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The Other Two Men Accused In The Ever-Growing Bryan Singer Sexual Assault Case Give THEIR Responses! See What They Said HERE!

bryan singers sexual assaults two other accused men make their response see what they said here

Bryan Singer's sexual assault accuser Michael Egan hasn't only accused the X-Men director, but three other Hollywood executives of underage sexual molestation including Gary Goddard, Garth Ancier and David Neuman.

Mr. Goddard has already made his statement through his lawyers, and now the other two have done the same.

David Neuman took to social media to make his case, and through a series of tweets, wrote:

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Lorde Postpones Her Upcoming Aussie Shows Until She's Back To "Gollum Girl Fitness!" Find Out What That Means For Fans HERE!

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a 560x0

Coachella must have wiped her out!

Lorde has been busily singing all over the world recently, but she’s been forced to put the mic down and step away from the stage.

The 17-year-old was supposed to play eight Australia shows, starting April 24th, but the docs told her to head back with her fellow Kiwis. Her promoter stated that she needed:

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Katie Holmes Celebrated Suri Cruise's Birthday With A Delicious Treat!

katie holmes celebrated suri cruises birthday with a delicious treat


That's what we (and the rest of the world) were thinking when Katie Holmes shared with the world the delicious cupcakes she had on Suri Cruise's BIG day!

Her birthday!

The mini-me daughter recently celebrated her 8th birthday on April 18th, and it seems like her momma made absolutely sure

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Ian Somerhalder Heating Things Up With His Rumored New Love Interest? Not So Fast! See How She Set The Record Straight HERE!

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ian somerhalder not dating rumored love interest

We were getting all sorts of giddy thinking about Ian Somerhalder finding a new lady love to keep him warm at night…

…but it looks like we all better calm down!

The lovely Miz Molly Swenson, who we thought might've captured our fave Vampire Diaries hunk's heart, is apparently not at all romantically involved with him!

Despite being friendly with Ian, these two are strictly friends…no benefits included! (Which kind of has us wondering what's the point. LOLz!)

She cleared up the rumors via Twitter by revealing there is actually another man, Randal Hark, who's got her heart:

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Ian SomerhalderIan SomerhalderIan SomerhalderIan SomerhalderIan SomerhalderIan Somerhalder

Is Justin Bieber Ready To Grow Up? Read His Twitter Declaration Of Maturity HERE!

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justin bieber tweets

You'd never know by his childish display at Drake Bell's album release party on Thursday…

But apparently Justin Bieber is ready to grow up—and he's telling Twitter all about it!

The great Bieberoni did a bunch of reflecting during yesterday's Easter holiday, and decided that he's ready for a change:

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Justin BieberJustin BieberJustin BieberJustin BieberJustin BieberJustin Bieber

Paul Walker’s Daughter Meadow Gets Official With Her Social Media To Stop Sick Impostors After Her Father's Death!

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paul walker daughter meadow walker official social media accounts

These days, it’s hard to keep track of which social media accounts belong to celebs and which are fakes!

Well, following Paul Walker’s tragic death, some unsavory people started impersonating his daughter, Meadow Walker, across all different social media platforms.

But not anymore!

On the actor’s official

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Lindsay Lohan Continues To Drop Some Mind-Blowing Bombs! She's Accusing THIS Super Successful Starlet Of "F*cking For Roles!" YIKES!

lindsay lohan calls jennifer lawrence fake

This is a SERIOUS accusation!

Lindsay Lohan told the world about her miscarriage, admitted that her sex list is 100% real, and now she's showing her true feelings about a certain MAJOR starlet.

None other than everyone's favorite, Miz Jennifer Lawrence!

In the interview for Kode Magazine, the mag that she's on the cover of, Lindsay dropped how she REALLY feels about J.Law and accused her of something pretty serious!

The article says:

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Lindsay Lohan calls Jennifer Lawrence fake & that she "fucks" for roles!Lindsay Lohan calls Jennifer Lawrence fake & that she "fucks" for roles!Lindsay Lohan calls Jennifer Lawrence fake & that she "fucks" for roles!Lindsay Lohan calls Jennifer Lawrence fake & that she "fucks" for roles!Lindsay Lohan calls Jennifer Lawrence fake & that she "fucks" for roles!Lindsay Lohan calls Jennifer Lawrence fake & that she "fucks" for roles!