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Justin Bieber Just Needs To Shirt Up, Says Kat Dennings

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Kat Dennings may play one of 2 Broke Girls on TV, but in real life she’s richer than she’d like to be in shirtless photos of Justin Bieber.

Earlier this month, Kat tweeted:

But she wanted to clear up her beliefs about the Biebs this week, explaining:

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This 62-Year-Old Man Is Aroused By BALLOONS! Check Out His Strange Addiction HERE!

Oh, My Strange Addiction!

If you're not sending our gag reflex into overdrive by showcasing people's supremely unhealthy (or borderline poisonous) obsessions - like eating rubber tires, deodorant, or vapor rub - you're sending nightmares straight to our brain with stories of individuals who have even more UNCOMFORTABLE fascinations!

For example, last night's episode of the TLC frighfest featured 62-year-old Julius, who doesn't seem to have any issues with eating things that he shouldn't, but still manages to give us the heebie-jeebies by demonstrating just how enamored he is with the “beautiful, soft, smooth, delicate” objects that the rest of us just call balloons!

But guys, don't worry! It's TOTALLY normal!

In fact, it's just like a “guy that prefers blondes or brunettes!”

His preference, however, just happens to be getting sexually aroused by inanimate objects!

We wish that this was about as uncomfortable as it gets, but just wait until he talks about the techniques he employs to ensure that he can, ahem, 'physically' express his love for the balloons!

Ch-ch-check it out…and so much MORE of the nightmare (above)!

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James Franco Gets Called Out At SXSW For Being Too Serious; Things Turn Weird!

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marc maron calls james franco out on being serious

Unlike his Oz The Great And Powerful co-star, Mila Kunis, it sounds like James Franco doesn’t deal well with awkward interviews!

This past Sunday, James was being interviewed by comedian Marc Maron for his live WTF podcast during SXSW, when things got a bit uncomfortable!

After Marc asked Franco if he’s gone back and watched old episodes of Freaks And Geeks, James answered that he recently did and stated:

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Sundance 2013: CAA's Fake Penis Party Spurs No Apologies!!

caa sundance fake penis sex dancers party annual offensive no apology

If you somehow went to CAA's annual Sundance talent agency event — and left because you were offended — they'd like you to know they're totally not sorry and that you should grow a pair.

Ugh, really???

CAA doesn't invite the media to the shindig, and for good reason — according to THR's Matt Belloni, things went down like this:

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C'Mon And Take A Magical Journey Through Time And Space With Ke$ha And Some Furries HERE!

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We knew that we were in for yet another out-there treat back when we saw her grinding up on an over-sized, slightly nightmarish rabbit during the filming, but man oh man, Ke$ha STILL knows how to throw some serious creative curve balls, doesn't she?!

The singer has just dropped the music video for her second single off of Warrior, C'Mon, and we think it's safe to say that the WTF-factor here rivals what she produced with James Van Der Beek and some creepy unicorn people in Blow!

Ch-ch-check her out as she quits her waitressing job to take a magical, glittering journey through time and space with some furries and a jacuzzi tub in the back of a van (above)!

Who else feels strangely hypnotized while watching this?!

Not that it's a terrible thing, by any means!

Weird and slightly uncomfortable, but hey!

That's the majority of the reason we're so obsessed with Ke-Dollar Sign-Ha in the first place! LOLz!

What do U think?? Are U excited for gurlfriend's latest?!

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Kendall Jenner Not A Fan Of The Paparazzi

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Kendall Jenner is not a fan of the paparazzi and she's letting the world know it!

Here's what she said:

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50 Shades Of Grey Screenwriter Wants Real Boners: NC-17 Rating The Target!


Were you worried that the movie version of 50 Shades of Grey wasn't going to give you a massive boner like the book did?

Do not fear: Kelly Marcel is here!

She's the hired screenwriter… and she just dropped the bomb that she's writing the script with the goal of NC-17 in mind!

This is good news for people who want the film to be as close to the source material as possible without being flat-out pornography. This is bad news for people who want it to make a lot of money, because in the past NC-17 ratings can instantly kill a film’s box office potential because the film is too graphic for an average moviegoer to be comfortable with.

It probably has something to do with us being super cool with our imaginations being dirty, but us being uncomfortable seeing it for real. Doesn't really make sense, but that's the ridic way it works right now!!

Here's what Kelly said:

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