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Usher Got Pulled Over In LA But He Doesn't Get A Ticket! In Fact, HE Gave The Cop THIS Instead!

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usher got pulled over takes picture no ticket

Ya know, it must be nice to be able to do this!

Usher was pulled over in El Lay the other night, but instead of receiving a ticket for a citation or anything, he got out of it by posing for a pic with the cop!

Talk about unfair!

From the looks of it, the cop was dangerously following Usher for sometime on the famous Sunset Blvd, when Usher pulled over to the side of the road to go into the bar, Rock and Reilly's, the cop also stopped there.

But instead of writing him a ticket for something, he went inside and asked for a picture with the star!

That's crazy!

Maybe his family was a big fan of The Voice when Usher was on it or they just love all his songs?

OR maybe he's got a Justin Bieber-obsessed daughter?

Whatever the case may be, it must be nice to wrangle your way out of trouble with a simple selfie!

Livin' the dream!

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Fashion Police Writers Picket & Rally: 'Give Us Our Paycheck, Bitch!'

joan throwing wine

If you were planning on hitting up the Fashion Police writers rally, you’re too late!

The rally took place today outside of E!’s headquarters, and the picketers wrapped up around 12:30 this afternoon (as planned).

In the morning, strikers took up the HIGHlarious chant of:

“We’re still poor, you’re still rich, give us back our paycheck bitch!”

LOLz!! Clever and appropriate! Definitely got the point accross.

There were around 150 picketers at the peak of the rally. Bryan Cook, one of the writers involved, addressed the crowd along with anyone who cared to listen.

Here’s a glimpse of what he covered:

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Did This NYPD Cop Commit Suicide Because Of His Boss's Sex Demands??

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nypd cop suicide commit sex sad lawsuit harassment

A lawsuit is being launched by the widow of a fallen NYPD officer, because she claims he committed suicide because his supervisor required him to have sex for a better work schedule!

If that's true, it's disgusting!

The Sgt. in question is Christine Hirtzel, who was Matthew Schindler's supervisor. Apparently she demanded that he give in to her sexual advances OR ELSE.

Here's what the suit says:

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Wheel of Fortune Contestant Penalized For Her Accent?! WATCH HERE!

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Really, Pat… REALLY?!

A savvy contestant on Wednesday's episode of much beloved game show Wheel of Fortune was on a roll when guessing the letters to a puzzle under the category of "Living Things"…

And when solving the puzzle, the contestant in question — Renee — guessed correctly, however because of her pronunciation, Pat Sajak deemed her answer incorrect, leaving the clue to be easily solved by the next spinner!

Watch the whole ridiculous, situation go down (above)!

Renee obviously knew the right answer, and we simply don't understand why Pat is being such a Christmas Grinch just because she didn't enunciate one letter!

What do U think, lovely readers? Was Pat being unfair, or simply going by the rules of the game?!

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Chaz Bono Bashes DWTS Judge's 'Unnecessary' Weight Comments

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Chaz Bono was eliminated from Dancing With The Stars on Tuesday and had some words for the judges the very next day.

After 5 weeks of getting critiqued, he believes Bruno Tonioli judged more than his dancing ability and actually picked on him for his weight, explaining:

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Nicole Scherzinger Puts Simon Cowell In His PLACE On Last Night's X Factor!

Oh man. Oh man. Oh man.

This could literally be the first time we have EVER seen him actually rendered speechless!

Hot damn, gurl! You showed him what is WHAT!

Check out arguably the best clip thus far from this season of X Factor, during which Simon Cowell remarks that a pretty mediocre, provocatively dressed female contestant reminds him of what would assume a 20-year-old Nicole Scherzinger would bring to an audition, and well, as you can see (above…at the 1:15 mark), the judge has something to say about THAT, thankyouverymuch!

AH-MAZING! In EVERY sense of the word! LOLz!

We may still be bummed that Chezza got the boot, but anyone who can put Simon in his place - and with that much ferocity - is MORE THAN all right by us!

Brav-effing-O, Nicole! You rawk!

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Boo! High School Coach Fired Because He Is On Facebook Gay!

coach fired for being gay

This is bullshiz and as a society, we shoudn't tolerate it!

Mitch Stein, a California high school water-polo assistant coach, was fired a few weeks ago because of his sexual orientation.

Now, the former coach is giving the Charter Oak Unified School District EXACTLY what they deserve and has slapped them back with a discrimination lawsuit!

According to officials at the Whittier area school, Mitch was not fired because he was gay, but because he posted "offensive" photos on Facebook.

Oh that makes sense. Must have been some pretty bad photos then, right? Drinking? Drug use? Peen pics?

Nope! The photos in question were one of himself about to eat a corndog and another posing with a pair of drag queens.

The matter was brought to attention after the principle received an anonymous letter complaining about said photos and the cowardly author threatened to go to the school board if Mitch was not fired.

Mitch promised to have the pictures removed, but the damage was done and he was fired as a result.

"The reaction to that letter, in my opinion, was homophobic," the former coach said.

During a meeting the next day with Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources, Mitch was courteously reminded his termination was not due to his sexual orientation, but because of the allegedly offensive photos.

The mention of his homosexuality in the meeting tipped off attorney Brad Kane on the validity of the discrimination suit, explaining:

"When someone tells you 'Oh, by the way, we're not doing it because you're gay,' there's some question. It appears to be at this stage sexual-orientation-based discrimination."

Parents of students on Mitch's water polo team wrote letters of support for him to the school district. One parent, Kim Cory, calls him a "fabulous coach" who was very involved with his team. In fact, he even applied and received a grant for the team from Kohl's department stores.

As for those photos? She calls them "dumb", but emphasized they were NOT offensive and no grounds for termination.

A father who supported Mitch believes the photos shouldn't have been posted, but "the punishment doesn't fit the crime"

"Mitch shouldn't have had them up is what it amounts to," he said. "(But) poor taste in my opinion is not a reason to get fired. It's more of a reason for discipline."

So true! We wish Mitch the best of luck in his lawsuit and hope he gets the compensation he deserves!

[Image via Watchara Phomicinda/Whittier Daily News.]

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