or would U prefer to see him kicking it in Middle Earth?

[Images via WENN & DISNEY.]

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Completely Gratuitous

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Tron hottie Garrett Hedlund posed with his action figure at Disney's Tron: Legacy booth at Comic-Con this weekend.

And it's almost as cute as he is!


[Image via Getty Images.]

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Trailer For Tron: Legacy Is Here!

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This looks so effing rad! We can't wait!

Check out the just-released trailer for Tron: Legacy, the sequel to 1982's Tron!

Look at how they've digitally de-aged Jeff Bridges to his 35 year old self! It's unreal!

Not to mention the action scenes look crazy and the new lead, Garrett Hedlund, is SMOKING HAWT!

Yes, yes, and YES!

What do U think?? Will U go see Tron: Legacy?!

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Tron May Be Getting A Second Sequel!

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They must really be confident in this one!

Although Tron Legacy - the long-awaited sequel to 1982's sci-fi hit Tron - isn't released until December, Disney is already prepping production for a third feature!

Sources claim that producers have re-enlisted Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis - who wrote the latest installment - to make the franchise into a trilogy, and the two are already hard at work breaking the next story!

If the previews are any testament to the quality of Legacy, then we're sure a third film will have no issues getting greenlit! It looks AWESOME!

What do U think?? Are U excited for a Tron trilogy??

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