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Legendary Director David Lynch Announces Twin Peaks Blu-Ray, Then Crushes Dreams Of A Comeback

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david lynch squashes twin peaks remake rumors instagram video watch here blu ray edition

The ghost of Laura Palmer ain't gonna be happy about this!

David Lynch recently participated in a Q&A after a documentary screening and suffice to say the legendary storyteller hit us with a few unexpected plot twists!

If you're anything like us, you were delighted by the rumor swirling about that his oddly compelling '90s TV show Twin Peaks might be making a comeback! Unfortunately, David blasted his fans with some horrible news during the aforementioned Q&A.

He confessed:

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Twin Peaks' Mysterious Casting Call Deets Spilled! Is David Lynch Bringing The Cult Classic Drama Back To TV?!

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twin peaks coffee spill

This is some damn fine coffee, some damn fine cherry pie, and some damn fine news, if it’s true!

Fans of the 1990s drama series Twin Peaks might get the conclusion they’ve been pining for, nearly 25 years after the show was abruptly canceled!

It looks like director David Lynch could soon bring back the cult-favorite, based on a recent casting call that suggests new footage is about to be shot!

The production posting reads:

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Lara Flynn Boyle Steps Out In The Sunshine Looking … Different? See Her Emergence HERE!

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lara flynn boyle appears again january 2013

Well hello again, Lara Flynn Boyle!

After taking somewhat of a public hiatus, the Hansel & Gretel, Get Baked and Twin Peaks star re-emerged at El Lay's Coldwater Park this week.

But for someone who enjoyed so much fame back in the 90s, she's looking awfully shy these days with shades and a cap covering her face up so much!

The 42-year-old actress has been under scrutiny in years past for what seems to be obvious plastic surgery results with her lips and face.

She shouldn't really care about all that though, should she?? Just live your life, LFB!! What's done is done… go take a ride on those swings more often! ;)

But you might want to fix your shirt first! Just a friendly tip!

[Image via Limelight.]

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Twin Peaks Season 3 Is Being Rumored!!!

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If you haven't seen the original Twin Peaks, we have to break up! We're sorry, but that's the way it is! Don't make a scene!


Twin Peaks is one of the BEST shows, regardless of having been canceled just two seasons into the series… which was a cray decision! We mean, why wouldn't the network want to keep a David Lynch show around?? It's too delightfully weird not to, even if it wasn't getting the best ratings!

In a new issue of Sci-Fi Now magazine, Mark Frost (the co-creator) says the show

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American Horror Story Kills With Ratings!

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American Horror Story Ghost Sex Redhead Maid

The much anticipated series premiere of American Horror Story did NOT disappoint!

There were so many twists and turns! So many

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Hooters Files Lawsuit Against Another Booby-Themed Restaurant

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There can only be one!

Hooters, a restaurant famous for hiring hot chicks to serve chicken wings, is suing a rival restaurant, Twin Peaks, for hiring hot chicks to serve chicken wings.

The "delightfully tacky yet unrefined" restaurant chain has filed a lawsuit in Georgia federal court this week accusing La Cima, the company behind Twin Peaks, and a former Hooters executive of stealing trade secrets.

The suit claims former Hooters vice president Joseph Hummel quit in July to join the Twin Peaks team, but took “sensitive business information” with him.

He allegedly downloaded and emailed a “substantial volume” of Hooters documents, including plans related to management, recruitment, distribution and sales.

However, it sounds like Hooters is mostly concerned with the threat of increased competition.

Twin Peaks, which boasts "eats, drinks, and scenic views" while featuring women wearing flannel bikini-like tops paired with tan hiker shorts, only has 15 restaurants in 5 states compared to Hooters' 400 locations across the nation.

However, it sounds like Hooters may be concerned with the growing threat of competition.

La Cima has announced plans to open 35 Twin Peaks franchises throughout the Southeast over the next 10 years and, according the suit, that "directly competes with [Hooters] in the market of casual dining restaurants with an all female waitstaff.”

They argue their "iconic" Hooters Girls are the "cornerstone of the [Hooters] concept."

Joseph Hummel on the other hand, says Twin Peaks differentiates itself from Hooters because it “brings a different feel, a different makeup of food.”

Innerestingly enough, La Cima filed a lawsuit in 2009 against a restaurant in Arkansas called Northern Exposure for infringing on Twin Peaks’ “trade dress.”

[Image via WENN.]

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David Lynch Does Electro-Pop!

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Guess what David Lynch has been up to these days!

He's been cultivating his own blend of electronic pop.

The auteur behind such bizzaro masterpieces like Mulholland Dr (starring Justin Theroux) and Twin Peaks is venturing out into the music world with his first solo album — Crazy Clown Time.

With a little help from

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