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Anne Hathaway’s Director Didn’t Want Her To Be So Thin In Les Misérables


Talk about sacrificing your health for the job!

Anne Hathaway was very dedicated to her role of Fantine in Les Misérables; in fact, she was so dedicated that she nearly sacrificed her wellbeing!

Cutting her hair wasn’t enough, so the actress decided to drop 25lbs for the part too! She explained her drastic desision, saying:

"I see the sort of work that people like Meryl Streep and Cate Blanchett and Kate Winslet can do, and I want to do that level of work so badly. But I don't believe I'm as gifted as them. So the only thing I can control is how hard I work at it — how much do I commit to it? How far will I take it?… If I have an extra glass of wine the night before I shoot a scene. I don't feel good about myself because of that. If I see it on-screen, the guilt is immediate. I feel like maybe I've let the scene down."

Sounds grueling!

The director, Tom Hooper, worried about Anne, and didn’t like the weight loss. He said, "To be honest, I thought she was going further than she should, and I tried to discourage her."

Well somebody had to say something!

Anne acknowledged him, and said, “Tom didn't like what I was doing, but he understood why I was doing it. No one liked what I was doing. By the end, people were hugging me and they would get emotional because I felt so frail."

We definitely understand wanting to give your all to your work, but at what cost?

Thankfully, she’s back to her normal eating habits, and should be back to a healthy weight in no time!

[Image via WENN.]

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Lindsay Lohan 'Purposely Self-Destructing' To Avoid Problems!

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Lindsay Lohan 'Purposely Self-Destructing' To Avoid Problems!

Poor little Lindsay Lohan! Like, for real!

Friends close to the star say her biggest problem is IGNORING her problems!

For instance, let's just say hypothetically Linds gets into some crazyass legal trouble, or makes a flick that gets critically panned. All she has to do to get rid of her problems is drown them in booze and party until someone else fixes them!

Her concerned pals seem to think she'd rather die than face facts!

They tell sources:

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Paris Hilton's Honey Boo Boo Costume Is Unredneckognizable

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paris hilton honey boo boo robin halloween 2012

If we were to tell you to guess what Paris Hilton was costumed as (above), you would be saying things like, "A princess! Sexy dining room drapes! Herself on a Tuesday night!"

All GOOD ANSWERS, as we also assume she dresses like this every Tuesday for the hell of it, LOLz! Point is, you would not guess that she's trying to be Honey Boo Boo if she hadn't tweeted this:

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Diaper Shortage Might Happen — Plant Explosion To Blame!

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PARENTS! Listen up!

If you do the whole cloth diaper thing, you probably don't have to worry about this. If you're the other 99% (unverified number, but it's gotta be high) that do the disposable thing, you might need to panic!

A chemical plant explosion could lead to a diaper shortage!

How so, if there are different brands of diapers??

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Hello, Ace Power! Goodbye, Shake Weight!

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If you thought the Shake Weight couldn't be topped, obvs you haven't heard of the Ace Power.

This machine is for those who want to ride a horse indoors, but know that it isn't a very good idea.

Now you can safely do it — and look like you're having sex with a robot while doing so!



Watch the home mechanical equestrian system (Air Hump 3000) in action (above)!!

It's a wonderful time we live in, no?

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