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Britney Spears Reveals That The Best Way To Get Over A Break Up Is To Find "Another Guy Really Quick!"

Britney Spears laughing advice on breakup

The wise words of Britney Spears never, ever seem to fail!

However, when the singer was asked by a fan what the best way to survive a breakup is, Brit-Brit gave the girl a pretty scandalous answer!!

She said:

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Jennifer Lawrence Having "Trust" Issues Over BF Nicholas Hoult Working With Kristen Stewart?!

Jennifer Lawrence Hugging Kristen Stewart

Honestly, we're both surprised and not surprised at this news!

Jennifer Lawrence is madly in love with her adorable boyf, Nicholas Hoult, and with rumors that the two were engaged (sadly, they're not, but we're still hoping!) there's no doubt in our minds that there won't be ANY cheating scandals in their future!

However, the Hunger Games actress has supposedly become worried about her relationship because her boyfriend will be working with another young starlet, Miz Kristen Stewart!

Nick and the Twilight actress will be working on the upcoming sci-fi film Equals, and sources are reporting that JLaw ain't too thrilled about it!

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Faith Hill & Tim McGraw Speak Out Against Those Pesky Divorce Rumors! Find Out The Truth HERE!!

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Faith Hill & Tim McGraw are NOT splitting up

Phhhewwwww! Thank gosh these aren't true!!

Faith Hill & Tim McGraw have been battling some nasty divorce rumors lately, like the one that accuses Taylor Swift of getting in between them, but it seems there is absolutely no truth to these whisperings!

Faith recently spoke out against the divorce rumblings saying her and hubby Tim are "absolutely not" splitting up!

She elaborated:

"[The rumors] seem to be running like crazy right now for some reason. It's perplexing. I don't know why 'happy' can't be a story."

Happy DOES seem to be your story, though!

The pair have been married for 17 years, have three kids together, and are ALWAYS adorable when they appear at anything together!

Keep on ignoring those rumors and doing your thing, you two!!

[Image via Judy Eddy/WENN.]

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Ariana Grande Defends Miley Cyrus & Justin Bieber!!! See The SHOCKING Vid HERE!

ariana grande defends justin bieber miiley cyrus insight video watch here


Wait, aren't we the press?


Ariana Grande recently dished out huge heaps of cold, hard Miley Cyrus truth (again) and we love it!

Srsly, her AH-Mazingly articulate and perceptive point of view will blow your mind!!

Ariana talks about the Biebs, too! She thinks Justin Bieber is being unfairly criticized for banging South American hookers and peeing in buckets and whatnot, so she's suggesting everyone back the eff off!!

Ch-ch-check out her AMAZEBALLZ interview…AFTER THE JUMP!!!

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Chris Brown Might Be Claiming Innocence In Alleged Assault! Didn't Punch OR Use Gay Slur?!

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chris brown claiming innocence in assault case

Is this another case of someone supposedly wanting to set Chris Brown up??

Well, if you ask Breezy then it probably is exactly that.

Chris was reportedly arrested this weekend for an alleged assault matter that supposedly involved him punching another man when he photobombed Breezy. The singer also allegedly flung out a gay slur during the incident.

But some are claiming that isn't exactly the case. A source close to Chris has commented:

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Cher Tweets SexXXxy Picture Of Herself To Followers Alongside Hilarious Message! Check It Out HERE!

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Cher tweets sexy picture of herself to followers

Someone looks DAMN good for 67 years old!!

The timeless diva known as Cher tweeted this sexy picture of herself to followers last night and our mouths are still stuck open!

Seriously, DAMN gurl! What is your secret!?! We hope we look this good at 67!

Cher being, well…Cher posted the picture alongside possibly the most nonchalant tweet ever:

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Jon Hamm Reveals The Truth Behind His Big, Hairy Beard!

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jon hamm new beard explained

It's about time someone got to the bottom of what's growing on Jon Hamm's manly face!

And while it's clearly an equally as manly beard, why is it there??

The usually clean cut Mad Men star revealed the deep, dark truth about why he's slowly starting to look like a lumberjack:

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