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Paris Hilton's Honey Boo Boo Costume Is Unredneckognizable

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paris hilton honey boo boo robin halloween 2012

If we were to tell you to guess what Paris Hilton was costumed as (above), you would be saying things like, "A princess! Sexy dining room drapes! Herself on a Tuesday night!"

All GOOD ANSWERS, as we also assume she dresses like this every Tuesday for the hell of it, LOLz! Point is, you would not guess that she's trying to be Honey Boo Boo if she hadn't tweeted this:

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Diaper Shortage Might Happen — Plant Explosion To Blame!

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PARENTS! Listen up!

If you do the whole cloth diaper thing, you probably don't have to worry about this. If you're the other 99% (unverified number, but it's gotta be high) that do the disposable thing, you might need to panic!

A chemical plant explosion could lead to a diaper shortage!

How so, if there are different brands of diapers??

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Hello, Ace Power! Goodbye, Shake Weight!

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If you thought the Shake Weight couldn't be topped, obvs you haven't heard of the Ace Power.

This machine is for those who want to ride a horse indoors, but know that it isn't a very good idea.

Now you can safely do it — and look like you're having sex with a robot while doing so!



Watch the home mechanical equestrian system (Air Hump 3000) in action (above)!!

It's a wonderful time we live in, no?

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RENT Is Closing On September 9th!

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RENT Done Sept


Better see it while you can!

Producers of the off-Broadway production of Rent have sadly announced that it'll be shut down on September 9th.

This isn't all sad, though (but mostly is, because Rent is amazing), because they've played 32 previews and 450 performances.

Which is QUITE the run!

The original production is actually the 9th longest running show in Broadway history, with 5,124 performances and 16 previews.

Plus you can pretty much see it in any language, all over the world!

We'll be waiting until the next revival pops up!

Great job, cast and crew! Be proud of your run!

[Image via WENN.]

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Rihanna Deals With Lost Love In Sweden

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Aw, poor Riri. We can't even imagine having to perform in front of thousands of eager fans when dealing with the fresh, emotional wound of a lost loved one!!

Rihanna brought her Egyptian themed, laser-light production to Sweden's Peace and Love music festival Sunday, hours after discovering her beloved Grandmother had passed away.

Understandably, Ri was 45 minutes late and her act was shaky - AND she may have confused Sweden with Norway…

But, unaware of her inner-pain, Swedish fans TORE Rihanna a new a**hole via Twitter, accusing her of being under the influence of drugs and alcohol, and blasting her for dedicating Redemption Song to those who had been killed by Anders Behring Breivik in twin attacks in Oslo last year, thinking Rihanna had mistaken the Norwegian capital for Sweden's.

Well, we still think Riri KILLED it given the circumstances, especially with her electric performance of We Found Love (above)!

Ch-ch-check out MORE snaps from Rihanna's sorrow-tinged set (below).

Our hearts go out to you Ri!

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Ann Curry Hit By Camera, The Today Show Laughs In Her Face!


Wow… way to be a straight up a** Matt Lauer and Co! AS IF Ann Curry isn't dealing with enough emotional turmoil.

While panning across the excited crowd outside of Today Tuesday morning, a seemingly amateur camera man smacked his lens right into Ann Curry's nose!!!

And instead of conveying concern, like any decent human being, Matt Lauer, Al Roker, and Natalie Morales all have a big chuckle, and make jokes at Ann's expense.

Footage of the face-smack is then REPLAYED, just in case viewers missed it the first time, and Matt Lauer completes the unnecessary humiliation by stating:

"I'm Matt Lauer, along with Natalie Morales, Al Roker and ole flat-nose."

Bravo guys, really… well done. Maybe they are trying to break the awkward tension?

To watch Mean Girls: Today Show Edition for yourself, click …AFTER THE JUMP!

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Kris Allen Performs Surprise Gig On Santa Monica Pier…Until A Rude Cop Shuts Him Down!

WTF?! It was an honest mistake!

No need to be a jerk about it!

Kris Allen took to Twitter last night to inform fans that he was going to surprise them with an impromptu performance at the Santa Monica Pier last night, but unfortunately, right in the middle of his set, the fuzz forced him to pull the plug because he didn't have a permit!

And then after Kris apologized, the officer REFUSED to shake his hand! Ugh!


Ch-ch-check out a video of him performing a brand new track, Should I, which he ultimately has to stop when confronted by the law (above)!

Later, he once again took to Twitter to explain:

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