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Haylie Duff Is Getting Her Very Own Cooking TV Show! Get All The Tasty Deets HERE!

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haylie duff getting her very own cooking show on tv

Did you know that Haylie Duff is quite a wiz in the kitchen?

Well you should, because she only has her very own food blog and even wrote a cookbook last year! But she didn't stop there, as she also had her own series called Real Girl's Kitchen on the web-based channel Ora TV!

According to this fab news, she's taking the next logical step and will be making the move to the Cooking Channel as she JUST signed a deal for a

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Amy's Baking Company Getting Deported!! Find Out The Deets HERE!

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amys baking company samy bouzaglo deported morocco past crimes

Holy shizz! How can this be??

Of all the power couples in the world, we'd never imagine Amy and Samy Bouzaglo getting split up — and NOT due to Samy getting deported!!

As co-owners of the infamous Amy's Baking Company from Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares, the two have had to fight with social media being on their asses over little things like 'not giving their wait staff tips' or being 'abusive.' Little did they know that Samy, a native Moroccan, was facing deportation due to a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement case to revoke his residency status!

And guess what? Samy has now reportedly been

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Lauren Conrad Doesn't Follow Her Own Diet Advice 'Cause It's Thanksgiving!

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Lauren Conrad doesn't follow her own Thanksgiving dinner advice!

Lauren Conrad has her own website that is totally full of advice.

Who wouldn't want life tips from someone who's been on her own TV show, is a fashion designer and author??

So, nervous about all the crazy amounts of food that will be around this Thanksgiving??

Wanna look as good as Lauren does??

Then do as she says… not

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Jerry O'Connell's Secret Sandwich Looks Delicious

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jerry oconnell secret sandwich set pics

Have you ever wondered how actors eat when they're on set??

Usually they get breaks and can hit up the craft services table and get snacks/meals throughout the day! Apparently for Jerry O'Connell, though, that's not efficient enough — and he's hungry NOW!

So what does he do? He keeps a hidden sandwich in the back seat of his TV show car! He was filming We Are Men in Hollywood when the camera caught him taking a bite!

UGH, and now we're hungry! Where can we hide a delicious sandwich around here??


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Michael J. Fox Is NOT Afraid Of Parkinsons, Uses His Show To Prove It To The World!

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michael j fox show parkinsons work health topic

Michael J. Fox doesn't really need to prove anything to anyone, but what better way than a new TV series to show the world what Parkinsons is about, and that it isn't something that can keep you down!

MJF's last TV show was more than a decade ago, and his new show, The Michael J. Fox Show, has him happier than ever to be working again — especially because it hits so close to home. The premise is that a local Manhattan television anchor returns to work after five years at home with his family because he's diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.

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Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares Blamed For Another Restaurant Closing!

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gordon ramsay kitchen nightmares chappy restaurant closed show food sad

A few months ago, we told you the story about Chappy's On Church in Nashville, and how it was featured on Gordon Ramsay's can't-look-away TV show Kitchen Nightmares. You know, the story about how the owner blames Gordon for destroying his business?

Well that restaurant is now officially closed — and the owner STILL blames Gordon for it!

Chappy announced on his Facebook page that he was forced to

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Gordon Ramsay Accused Of Destroying A Restaurant In Actual Kitchen Nightmare!

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Kitchen Nightmares is one of those shows where it's really REALLY hard to look away, even though you don't want to imagine restaurants being as awful as that! Well, in at least one case, the owner of the "nightmare" kitchen is actually blaming Gordon Ramsay for destroying is business, and turning the whole thing into a real kitchen nightmare!

Apparently Ramsay almost wrecked his business instead of turning it around!

Here's what the owner said:

“It was truly a kitchen nightmare for me. Gordon Ramsay destroyed my business. It was a confrontation from the get-go.”

According to the owner, when Ramsay "made-over" the business — including the restaurant itself, and the menus — he didn't grasp the concept of the flair and food-style the whole place had been going for!

And now he's PISSED!

UPDATE: A rep from Kitchen Nightmares responded EXCLUSIVELY to Perezhilton and admitted:

"The mission of Kitchen Nightmares is to help struggling restaurants succeed. Gordon Ramsay is the owner of 27 restaurants and holds 11 Michelin stars. He is eminently qualified to offer solutions and tools to help turn failing restaurants around. In every case, restaurant owners choose to participate in Kitchen Nightmares to receive the benefit of Gordon Ramsay's expertise. In the case of Chappy's, a fledgling restaurant in Nashville, Gordon suggested extensive revisions to the menu, updated the décor and offered his expertise and advice to the management and staff. It was their decision — as it is with all participating restaurants on the show — whether to take his advice. Mr. Ramsay and the show producers always wish the participating restaurant owners much success."

[Image via WENN.]

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