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NFL's Darnell Dockett Tweets Racist Shizz, Then Refuses To Apologize For It!

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darnell dockett racist tweets

Not everyone understands that saying racist things, even as jokes, is still awfulsauce — which blows our minds in this day and age, especially with Twitter!

NFL's Darnell Dockett, an Arizona defensive end, tweeted out an awful joke (as in it was both racist AND sucked!) and now totally refuses to apologize for it!

Let's all go down the rabbit hole! His original racist tweet said:

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Carrie Underwood Wasn't Sound Of Music's 1st Pick?! The Original Von Trapps Wanted A DIFFERENT Actress!

Carrie Underwood Anne Hathaway isnt fair

Uh oh! Maybe they SHOULD have given them what they wanted!

Last night's broadcast of the Sound of Music LIVE was met with mixed reviews, Carrie Underwood's vocals were AH-MAZE but her acting was…not. (Just take a look at the live tweets from last night!)

However, it's coming to light that the original von Trapp family was NOT on board with Carrie's casting as Maria! In fact they wanted someone COMPLETELY different to play the role!

According to Myles von Trapp Derbyshire, who is the great grandson of the OG Maria von Trapp, the family wanted none other than Miz Anne Hathaway to play the role!


The 28 year-old New-Yorker said:

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Sound of Music LIVE! stillsSound of Music LIVE! stillsSound of Music LIVE! stillsSound of Music LIVE! stillsSound of Music LIVE! stillsSound of Music LIVE! stills

Anna Kendrick, Cameron Diaz, Zach Braff & Other Celebs Live Tweet NBC's Sound Of Music!!

Sound of Music LIVE!

Unless you live under a rock, you know that last night was THE night to be glued in front of your TV watching the Sound Of Music three-hour LIVE broadcast on NBC starring Carrie Underwood, Stephen Moyer, & Audra McDonald!

The show had it's ups, (Carrie's singing/Audra in general), and downs, (Carrie's acting!!!), but overall it was truly an experience to watch..

Which is why most celebs were addicted to their TV's and turned to, where else but Twitter to express their thoughts about the broadcast!

Rob Lowe, Cameron Diaz, Zach Braff, Miranda Lambert, Anna Kendrick, and many others expressed their opinions and there were some good, some bad, and some GOLDEN tweets last night.

Here's a look back at some of the best #livetweets from last night:

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Sound of Music LIVE!Sound of Music LIVE!Sound of Music LIVE!Sound of Music LIVE!Sound of Music LIVE!Sound of Music LIVE!

Paris Hilton Slams Twitter Hoaxer Who Used Her Name To Disrespect Nelson Mandela

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This is soooo extremely messed up!

While the rest of the world was mourning the loss of one of its greatest humans, one mischievous Twitter account was up to no good!

Certain folks (who shall not be named) concocted a fake tweet, made it look like it came from Paris Hilton's account, and then spread it around the internet claiming she had posted the message and then quickly deleted it!

The worst part? The fake tweet was mocking Nelson Mandela!!!

Yeah, that very same South African hero that died today!


Paris was apparently on a plane when the hoaxers struck, but she quickly tweeted out an angry message as soon as she landed.

Hear are her ACTUAL tweets:

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GMA's Sam Champion's Buff Beach Honeymoon Is Going Swimmingly!

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sam champion honeymoon brazil

Happiness is pouring out of Brazil right now, as weather anchor of Good Morning America Sam Champion loves the married life with his husband Rubem Robeirb at Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro!

Sam's body is ridiculously buff, and he has no problem showing it off during his long-awaited honeymoon after getting married on December 21, 2012.

Here's what he said on Twitter before tweeting the pic (above):

“Thanks for ur tweets!! Honeymoon is perfect!"

Sounds like fun, you guys!!

Oh, and if you're wondering — Rubem is a fine arts photographer, and the greatest sculpture he's ever photographed HAS to be Sam's bod!


[Image via AKM-GSI, Inset via Twitter.]

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Celebrities Stuck At LAX During & After Shooting! Find Out Who Was Stranded HERE!

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The scary shootout that began around 9:20 PST this morning caused some major backups and delays at the airport while law enforcement authorities investigated the incident!

So much so, that nearly six hours after a gunman opened fire in Terminal 3, many passengers were still on lockdown at the airport.

Luckily, we had a bevy of celebrities giving us a full update via Twitter of the crime scene.

Bachelor host, Chris Harrison supplied us with play-by-play as he was stuck:

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