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Alex Rodriguez: New York Yankees Say Steroid Use Caused His Injury!

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new york yankees say alex rodriguez steroid use led to his hip injury

Before receiving a huge suspension and deciding to go head-to-head with MLB in a heated legal battle, Alex Rodriguez was recovering from hip surgery after being injured during the 2012 playoffs.

Well now he might have a little feud with his own team, as the New York Yankees are now saying his steroid use led to his injury!

According to A-Rod's camp, Dr. Chris Ahmad misdiagnosed his injury and caused him to miss playing time due to surgery. However, some are claiming that the troubled baseballer is simply trying to

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Lance Armstrong Decided NOT To Speak To The USADA Under Oath

lance armstrong decided not to go under oath with the usada

This was probably the best idea.

Lance Armstrong had plans to be interviewed under oath by the US Anti-Doping Agency in hopes to clean up the insanity behind how he doped his way to stardom, and to try to not get banned from cycling forever.

But after meeting his deadline today to let the USADA know if he was gonna see them — Armstrong decided that he didn't want to be interviewed.

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Lance Armstrong Has To Hurry Up & Decide If He's Gonna Meet With USADA To Talk Under Oath!

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lance armstrong has to decide whether or not hes going to talk under oath with the usada

Earlier this month, Lance Armstrong expressed that he wanted to testify under oath with the USADA, but after waiting around and not taking what he said seriously, he now has a deadline to meet!

The cyclist wanted to get together with the agency to cleanup his doping madness, and to hopefully be considered to not be banned from biking forever… but now, Armstrong doesn't even know he wants to meet with them anymore.

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Lance Armstrong To Testify Under Oath??

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lance armstrong under oath testify doping scandal cray

He must REALLY want to compete again!

The only problem is — can anyone ever trust him going forward??

Lance Armstrong apparently now WANTS to testify, under oath, before the USADA to see if he can get his lifetime ban reduced to

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Mel Goes Under Oath About Custody And Child Support

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mel gibson to go under oath this monday

This Monday, Mel Gibson is going to open up fully about Oksana and their epic custody battle!

Sources say that Mel will give his deposition at a "neutral location," and he'll only be allowed to discuss custody and child support. He will not be permitted to address domestic violence.

We could see where it might be difficult for that subject NOT to come up, but we guess Mel will have to figure out ways around it.

According to sources, Oksana will be deposed this Friday, and she won't be allowed to discuss extortion claims.

Oksana's lawyers are going to try to get her deposition pushed back until after Mel, but sources say the judge probably won't go for it.

Should be inneresting to see if these depositions bring about any new revelations, or if it ends up being more of the same.

What do U think will come from Mel and Oksana's depositions?

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Why Naomi Campbell Won't Be Charged With Perjury

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Naomi Campbell may have lied under oath after Mia Farrow gave testimony that contradicted the supermodel's, but don't expect her to get into trouble for it.

A law professor at Fordham University says Naomi most likely won't be charged with perjury, which if convicted she would receive a $500 fine and/or 2 years in prison, because "they've got bigger fish to fry."

Daniel Arshack, a lawyer who has had cases in The Hague, agrees. Arshack believes Campbell was "clearly not comfortable with receiving these things of value from Charles Taylor".

Lucky break, Naomi.

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Mel's Baby Mama Denies Leaking The Tapes!



Now that the world once again knows what a raging, deplorable dickhead Mel Gibson is thanks to the recently leaked tapes of him verbally abusing his baby mama, Oksana Grigorieva, the douchebag is going into damage control mode and attempting to figure out who the eff got a hold of the tapes and showed them to the world.

Oksana herself seems to be the natural suspect, but we're hearing that Mel's lawyer, Stephen Kolodny, took her deposition on Friday, and she swore under oath that she was not behind the brilliant sneaky move!

We wonder who did then?! Or maybe she's just a liar!

What do U think?? Who do U think is behind the leaked tapes??

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