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Holy Cow!! Who Moved My Cows???

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How does a person steal 18 cows in the middle of the day??

Connecticut farmer Ledyard E. Lewis was charged Friday (March 16) with animal theft after admitting he was a bovine burglar.

Lewis took the placid beasts from High View Farm in Tiverton, Rhode Island, because he claims farmer Arthur Smith owed him animal feed.

Umm…WHAT? If there is discrepancy over a debt, you don’t go ahead and do the MOST difficult thing ever aka transport 18 cows across state lines without telling anyone…and then admit to it a day later!

Plus, it can't have been enough animal feed to justify 18 cows…those calculations seem a little off.

Now the cows are stuck under quarantine in CT due to laws that require all livestock that cross state borders to be tested for certain diseases.

Once the creatures are deemed healthy, they will be safely returned to their Rhode Island homestead.

EXTREME! We think a phone call would have sufficed…but perhaps that trail had already been blazed?? We like to think so!

Ch-ch-check out the crazy cow story (above)!!

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Will The Objection To Courtroom Service Dogs Be Sustained?

Filed under: Legal MattersDog

Courtroom Service Dogs

For over 20 years service dogs have been used to comfort child victims and witnesses, and the practice has become relatively common.

Dogs can have an incredible easing effect on a child. Diane Silman the head of the Ozark Foothills Child Advocacy Center in southern Missouri claimed one time,

"A four-year-old once remained engaged in an interview for about an hour, which is pretty amazing"

But now, this buddy buddy system may come to an end.

Of course, some frigg NYC lawyer has became the first in the nation to appeal his client's conviction of raping and impregnating a 15-year-old girl because a dog was used to comfort her during her testimony at trial. The sleaze ball lawyer claims,

"The stress witnesses feel when they have to testify at trial tends to undo falsehoods. Removing the stress deprives the defendant of a fair trial."

Right, cause we all know that dogs love to convince people to lie under oath. Ugh!

The judge's decision in the case will likely affect the courtroom use of the dogs nationwide.

[image via Image credit: Rosie, Kelly Shimoda for NYT]

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Leona Lewis Wants To Bring An End To Seal Hunting In Namibia

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WSPA ambassador Leona Lewis is very displeased to hear the new report about the excessive hunting of seals in Namibia. According to reports, seal watching is worth 300 percent more than seal hunting and animal rights organizations are trying to have the country's government step in to bring an end to the killings for the benefit of the animals and the community.

When asked about the hunting, Leona released this statement, saying:

“No price would ever be high enough to justify the killing of these harmless animals. This country has so much natural beauty to offer tourists, why allow this brutal practice to tarnish its reputation forever?”

Agreed! It would be better for everyone, including the economy, if this beautiful creatures were just left alone!

[Image via WENN.]

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Diva Dog Insists On Riding In a Helicopter

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Diva Dog Insists On Riding In a Helicopter

What a bitch! (JKZ!)

An afternoon hike turned into an figg'n overnight ordeal when a couple, whose 80-pound dog joined them for the trek, couldn’t make it back down the trail.

Officials said the dog, Baxter, a Labrador mix, suffered cuts to his paws from rocks on the trail at the Angeles National Forest. The walk became too hard and he grew too tired, forcing his owners to call police for help.

The couple couldn’t carry the dog themselves, so they waited OVERNIGHT — that's right, they slept in the forest — for help to arrive for their pooch!

On Sunday morning, a rescue helicopter arrived and had to completely shut down to calm the frightened dog enough to board. The couple and the dog were eventually airlifted to safety.

Wish we could be airlifted when we got tired!

[image via youtube]

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Pet Q&A With Dr. Patrick Mahaney

Filed under: TipsDr. Patrick Mahaney

Pet Q&A With Dr. Patrick Mahaney

Teddy's celeb vet Dr. Patrick Mahaney has some advice Teddy reader, Alyssa, who asks:

I have a 7 month cat that is sweet as can be. However, since having my baby, he's been acting out. He gets plenty of attention from both me and my husband, and he also plays constantly with our other older cat, but he just seems to can't get enough! When we're holding the baby, he'll do whatever he can to either sit on top of him or crawl on our shoulder. If we move him to sit next to us, he'll "love-bite" us as we pet or scratch him.

He's even bit the baby while rubbing up against him. He doesn't show any angry or negative temprment with hissing or twitching his tail, but is constantly purring when this happens.

How can we make him stop?

Dr. Patrick's answer:

It sounds as though the cats with whom your cat grew up with did not give him enough of or the correct signals to alert him as to when playing (including biting) should stop.

As cats mature through kittenhood into adulthood, they receive vocalized and body language communication from other cats which tells them when enough is enough.

When your cat gets himself into a situation and exhibits behaviors that you find undesirable, try to get his attention onto a feather toy, laser pointer (not into the eyes), or appropriate portion food treat. Praise him when he is having fun with this new stimulus and repeat. By doing this, you are getting his attention onto something positive and not scolding him (negative stimulus) for exhibiting undesirable behaviors.

You can also try a Comfort Zone Diffuser (with Feliway), which plugs into your wall (like a non-aromatic air freshener) and exudes calming feline pheromones. These are available on-line or through your veterinarian. Make sure to get enough diffusers (and refills) to cover all areas of your house where this behavior occurs.

If the behavior continues despite attempts to change, make sure to schedule an examination with your veterinarian to rule out potential contributing health problems.

Do U need pet advice? Click HERE to tweet your question for Dr. Patrick Mahaney!

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Cat Fight But Dog Wins

Filed under: DogCat

Point goes to dog owners!

When these two cats start to fight it takes no time at all for the dog to come and set things straight!

We don't speak dog, but it sounds like he's saying:


The cats respond like middle schoolers caught rounding second base.


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This Is A Snoring Seal … And It's Gross!

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Yo Momma's so ugly, her divers license look like this snoring seal! LOL.

Can we get some rhinoplasty up in this bitch?

We thought snoring was unattractive for humans — but somehow it's way worse for seals!

Remember when they were the ocean's most adorable animal?

Yeah, neither do we.

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