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Brooke Shields Says Andre Agassi Had Some Nasty Words During Their Divorce!

It definitely doesn't sound like there's any love lost between Andre Agassi and Brooke Shields!

The former tennis superstar and the stunning actress decided to break off their marriage back in 1999, and apparently their road to Splitsville was VERY bumpy!

In fact, while hosting the Today show (above), the topic of divorce came up and Brooke decided to reveal just how nasty things got between her and Andre, and apparently some pretty awful things were said!

At one point, he allegedly told her:

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The Blobfish Is Voted The Ugliest Animal!!

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The Ugly Animal Preservation Society has voted and chosen their mascot…

The Blobfish!!

WHOA! It looks like a cartoon of a sad old man being melted by acid!

The society started as a science comedy night and came up with this mascot campaign to draw attention to ugly, but threatened species.

The winner was recently announced at the British Science Festival in Newcastle.

The society's president said:

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How Far Will Justin Bieber Go???

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Kathy Griffin Mocks Amanda Bynes' Puppy Shopping Incident! See It HERE!

This woman is a gem, a gift from above.

Kathy Griffin is prepping for an Amanda Bynes Lifetime movie.

Okay… Maybe not. But the HIGHlarious star posted a video on YouTube earlier today of her best Amanda impersonation, following the troubled actress’ puppy-shopping, “ugly” tirade!

Complete with an insult to the Obamas, Kathy covered her face with adorbs cat, and pretended to rush past the press! LOLZ!

Ch-ch-check out the hilarity (above)!

We’re filled with praise.


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Azealia Banks Throws Temper-Tantrum On Twitter, Calls Lily Allen Coke-Addict & Insults Her Family!

lily allen Azealia Banks twitter feud one hit wonder cocaine ugly children

Eww! How disgustingly vile!!!

We aren't sure why Azealia Banks put on grumpy pants this morning, but she took her bad day out on the totally lovely Lily Allen!!!

Earlier today she randomly BLASTED Lily Allen Rose Cooper's husband on Twitter, saying he looked like a thumb, but the F*** You singer was having none of that!!!

She fired back, calling Azealia a one-hit-wonder who might need to beef up her security should they ever meet again in real life.

The Yung Rapunxel rapper wasn't done, though. Azealia went one to call the 28-year-old Brit a coke-addict, and called her children "ugly"!!!

See the horrible tweeting frenzy for yourself:

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Amanda Bynes Has No Respect For The Law!

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Pretty unbelievable - yet totally believable!


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Amanda Bynes Insults President & First Lady AGAIN While Puppy Shopping! See Her 'Ugly' Tirade HERE!

And the ugliness continues!!

Amanda Bynes was recently given an opportunity to recant her dirty diss of The First Couple, but the troubled starlet dug herself into a DEEPER hole!!!

The confused 27-year-old SLAMMED President Barack Obama and his beloved wife Michelle Obama by calling them ugly, but when cameras caught her puppy shopping this afternoon she had a chance to make amends!!!

So, did the Big Fat Liar star apologize for her rude behavior!?

Ch-ch-check out the unbelievable video (above) and find out!

Yikes! She called them ugly AGAIN!

Something tells us Amanda won't soon be invited to any White House Correspondents Dinners, LOLz!!

[Video via Splash News.]

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