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Nicole Scherzinger Puts Simon Cowell In His PLACE On Last Night's X Factor!

Your Reaction?

Oh man. Oh man. Oh man.

This could literally be the first time we have EVER seen him actually rendered speechless!

Hot damn, gurl! You showed him what is WHAT!

Check out arguably the best clip thus far from this season of X Factor, during which Simon Cowell remarks that a pretty mediocre, provocatively dressed female contestant reminds him of what would assume a 20-year-old Nicole Scherzinger would bring to an audition, and well, as you can see (above…at the 1:15 mark), the judge has something to say about THAT, thankyouverymuch!

AH-MAZING! In EVERY sense of the word! LOLz!

We may still be bummed that Chezza got the boot, but anyone who can put Simon in his place - and with that much ferocity - is MORE THAN all right by us!

Brav-effing-O, Nicole! You rawk!

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Boo! High School Coach Fired Because He Is On Facebook Gay!

coach fired for being gay

This is bullshiz and as a society, we shoudn't tolerate it!

Mitch Stein, a California high school water-polo assistant coach, was fired a few weeks ago because of his sexual orientation.

Now, the former coach is giving the Charter Oak Unified School District EXACTLY what they deserve and has slapped them back with a discrimination lawsuit!

According to officials at the Whittier area school, Mitch was not fired because he was gay, but because he posted "offensive" photos on Facebook.

Oh that makes sense. Must have been some pretty bad photos then, right? Drinking? Drug use? Peen pics?

Nope! The photos in question were one of himself about to eat a corndog and another posing with a pair of drag queens.

The matter was brought to attention after the principle received an anonymous letter complaining about said photos and the cowardly author threatened to go to the school board if Mitch was not fired.

Mitch promised to have the pictures removed, but the damage was done and he was fired as a result.

"The reaction to that letter, in my opinion, was homophobic," the former coach said.

During a meeting the next day with Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources, Mitch was courteously reminded his termination was not due to his sexual orientation, but because of the allegedly offensive photos.

The mention of his homosexuality in the meeting tipped off attorney Brad Kane on the validity of the discrimination suit, explaining:

"When someone tells you 'Oh, by the way, we're not doing it because you're gay,' there's some question. It appears to be at this stage sexual-orientation-based discrimination."

Parents of students on Mitch's water polo team wrote letters of support for him to the school district. One parent, Kim Cory, calls him a "fabulous coach" who was very involved with his team. In fact, he even applied and received a grant for the team from Kohl's department stores.

As for those photos? She calls them "dumb", but emphasized they were NOT offensive and no grounds for termination.

A father who supported Mitch believes the photos shouldn't have been posted, but "the punishment doesn't fit the crime"

"Mitch shouldn't have had them up is what it amounts to," he said. "(But) poor taste in my opinion is not a reason to get fired. It's more of a reason for discipline."

So true! We wish Mitch the best of luck in his lawsuit and hope he gets the compensation he deserves!

[Image via Watchara Phomicinda/Whittier Daily News.]

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Floyd Mayweather Sr. Says His Son Fought A 100% Fair Fight

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Floyd Mayweather Sr. sticks up for son

Some people may think that Floyd Mayweather Jr. played dirty to knock out Victor Ortiz in the ring this past weekend, but Mr. Floyd Mayweather Sr. is not one of them.

Sticking up for his son, the retired boxer and trainer told sources, "The fight was 100% fair."

He maintains that if anyone fought dirty, it was Ortiz, explaining:

"First of all, Ortiz headbutted Floyd and that was obviously intentional. If you re-watch the fight, you can see that right after they apologize to one another, the ref OK's them to fight."

Furthermore, the proud papa believes "Money" protected himself, while Ortiz left himself open for the knockout punch, continuing:

"Floyd did the right thing — the number one thing they will tell you in fighting is to ALWAYS protect yourself … The way Floyd ended the fight was 100% fair."

Does Floyd Senior's argument convince U?

[Image via Mary Ann Owen/WENN.]

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Dwyane Wade Plays Dirty…Against Little Kids!

Your Reaction?

Either Dwyane Wade was having a little fun with his pint-sized competitors while playing a game of "knockout" at his D. Wade All-Star Camp on Wednesday OR he's a SORE LOSER!

Check out the video above to see him knock and block balls from the net on several occasions in a game against campers that look like they are no more than 10-years-old.

Life's not always about winning, Dwyane! We really hope you were just goofing around to have a good time.

Either way, at least the kid still won!

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The Personal Trainer Who Beat Up Weston Was Actually…

Weston Beating Culprit

Weston's high school wresting coach, and he had been hired to protect him.

Kevin Villegas is the name of the man being referred to as Nic Cage's son's personal trainer, and he was probably chosen to protect him because he actually has some martial arts expertise.

The beating was brutal and unfair, and Weston is currently being evaluated for brain trauma after requiring multiple stitches.

Onlookers described the scene as horrific, and someone even caught it on camera:

“He deliberately provoked Weston. And he wouldn’t stop even though people were telling him to. He (Villegas) could have easily subdued Weston. Weston was defenseless.“

Ugh, this is so terrible. It's being reported that Weston took upwards of 13 punches to the face, and could do nothing about it. All from the man hired to protect him.

Our thoughts go out to you, Weston! Feel better!

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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